January 2021
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Mission Month at New Hope
Your generosity during 'Mission Month' resulted in over $8,000 in donations! Your gifts were sent directly to the designated organizations along with a match from Thrivent. Giving is one of the many ways we can make Christ's presence felt all over the world!
International Network of Hearts
Founded and run by New Hope Member Alma Tucker, this non-profit organization brings hope, safety and empowerment to children and teens recovering from sex trafficking.
International Mission Board (IMB)
Since 1945 the IMB has strategically worked to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ around the world. Missionaries have reached into areas previously considered forbidden by political barriers.

When you give online or use the giving envelopes, there are several options. Here is a brief guide to help ensure your gifts go to the right places:

GENERAL: Tithes, offerings and anything not defined.
BUILDING: These funds will be used for our new building.
MISSIONS: We have several missions activities we participate in throughout the year, so choose this option for any of those.
SPECIAL DESIGNATION: This one can be used for anything you define. This can range from children's ministry, KSG to an event. Just write a note in the memo if giving online or on your envelope letting us know which ministry or cause you're giving to.

At times, there will be options in the drop down (if giving online) for specific events, i.e. VBS, Compassion in Action, etc.
The Easy Guide to a Budget You Love
You CAN make (and keep) a budget that works for you, and helps you reach your goals. A budget doesn't restrict your spending - it gives you the freedom TO spend. This guide makes it easy.
4 Promises from God for Hard Times
If we could map our routes through life, most of us would opt for a smooth ribbon of freeway, with no bumps, construction zones, or detours. But life has a way of taking unexpected turns—forcing us to take alternate routes, some that aren’t even on the map. I know that somewhere along the way you’ve probably found that life is sometimes difficult. If you haven’t yet faced a bend in the road, one is probably coming, because most of us are confronted at some point with circumstances we never expected and never wanted to encounter.
7 Ways to Tell if His Faith is Genuine
You’ve found a man. And he’s a believer, too. That’s great. But how do you know if his faith is genuine and he’ll stay the course, not just “talk the talk” to woo you further into his life? As a pastor’s wife, I’ve met countless women through the years who believed they were marrying a godly man, only to find out later that his faith wasn’t as genuine as they had hoped. Looking back, most of them recall they were so happy to be in love and so excited at the prospect of marriage, that the sincerity of their fiance’s faith never came into question or seemed important. That is, not until some time after they said “I do.” If you’re having second thoughts, or you’re just wondering if he’s a godly man after all, there are some indications that can give you a better idea of how authentic his faith really is. There are always exceptions, and you certainly don’t want to judge his intentions and actions, lest he start judging yours and questioning your faith, too. However, for the most part, actions and lifestyle speak louder than words.
Here are 7 ways to most likely tell if his faith is genuine:Learn More
Your Giving at a Glance

General $109,651.00 / Budget $80,024.00
Building $10.515.25 / Budget $5,594.76