JANUARY 1, 2021:
  • City offices will be closed on New Year's Day
  • Sewer Rate Increase begins
JANUARY 4, 2021
Board of Aldermen Meeting
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
JANUARY 18, 2021:
City offices will be closed January 18 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
JANUARY 19, 2021
Board of Aldermen Meeting
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
JANUARY 25, 2021
Planning and Zoning Meeting
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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JANUARY 2nd, 2021
Festival of Sleep Day
JANUARY 9th, 2021
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
JANUARY 4th, 2021
National Trivia Day
JANUARY 12th, 2021
National Youth Day

JANUARY 19th, 2021
National Popcorn Day
JANUARY 29th, 2021
National Puzzle Day
JANUARY 27th, 2021
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
JANUARY 31st, 2021
National Hot Chocolate Day
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This last year has been very challenging for most of us. Families and businesses have had employment, income and sickness issues. They have had remote learning for their children. Some have been fortunate to experience fewer problems in these areas than others. But for all, it has been a very different experience with all the economic, health and political turmoil we have had to deal with. My sincere hope and wish for all of you is that 2021 will be a vast improvement over 2020 and bring you much joy, happiness and prosperity!

The city has had its own ups and downs this year as well. Our challenges have been dealing with the normal desires of wanting to do more with less. You citizens have high expectations for your government and rightfully so. We try to meet those expectations with flattened revenue streams, increasing costs and an abundance of employee sick days. And on top of that there has been the everyday issues of mask wearing and conducting most of our meetings remotely over Zoom. But families and businesses have all experienced these issues. It has just been a year of adjustment. But thankfully, I think our community has dealt with it well.

As we enter 2021, I look forward to an effective vaccine, a flattened COVID curve, getting rid of the masking mandate, a fully staffed Police Department (which is budgeted for), the completion of the Jackson Street 5 lane project, enjoyment of the recently finished Riverside Bridge, the completion of the downtown utility and street renovations and the opening of the Mill Restaurants at Finley Farms. Thank you for all your patience as we press forward toward making Ozark better every day.

I wish you the very best of everything in 2021.

Rick Gardner
The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) is a non-profit water quality organization whose mission is to improve and protect the water quality of the James River and its tributaries. Since our inception in 1997, JRBP has worked with the City of Ozark and other local communities to hosts annual stream cleanups, water quality monitoring events, eco-tours, and educational workshops for children and adults. In addition, we have worked closely with state and federal agencies to promote and install best management practices that protect streamside vegetation, reduce erosion, and improve stormwater runoff.
Our goal is to foster a community of “water warriors” that are actively involved in the protection and enjoyment of our local waterways. If you’re passionate about the resource or want to learn more, we encourage you join us as an individual or business member. We want to ensure that our beloved Ozark streams are safe and accessible for future generations, and we need your help to make that a reality!

For information on our individual and business memberships, please visit www.JamesRiverBasin.com/membership. To stay up to date on our projects and events, subscribe to our weekly newsletter and follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/JamesRiverBasin. We’ll see you on the river!

Brent Stock
Executive Director
James River Basin Partnership
Public Works:
Downtown Square Is Now One-Way; Assistant Public Works Director John McCart discusses the new change:
"Assistant Public Works Director John McCart talks in detail about the Downtown One-way Project and how it creates additional ADA accessible parking for those with disabilities, why it's changing to a one-way."
Sewer Rate Increase Beginning Jan. 1st
Sewer rates have not had an increase since 2011. An increase in the rate ensures the sewer funds may be used to improve aging sewer infrastructure within the City’s growing community while remaining in compliance with Federal Clean Water Act regulations.

Parks and Recreation:
Father Daughter Dance
January 30th at 7:00 PM
Kids Night In
January 8th
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Spring Ballet and Gymnastics
Wed. Jan 27 - May 12th
Dance and Cheer Class
Jan. 7 - Feb. 25th
Home School PE at The OC
English Country Dancing (Ongoing)
Ozark Police Department:
Thank you Kirkland's Rustic Creations!
Kirkland’s Rustic Creations dropped off this amazing wooden engraved flag for the Ozark Police Department on Dec. 28th. We truly appreciate it and the support you show us.

Thank you Keltner Family for providing us lunch on Dec. 23rd, we truly appreciate your kindness and support!
And thank you to Jayla for your yummy gifts to the Police Department. Jayla bought snacks for our on duty officers with money received over Christmas. Your support for this community is truly astounding; we appreciate you!
Thanks to the Utopia Club and the Ozark Police Officers Association, OPD Officers and Christian County Deputies were able to partner up and deliver forty five (45)Christmas meals to some very special people. As always, Apple Market Ozark prepared a wonderful traditional Christmas meal.
Thank you Riding the thin Red and Blue line UTV club for providing on duty officers with a wonderful meal on Christmas. We appreciate your support and service to our community!