January 27, 2021

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Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County
Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County provides care to those individuals facing life-limiting illness and we service the whole person along with the family. The majority of our patients have Medicare, Medicaid or some form of commercial insurance to cover all the services needed during their hospice journey, but there is a small percentage considered self-pay or charity care. Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County serve all patients no matter their payor source. United Way of Lincoln County helps cover all the services hospice provides for those without a payor source. 

At this time, one of our patients is a sweet gentleman who is so appreciative of all the services he receives from our organization. He lives alone in an apartment and has no family to help him. In the past, he was a hard worker, but over time has lost connections with those friends he made while working in the construction field. Six months ago, Hospice & Palliative Care Lincoln County was honored to meet this gentleman and begin his hospice services. He receives nursing care once a week; regularly and if needed, the nurse may make extra visits during the week to make sure he is comfortable and well taken care of. Social work services are also provided to this gentleman every two weeks to assist with any financial needs, emotional needs, etc. he may have. Companionship is very special to him and our staff, including his assigned chaplain, they love giving him their time to just socialize. 

Items provided to the gentleman in the above story include a hospital bed, bedside commode and other items to keep him safe and comfortable in his home. Part of his comfort comes from the correct medications needed for his diagnosis and symptoms and the United Way has been such a wonderful part of making sure this gentleman can enjoy his last days and be comfortable. He constantly tells our staff how much he loves them and their visits and he always looks forward to the next visit.  

This work could not be done without your generous contributions to YOUR United Way. It is with your donations that we are able to fund programs to help bring dignity and a little joy to those who would not otherwise be able to afford the services. 
2020/2021 UWLC Campaign Ideas!
FUN IDEAS: Dress Down Day
When the laundry bin's full, most people would pay any amount of money to be able to throw on a comfy pair of jeans in the morning. Offer a dress down day for a small fee to benefit from your co-workers' rough mornings! This fundraiser idea takes practically zero planning and doesn't cost a dime. This can also be modified as a uniform-free day in a school setting.

Try to partner with local offices and expand the program past your own.
Thank You to our United Way of Lincoln County Board Members for their hard work and dedication to connecting people, resources and ideas to create a thriving community characterized by stability, educational success, and healthy members of our community.

UWLC Board Members:
  • Fred Jarrett
  • Jordan Frye
  • Anthony Simpson
  • Lindsey Huffman
  • Ritchie Haynes
  • Natalie Ducharme
  • Dr. Heath Belcher
  • Isabelle Wadsworth
  • Neal Alexander
  • Daniel Hipps
  • Rick Thompson
  • Marsha Ivey
  • Cassie Hansley
  • Katie Saine
  • Janet Lopez
  • Charlie Reep
  • H.D. Reid
  • Jamel Farley
  • Dr. Jim Watson
Anthony Simpson -
Allocations Chair
While a Board position comes with many responsibilities, being a member of the United Way of Lincoln County Board of Trustees can be an exceptionally fulfilling and rewarding experience. United Way is currently Governed by 19 Board Members. While we are extremely proud of each and everyone of our board members who contribute their time and expertise to the mission and vision of our local United Way, we would like to highlight a board member every month in the year 2021 for their commitment and service to our local United Way and our entire community.
In this month’s Newsletter we would like to recognize and honor Mr. Anthony Simpson for his work not only with the United Way, but our community. Anthony serves as the Director for the Department of Commerce Division Work Force. In his role within the United Way he serves as an executive member of the UWLC board. He is currently serving as the Allocation Chair and has served as the EFSP Board Chair for 4 years. He is in his seventh year of serving on the United Way Board of Directors. He also serves on the Lincoln County Community Foundation Board. The Community Foundation of Lincoln County (CFLC) supports community efforts that aid the citizens of Lincoln County in reaching their full potential in our community. Anthony also serves as a board member to the LEDA Board of Directors. Anthony served as Principal for a day program to learn more about the day in a classroom.

Anthony is no stranger to Lincoln County. He conducts monthly meetings with community partners and drives the collaboration and network for all partners to work together. While too numerous to list, many names, you will see at the table are DSS, Gaston College, United Way, Atrium Health, Lincoln County Library, Voc Rehab, Denver UMC, Nextgen, Centralia Work Force, Job Corp, and others. Anthony embodies leadership, service, passion, altruism and leads by example. You can find Anthony at Business after hour events sponsored by the Lincolnton Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, LEDA events, LEDA Forklift Driving Event, LEDA Industrial Appreciation Events, United Way Gala, and many more. Anthony serves as an Ambassador for the Lincolnton Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce and was recognized as the 2019 Ambassador of the Year.

United Way is very honored to serve alongside Mr. Simpson and we appreciate his service to our community. Anthony has built a legacy in Lincoln County built on honor, trust, passion, and selflessness. He is a great asset to our community, and we are blessed to have him serve Lincoln County.
2020 Snapshot of Lincoln County!

(data found at nc.211counts.org)
In 2020 (between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020) there were 806 calls to 211 for help, 718 of those calls concerned COVID-19:
  • 248 calls regarding housing & shelter assistance - including calls for rent assistance, needing shelter (due to homelessness, violence, abuse, illness, weather extremes, or other crisis emergencies), low-cost housing, home repair/ maintenance, mortgage assistance, & landlord/tenant issues.
  • 169 calls regarding other issues - including needing help finding advocacy or support groups, needing help finding services for specific populations including the elderly, veterans, delinquents, ex-offenders, and animals, volunteer and donations opportunities, help finding community development and enrichment opportunities, helping finding appropriate agencies for needs and referrals, and other requests.
  • 93 calls regarding healthcare - including COVID-19, public health and safety, other health services, health insurance, medical expense assistance, nursing homes and adult care, prescription medications, medical providers, death related calls, needing contact information for healthcare organizations, dental care, and finding and paying for needed medical equipment.
  • 91 calls regarding utilities - including needing help paying for electricity, water, phone/internet, gas, heating fuel, and other utilities.
  • 72 calls regarding food - including locating food pantries, help buying food, food delivery, help locating soup kitchens and free meals, help finding food baskets for holidays, and other food assistance.
  • 44 calls regarding employment and income - including financial assistance, unemployment, job search, job development, tax preparation, and money management.
  • 29 calls regarding disaster assistance - including help finding shelter or heat/cold emergencies, help getting food/water after a disaster, help getting information on evacuations, fuel, and transportation, and other disaster assistance.
  • 25 calls regarding mental health and addictions - including mental health services, substance abuse and addiction prevention services and support groups, and individuals needing help finding support and information regarding crisis intervention and suicide prevention.
  • 18 calls regarding government and legal assistance
  • 10 calls regarding clothing and household needs
  • 7 calls regarding transportation assistance, education resources, and childcare/parenting resources and needs

If you or someone you know needs help, remember to call 211 or visit nc211.org to find the resources you need.
NC 2-1-1 is the health and human services information line provided by United Way of North Carolina. United Way of Lincoln County is one of several community partners who help fund this program
Walmart Check-Out Campaign to Benefit United Ways Across the U.S.
Walmart is starting 2021 off right by supporting communities across the U.S. through their online-only round-up and donate campaign. From January 4-29, 2021, customers can add a donation to United Way at checkout when they make a purchase through Walmart.com or on the Walmart app. Donations will be distributed to local United Ways based on the zip code of the donor’s credit card used for purchase.