COVID-19 Pandemic Youth Poem by Champion, Smit Kothari

The virus that shook the world we know
Spread instantly everywhere at a go
Affected all no matter adult or teen
Yes, I am talking about COVID-19!

It made us all go in a sudden lockdown 
All shut at home no one on the roads around
Millions of people stranded homeless without jobs
Misery everywhere with air full of sobs!

Stock markets fell down drastically
Economies crashed in each country
Thousands of patients affected every day
The vaccine not ready so one can at the most pray

Wearing of masks by citizens was made compulsory
Sanitizers and gloves each person does carry
Cleanliness was given a lot of importance
And life moved on with much more endurance.

This virus had some plus points too!
With no one going out the pollution reduced
The nature started reclaiming its place
Healing the earth, giving it a new face!

So as a citizen one can only do so much
To follow the guidelines and not go out as such
So pray the world heals totally
And one day becomes COVID-19 free.
                                   ~Smit Kothari