January 2021 Newsletter
Financial Support Resources

Please note, the links below are provided as a resource; these programs are not managed by OAC.

The California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program is open until January 13, and provides grants ranging from $5,000 - $25,000. Be sure to check your eligibility before applying.

The Payment Protection Program Toolbox from Fiscal Management Associates is designed to support nonprofit organizations as they navigate the Paycheck Protection Program. Videos and slide decks are available for download.

The California Arts Council has six streamlined funding opportunities for 2021, prioritizing relief and recovery for California's creative artists and businesses impacted by COVID-19, including general operating relief for organizations and direct fellowship funding for individual artists.
Sacramento Artist In Residence, District 1
Wisdom Travels Project Issues Call to Participants
As part of our Sacramento Artist-in-Residence Program, local placemakers North Natomas Jibe and Janine Mapurunga, Artist in Residence in Sacramento District 1, invite North Natomas elders to participate in Wisdom Travels, an oral history project gathering stories on how we get around, other than by car. 
North Natomas elders are invited to share stories of when an active, car-free transportation choice (i.e., walking, biking, or riding by rail or bus) made all the difference in their life. 
In addition to community engagement on the role alternative transportation played in the lives of North Natomans, this project will result in artworks that will be shared through multiple distribution channels.
North Natomas Jibe, a transportation management association offering programs to encourage transportation alternatives to personal vehicles, will host the storytelling gathering effort on their website. Elders are invited to submit stories to the Jibe website until February 28.
Art for the Heart

In response to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, the Office of Arts & Culture partnered with Sacramento State University Galleries, Crocker Art Museum, the Sacramento Promise Zone, and the Sacramento Mayor’s Office Great Plates Delivered Program to facilitate the creation and delivery of artwork to seniors participating in the Great Plates program. The goal of Art for the Heart was to create community connections through art during these isolating times. The collaborative project provided opportunities to engage artists, teens, and college students in creative activities that build relationships within the City and honor elders, as treasured community resources and assets. Local artists Luis Campos-Garcia, Peter Foucault, and Aida Lizalde worked respectively with youth from Sol Collective, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum to envision works of art that would inspire senior recipients; and artist and professor Summer Ventis worked with several printmaking students from Sacramento State to produce a series of prints exploring the connections between community and food. Delivered in conjunction with the Great Plates healthy meals, the uniquely made artworks aim to provide a bit of joy to over 850 households this holiday season. 

For additional information and to view all the Art for the Heart artworks visit www.csus.edu/university-galleries.
Race and Cultural Equity Highlights & Resources

“'We’re taking a full-body scan of the theater community, from funders and donors down to volunteer staff,' said director Valerie Curtis-Newton, head of directing and playwriting at the University of Washington’s School of Drama. 'We’re getting information about how white supremacy has impacted BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and people of color] artists inside all these institutions and we’re brainstorming potential solutions — then flipping them over a bunch of times to see if they increase or decrease harm, and if there are any unintended consequences.'”

"But what remains the same is our difficulty with apprehending structural change. It’s not enough for an organization to rid itself of a harmful director; this, in and of itself is not enough to make an institution a healthy, enlivening place to work where every employee and volunteer is treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. To accomplish this we have to address the vision of the directors, the makeup of boards and of staff, hiring and promotion policies, compensation rates, disciplinary practices — all in transparent ways. When we talk about a workplace 'culture' we are getting closer to understanding how structure works regardless of individual action or intent."

This is an invitation to individuals and/or groups in all mediums to submit proposals for inclusion in the Un/Equal Freedoms: Expressions for Social Justice inaugural exhibition. Artworks should reckon with the unequal freedoms embedded within our social structures and/or offer a vision of an improved society with greater equality and freedom for all.
Opportunities & Resources

Artist Opportunity: City of Sacramento Artist Roster for February 2021 - December 2025
All California and US-based artists are invited to submit their qualifications for inclusion in the Sacramento Artist Roster. Public artists and studio artists are encouraged to apply. The Artist Roster will primarily serve as a resource for selecting artists and artwork through our public panel selection process. To apply, click here.

Artist Opportunity: Permanent Public Art Project; N12 St Gateway Project
The City of Sacramento, Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture (OAC), a division of the City of Sacramento Convention and Cultural Services Department, invites Artists and Artist teams to submit their qualifications for a new Gateway sculpture project at or near the intersection of Richards Blvd and North 12th Street. The project will welcome visitors to the River District and become an important threshold for vehicular traffic coming from Hwy 160 and traveling toward downtown Sacramento. To apply, click here.

Learning Resource: Museum Professionals Seminar from the Studio Museum
The Museum Professionals Seminar is a brand new digital program designed to provide professional development inspired by the Studio Museum’s mission. The Seminar is a series of educational workshops aimed at supporting museum professionals looking to incubate, ideate, and network. The program promotes discussion, interaction, and exposure with special attention to skill-building and career-readiness. For more information, click here.

For more listings on other resources, artist calls, and other opportunities, check our website.