January 2021
What's new at Just-A-Start?
Creating Housing Opportunities at 52 New Street

We're proposing to transform the lot at 52 New Street into modern, affordable, and sustainable family housing! The community process begins with you: what would you like to see incorporated into the project?
The site's previous owner sold the lot to Just-A-Start in early 2020 to support our mission to create more affordable housing in Cambridge. Your support and feedback on the project's community page can help create over 100 new affordable apartments for Cambridge families.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

New Year, Welcoming New Students

36 talented and driven students began their journeys to sustaining careers in the life sciences and information technology industries! Our Workforce Development team was excited and ready to welcome two new cohorts of Biomedical and Information Technology Careers Program students in January.

After a first day of picking up their equipment and supplies, students and staff got to know one another throughout a weeklong virtual orientation and then kicked off nine months of classes. 
Is your company looking to hire diverse, driven, and job-ready employees? Contact Korynn Stoyanoff, Director of Workforce Development, at [email protected]!

Partnering to Protect Tenants

Just-A-Start recently began a new partnership with the City of Malden and the Malden Redevelopment Authority to prevent evictions.

Stable, safe housing is essential - especially amidst the pandemic's housing crisis. The amount of households we have assisted has doubled since last year and will continue to rise as the economic fallout from the pandemic endures. 
The need has never been greater, and the average amount of rental assistance needed to stop an eviction has risen dramatically. In 2019, the average amount across all of our rental assistance programs was $1,600. This year, the average so far is $3,100, and will continue to increase in the next few months as court cases begin again. Many households now owe over $10,000.
We're proud to partner with City of Malden and Malden Redevelopment Authority on a new Eviction Prevention Program. Just-A-Start will provide mediation and rental assistance in Malden District Court, and we're committed to protecting vulnerable tenants together.
Grow Your Career at Just-A-Start

We're hiring! We're searching for mission-driven candidates for part-time roles including Financial Coach, Mediator, and Office Clerk. When you join the Just-A-Start team, you have the opportunity to do meaningful work that uplifts our community members and neighbors in Cambridge and beyond.
Are you looking for your next role? Do you know someone who may be interested? Please share and send them our way!