Volume IV | January 31 2021
Exploratory Trip
Developing Our World has scheduled an Exploratory Trip to Guatemala in August. This trip will happen from August 3 to 11 of 2021.

This will be a 10 days immersion trip in order to introduce for the members of the trip, three to five villages. This trip will be a hands-on trip where the members will study, learn, build relationships, speak, interview, and get to know the leaders of the villages, taste their food and practice holistic community development. At the end of the trip, members will be able to choose which village they want to serve.

The cost of this trip per individual is between $1,200 - $1,800 and it includes transportation, meals, lodging, translator, a study book, and insurance. If a participant wants DOW to buy their flight ticket, it will increase the price.

In order this trip to happen we will need minimum of eight maximum of 12 people. We already have four people. Moreover, PCR test for Covid-19 is required, having you received or not the vaccine.

More information about this trip you can find in the discussion board in the event on Facebook or contacting us by email at info@developingourworld.org.

Join this trip, you will not regret it!
Clean Water and Sanitation
UN's SDG Goal 6 is centered around improving access to clean water and sanitation for everyone. At present, alarming numbers of people worldwide remain deprived of this basic necessity, which is a bigger problem due to the pandemic. Developing Our World is working actively to support this goal by digging wells, building and repairing water systems, and spreading awareness about the current situation. 

Affordable and Clean Energy
The 7th SDG goal is "Affordable and Clean Energy." It is focused on improving access to better energy, particularly for those who are deprived. Developing Our World is carrying out certain activities to support this goal. 

Decent Work and Economy
Decent work and opportunities for economic growth are necessary for improving the living standards of people. This is the focus area of the 8th SDG Goal. Developing Our World is involved in several activities to support this goal. 

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
The growth of industry, infrastructure, and innovation is at the center of economic development at any level. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to expand in these areas to counter its impact. It is one reason why Developing Our World makes several efforts to support the SDG Goal 9.