January 2021 Newsletter
January 4, 2021
Happening at the Club:

Board Meeting
January 11 at 7:00 pm ZOOM remote meeting

Swim Committee
January 6 at noon ZOOM remote Meeting
Tennis Committee
January ?? at 7 pm ZOOM remote Meeting

Happy New Year to All of our
Member Families!
In this issue:

*Club Usage Update
*Message from the Board
*Club Reminders
*Tennis update
*Pool Update
*Basketball Court/Fitness
*Club Update/Contact the Board
*Club History
Club Usage Update

As we have since the beginning of the COVID -19 pandemic, the Club adheres to all County and State guidelines for usage. Currently tennis is available for members only with one household per court. Other areas of the club remain available, also to one household per area.

Please know that we are monitoring information and will update club usage as soon as possible.

We received the following information from the County regarding tennis:
"tennis and other recreational activities would only be allowed at this time outdoors and solely with members of your own household". (December 22, 2020)

As soon as we can return to more use we will let you know.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Message from the Board

Dear Members,

It seemed to last forever, but finally 2020 is over! There's no need - or desire - to recap the year that was, only to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Kona Kai continues to adapt and adjust to the changing County and State rules for keeping safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. During December, new and more restrictive stay-at-home orders were put in place, and the club had to modify the access rules to keep the club in compliance. 

We know that the public health rules have been changing frequently, but be assured that the Board is closely monitoring County and State policy, and will ease access as soon as Health Department policies allow. Thank you to all members for cooperating in this difficult situation. Continued social distancing - at least 6 feet between households - will help the pandemic end as soon as possible. 

We're proud to share that Stanford Medicine Oncology used our clubhouse to film a yoga instruction video specifically tailored for those recovering from breast cancer. Kona Kai was happy to help such a good cause!

There are a dozen memberships at Kona Kai for sale - tell your friends!

Kona Kai Board
Club Reminders

Members only at this time.

Tennis - one household per court. Reserve on Skedda.

Pool - no changes, each lane or family zone for one household at a time. Reserve on Skedda.

Playground, Basketball court, Fitness room - by reservation, one household at a time. Contact the office to make a reservation.

We are monitoring State and County announcements and changes to policies and will open to more club use as soon as possible.

Please note: Club Monitors will be on duty 9 am to noon and 4:30 - 9 pm. Members are encouraged to clean and sanitize surfaces as needed using the supplies on the Tennis Patio and inside the Pool deck. Please come to the club only with a prior reservation. Thank you!
Important Reminders:
  • Masks or face coverings are required while at the club except while exercising. Please do not come into the club until you have put on a face covering. Also please wear one when leaving or walking around.

  • Do not come early for a reservation. All club use is by reservation only and not available except at the time of the reservation. When your time is over, please leave the club.
Face Mask 2
All entry to the club continues to be through the Tennis gate. Say hello and identify yourself you our Club Monitors. If no one is there, please continue to the area of the club you have reserved. Thank you!

Tennis play is currently limited to one family per court due to the state and county order.

When reserving a court, keep in mind the following:
  • Court 3 is the ball machine court. Please reserve a different court if you are not using the ball machine and one is available. Ball machine reservations should be for 1 hour or less.
  • Courts 1 and 2 should not be used for practice if using ball baskets (more than 6 balls), especially if there are players in the adjacent courts.

You are reminded to cancel any reservations promptly if not needed. Repeated no-shows will be penalized with temporary suspension of privileges.

You are also reminded to only reserve the time that you need, and to show up to your reserved time promptly, especially during peak hours. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to your reservation might result in the cancellation of your entire reservation and having the court time reassigned to someone else.  

Members must agree to the Tennis Rules before playing at the club.

We continue to offer lap swim and Family swim times for members only.

  • Lap swim: 9 am - noon & most evenings after 7:30 pm. Please sign up during a lap swim time only if you will be swimming continuous laps, mostly under the water. Our lanes are not 6 feet apart so we need to minimize shared air space between contiguous lanes.

  • Family swim: noon - 7:30 pm. Sign up during Family swim time to swim any way you wish or to enjoy water play. Our Family Zones are spaced far enough apart so you have more than 6 feet of air space from another family. Most families with children should use Family swim time.

  • We now have three lap lanes available noon - 7:30 pm Monday - Thursday, and one Family Zone. Friday - Sunday there is one lap lane and two Family Zones noon - 7:30 pm.

  • Lap swimmers and Family Swimmers may request additional swim slots if available. This will be for same day signup (or day before for morning slots) and by request only. To request a slot, email office@konakaiclub.org or call the office at 408-984-8880.

  • There will be consequences including suspension of privileges for repeated violations of the rules or for no shows.

  • The tennis bathrooms are available. 
Basketball Court, Fitness room and Playground are available

To make a reservation for the Fitness room, Basketball court or playground please stop by the office, call the office at 408-984-8880, or email office@konakaiclub.org.

  • Reservations required
  • One household at a time only
  • Playground closed after dark
Need help finding the latest news from the Club? Check our website - go to www.konakaiclub.com and look at the bottom of the Home Page. Newsletters, rules and club communications are posted there. We'll do our best to keep the site updated.
If you have been to the club within the past two weeks and you test positive for COVID-19, please inform the manager. Information will be kept confidential except for complying with county rules. We appreciate your consideration of fellow members and staff.
Club Updates

We continue to monitor news from the county about updates to what they allow. We currently have the pool, tennis courts, basketball court, fitness room and playground available to reserve. We will keep you informed when changes allow more activities at the club.

Please feel free to reach out to me by email any time. My club email is s.schedler@konakaiclub.org.

Sharon Schedler
Manager, Kona Kai Swim and Racquet Club
Communicate with the Board

Due to the fact that the Board and Committee meetings will be held remotely via Zoom, please get in touch if you would like to communicate with the Board/Committee or attend a meeting. Email our Board President, Teresa Sulcer at president@konakaiclub.org or
Club Manager, Sharon Schedler at s.schedler@konakaiclub.org.
Club History

A look at the


Take a look at
our members who joined this month in the years past, starting with
David & Carolyn CHIN
who have been members for 28 years. 

Welcome to new members
Nikhil GAUTAM & Sneha JAGTAP & son Eshaan!

We said goodbye
to long time members
Ken & Marty Jones. We'll miss you!
Jan. 1993 (28yrs)
David & Carolyn CHIN
Jan. 1999 (22yrs)
Mario LEE & Irene LIAU

Jan. 2001 (20yrs)
Allen & Shirley DE LA CRUZ

Jan. 2007 (14yrs)
Sina & Isabelle FATEH

Jan. 2009 (12yrs)
Bret & Sara WOODWARD

Jan. 2015 (6yrs)
Yi-Ren FANG & Chung Ping WU
Michael & Cheryl FISHER
Lin HUANG & Xiuduan FANG
Qin ZHONG & Jiao YU
Jan. 2016 (5yrs)
Scott FUREY & Sun LEE
Jan. 2017 (4yrs)
Xiaofeng WANG & Xiaoqing JING
Weiliang YAN & Yiping SHI

Kona Kai Staff

Club Manager
Sharon Schedler

Office Staff
Marion Schade
Charles Kingsley
Dulce Fernandez
Jillian Muirhead
Club Maintenance
Ken Kingsley
Brian Bautista
Charles Kingsley
Jae Caluag
Club Contact Info

Club Office:

General Office email office@konakaiclub.org

Sharon Schedler, Club Manager