January 13, 2021

United Way Makes a Difference!

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Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse & Child Advocacy Center
The United Way of Lincoln County has assisted The Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse & Child Advocacy Center to continue in providing a safe welcoming place for 183 children to give details of their experiences of child abuse. This has helped to avoid re-traumatizing children who are already suffering from pain, fear and confusion. The UWLC has enabled LCCACA & CAC to provide 18 on-site medical evaluations and Trauma Focused Therapy for 87 children to help them regain confidence and strength, on their road to healing. With your generous donations to UWLC you have helped us provide over 1000 occurrences of Advocacy and support services such as informing of victim rights, accompaniment to medical appointments, court appearances and help with applying for food and housing benefits for child victims and their families while helping them navigate “the system.” With the funds provided by the UWLC Annual Campaign we have successfully provided community education to West Lincoln Middle, West Lincoln High, Lincolnton Middle, Lincolnton High, East Lincoln Middle, East Lincoln High, North Lincoln Middle and North Lincoln High School Teachers and Principals to promote prevention strategies to end child abuse! So many wonderful things are possible for the LCCACA & CAC due to the generosity of UWLC annual givers. Thank You!
2020/2021 UWLC Campaign Ideas!
FUN IDEAS: Balloon Raffle
A balloon raffle is a fun and inexpensive fundraising idea that both individuals and corporations can use. All you need to get started are balloons, raffle tickets, and a prize.
Place a raffle ticket inside of every balloon, and charge $1 for each balloon. Everyone will pop the balloons they purchase to find their raffle ticket. The person with the winning ticket gets the prize.
Place a raffle ticket inside of every balloon, and charge $1 for each balloon. Everyone will pop the balloons they purchase to find their raffle ticket. The person with the winning ticket gets the prize.

2020 Snapshot of Lincoln County!

(data found at nc.211counts.org)
In 2020 (between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020) there were 806 calls to 211 for help, 718 of those calls concerned COVID-19:
  • 248 calls regarding housing & shelter assistance - including calls for rent assistance, needing shelter (due to homelessness, violence, abuse, illness, weather extremes, or other crisis emergencies), low-cost housing, home repair/ maintenance, mortgage assistance, & landlord/tenant issues.
  • 169 calls regarding other issues - including needing help finding advocacy or support groups, needing help finding services for specific populations including the elderly, veterans, delinquents, ex-offenders, and animals, volunteer and donations opportunities, help finding community development and enrichment opportunities, helping finding appropriate agencies for needs and referrals, and other requests.
  • 93 calls regarding healthcare - including COVID-19, public health and safety, other health services, health insurance, medical expense assistance, nursing homes and adult care, prescription medications, medical providers, death related calls, needing contact information for healthcare organizations, dental care, and finding and paying for needed medical equipment.
  • 91 calls regarding utilities - including needing help paying for electricity, water, phone/internet, gas, heating fuel, and other utilities.
  • 72 calls regarding food - including locating food pantries, help buying food, food delivery, help locating soup kitchens and free meals, help finding food baskets for holidays, and other food assistance.
  • 44 calls regarding employment and income - including financial assistance, unemployment, job search, job development, tax preparation, and money management.
  • 29 calls regarding disaster assistance - including help finding shelter or heat/cold emergencies, help getting food/water after a disaster, help getting information on evacuations, fuel, and transportation, and other disaster assistance.
  • 25 calls regarding mental health and addictions - including mental health services, substance abuse and addiction prevention services and support groups, and individuals needing help finding support and information regarding crisis intervention and suicide prevention.
  • 18 calls regarding government and legal assistance
  • 10 calls regarding clothing and household needs
  • 7 calls regarding transportation assistance, education resources, and childcare/parenting resources and needs

If you or someone you know needs help, remember to call 211 or visit nc211.org to find the resources you need.
NC 2-1-1 is the health and human services information line provided by United Way of North Carolina. United Way of Lincoln County is one of several community partners who help fund this program
Walmart Check-Out Campaign to Benefit United Ways Across the U.S.
Walmart is starting 2021 off right by supporting communities across the U.S. through their online-only round-up and donate campaign. From January 4-29, 2021, customers can add a donation to United Way at checkout when they make a purchase through Walmart.com or on the Walmart app. Donations will be distributed to local United Ways based on the zip code of the donor’s credit card used for purchase.