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January 2021
Upcoming Book, Movie, and TV Discussions
Winter offers a great opportunity to curl up in bed with a good book or snuggle on the couch with some popcorn for a movie or tv show. Our Winter Catalog includes great literature and film recommendations with opportunities to join others for a retrospective, discussion, and analysis of classics, new arrivals, poignant stories, memorable musicals, and mysteries.
Start off with some of the great works of fiction, such as Don Quixote with Nicholas Birns. Then move on to noteworthy newcomers like Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi one of the installments in BookTalk with Harriet Sobol. If non-fiction is more up your alley, we offer multiple opportunities to discuss Caste by Isabel Wilkerson with either Lori Rotskoff or Sobol.

Power of Family is the theme of Rotskoff's documentary film series this winter. We have also just added a three-part film discussion class entitled Journeys of a Lifetime with Kate Hearst, who joined us in the fall to offer documentary film and non-fiction book discussion courses.

Brian Rose is covering both large and small screen gems this term, from the Films of Alfred Hitchcock to The Golden Age of Hollywood to Rock & Roll and Television. He is also leading timely and topical classes such as And That's the Way It Is: A Look Back at 70 Years of TV News, and several other single-session courses exploring the impact that the internet, movie theater technology, streaming services, and censorship have had on the entertainment industry.
The term would not be complete without Richard Knox's reexamination of Orson Welles and the Making of Citizen Kane, 80 years after the film's debut. The first of this two-session class includes synchronous virtual screening of the movie with commentary from the late film critic Roger Ebert.

Register now and then put on your reading glasses or grab a theater box of Jujubes and settle in to your favorite recliner to complete your homework for the next round of Literature and Film courses! If the class you seek is full, please add your name to the wait list and we will notify you if we open additional sections to meet demand.
Classes Starting in the Next Two Weeks
All class listings are for the Eastern Time Zone. Course numbers appear in parentheses.
Week of January 17, 2021
Art Appreciation
  • Contemporary Art: Self Portraits (10248)
  • How to Read and Interpret a Work of Art (10136)
  • Art Appreciation with Page Knox: Van Gogh (10239)
  • American Murals and Muralists of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s (10159)
  • Claude Monet, Coloring the World in London (10222)
  • Mirrors in Art (10266)

Arts & Crafts
  • Introduction to Drawing (10196)
  • Drawing the World Around Us (10197)
  • Watercolor Painting (10198)

  • Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions and Strategies for Play of Hand: Responder’s Rebids After Opener Bids Two Suits (10142)

Health and Wellness
  • What Makes a Happier, Healthier Life? (10274)
History, Culture, and Current Events
  • Antisemitism: Tracing the Multiple Roots of an Ancient Curse (10124)
  • The Roaring Twenties in the United States (10119)
  • An Intimate View of Muslim and Jewish Relations in Morocco (10273)
  • Churchill, Britain's Incomparable Leader (10105)
  • Contemporary Issues in Transportation (10120)

  • Beginner Italian II (10211)* New Start Date
  • Intermediate-to-Advanced Italian (10213)* New Start Date
Literature, Film, and Theater
  • Book Discussion: Caste by Isabel Wilkerson (10300, 10169)
  • Rockin’ TV: Rock & Roll and Television From Elvis to The Monkees (10177)

Music and Dance Appreciation
  • Musical World of Andre Rieu (10280)
  • Understanding Opera: Rossini's La Cenerentola (Cinderella) (10256)

Natural Sciences
  • Winter Birding (10233)
Week of January 24, 2021
Art Appreciation
  • Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, the Collection and Controversy (10226)
  • Marc Chagall, Quintessential Jewish Artist of the Twentieth Century (10137)
  • Art Appreciation with Page Knox: The Impressionists (10240)
  • Private Club Access: Diego Rivera’s First Mural in the U.S. (10277)
  • Claude Monet, Coloring the World in Venice (10223)
  • Edith Halpert, Revolutionary Modern Art Dealer (10267)

Arts & Crafts
  • Create a Handmade Family Heirloom Cookbook (10201)
  • Canasta Strategies: Aces, Sevens, and Wild Cards (10132)
  • Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions and Strategies for Play of Hand: To Finesse or Not to Finesse (10143)
History, Culture, and Current Events
  • Ancient Egypt: Mummification 101 (10108)
  • History Reexamined through Twenty-first Century Non-Fiction: Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Timothy Snyder (10114)
  • Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement Project (10121)
  • A Mangiare, Italian Cultural History for Foodies (10269)
Home and Workplace Organization
  • The Ten Commandments for Organizing Your Home (10127)

Literature, Film, and Theater
  • Power of Family: New Documentary Films in Social Context (10168, 10299)
  • Films of Alfred Hitchcock (10178)

  • Writing the Mystery Short Story (10191)
  • Zoom In and Write on the Reg (10220)
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Class times are for the Eastern Time Zone. Please check regularly for additional options to keep you engaged and learning from the comforts of home.
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