by Barbara Morgan

In last month’s eNews, you saw Danny Bernstein’s excellent article about the publication of this great trail guide. Back in the ‘70s, I had and extensively used the original version of 100 Favorite Trails by Bernard Elias and found it to be an incredible resource. Somewhere along the way, my copy started falling apart (it was published on very lightweight paper), and I must have tossed it. I missed it as a resource but also knew that an update was needed – lots of things change in 50 years!

So, I was really pleased when Steve Pierce and Steve Kemp took up the task to re-create the map; modernized, updated, and on durable paper. After Danny’s article, I immediately ordered two copies – one for home and one to have in the car, and I got them this week. The new version is wonderful – like the original, the hikes are well chosen and the information on each is precise and concise. Just what you need to be able to choose, find, and navigate each hike, without having text so small that you need a magnifying hike to read it! The map on the other side shows the location and name of each hike, along with a red line marking the trail.

It was a huge project, and I can’t imagine the hours and miles Steve Pierce and others put into 100 Favorite Trails, but I thank you. In case you want to order one (or more!), here is the info from Danny’s article. You won’t regret the $12.95 purchase.

“Carolina Mountain Club and Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA) just published a map of 100 favorite trails of the Smokies and the North Carolina Blue Ridge. The map, published on waterproof paper, is available in the Smokies stores and online. See