BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter January 1st, 2021        Vol. 40 Issue 3
Dear BDC Family & Friends,  

Goodbye 2020, Goodbye 2020, Goodbye 2020 let's make this a better year!

Happy New Year BDC!

2020 has certainly taught us all many things, from disappointment and hardship to determination and flexibility. While the idea of entering 2021 and not looking back might be quite enticing, it is important for us to remember these lessons. In the past year, we have each grown, learned, struggled, and persevered. We have worked on our own and together in new ways, we have adapted to a new normal and we have created success for ourselves. Whether the last year crawled along day by day, or zipped past us in a flash, we have emerged from this time stronger, more hopeful, and more appreciative of our lives and of each other.

The ups and downs, ins and outs of 2020 have been exhausting, yet there is plenty of hope on the horizon. This month, take some time to RECHARGE. Whether that means getting outside and into nature, relaxing on the couch with a good book, or getting your pod together for a hearty dinner, it is important to stoke the fires that keep you going.

With your rediscovered energy and positive mental attitude, you have the power to turn 2021 into the best year yet! We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer the outcome driven and value-laden programming that you know and love, again this summer. Things may look a little different as we continue to plan for BDC'21 with all of the constantly evolving information around COVID. Check our website, here, for more information!

Whether you ring in the New Year with loved ones, family, or friends at distance, be sure to RECHARGE and continue to share plenty of...

Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace! 

Daniel Michel


Sign up for a week-long deep dive into one of our incredible programs! Our co-ed mixed age groups, 3-5th grades & 6-9th grades, create stable pods that provide your child with opportunity to engage with peers and foster the ever-important interpersonal skills development in a safe and nurturing environment.  

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for more information about our Camper Leader Program and new and exciting opportunities to use our pool this summer! 


This year, we have simplified enrollment and pricing:

Week 1 (July 5th - 9th, closed Monday 7/4): $649
Weeks 2-7 (July 12th - August 20th): $749 

Due to constraints created by COVID, we are unable to offer our traditional discounts this summer. We hope to bring these opportunities back in the coming summers! 

Space is limited to meet COVID restrictions. We hope you will join us, please enroll soon! 

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please email our team

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