Volume 13 | January 2021
We are kicking the New Year off with Tips on Printing From the Cloud, Tablets on Forklifts, and More...
We are excited to announce that our monthly newsletter is a year old! We will continue to bring the latest in our industry's trends, products, applications, and more. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or topics you would like us to discuss. Let's start the year off strong!
EMP Newsletter is 1 Year Old

First, we are going to ignore the fact that this newsletter format and the Coronavirus started at about the same time. Second, since it is 1 year old, we should probably put it in a highchair, let it eat cake with its hands and smash some into its face! Want to learn more about the future of our newsletter or look back onto some of last year's highlights? Check out the full article below...
EMPCare and MDM
The world was already going in this direction, the global pandemic just accelerated it. The need for an MDM (Mobile Device Management) software tool to manage your mobile devices in the warehouse and on the shop floor. It all started with the discontinuation of Windows Mobile and CE a few years back. Fortunately, it was a long time coming, so we all had time to prepare for it. But now you are in one of two camps, Android, or Apple. If you are in the industrial space, our experience tells us that Android is the OS for you. Click on the article below to find out more!
Modernizing Parts Delivery System
We work with a number of medical device companies who are required to follow the stringent rules of the FDA. Often times, these companies invest in the latest technology to help with some of these time-consuming regulations. This was the case with one of our recent applications. A technology upgrade meant larger screen, faster processor, more memory and a better bar code scanner. All of these components greatly improved their revalidation process. Want to learn more? Check out the article below!
Printing from the Cloud

So, you are getting into a new age with Cloud-based software. This software now allows you to run the application from anywhere, on any device, not just in your corporate IT infrastructure. We all know that this has been a good thing this year with many people now having to work remotely. 
But what about printing? Particularly printing to a label printer and from a mobile device. Click below to find out!
Tablets on Forklifts
Tablets bring many resources to a simple forklift. However, it has become apparent that standard Apple or Android tablets are simply not rugged enough for the environment. Zebra has condensed their tablet/forklift line down to one rugged product to withstand the rough environment. One thing seems for sure. Tablets on forklifts are here to stay! Check out the article below to learn more...

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