Conestoga High School
Issue 10: January 2021
 Return to Hybrid Instruction
Welcome to 2021!  We look forward to welcoming our hybrid students back to Conestoga on Monday, January 11th.  A few safety reminders as we prepare to reopen:
Daily Health Screening
Parents are required to submit a daily health screening for each student attending in person. Failure to complete the screening could impede your child's ability to participate in in-person instruction. The screening must be completed daily within two hours of the student's arrival. Click here for a video on completing the health screening. Upon arrival, students are required to show proof of completion which will be available through Power School, by showing their status on their phone or by checking in with an attendant at each entry. Click here for a video showing the student check in process. Any student who does not have a completed daily health screening must complete an in-person screening upon arrival. The screening is completed by certified nurses on site. Students are reminded to stay home if they are not feeling well If your child becomes symptomatic or tests positive for COVID-19, please contact the nurse immediately so we can implement our safety protocols.
Face Covering and other Safety Precautions
All students and staff must wear a mask, snugly covering the mouth and nose. The CDC recommends two-ply masks for best protection. Students should continue to maintain 6 feet social distancing and adhere to the one-way hallway traffic patterns while in the building.
Traveler Testing Order
Pennsylvanians visiting other states are required to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to their return to Pennsylvania or to quarantine for 14 days upon return to Pennsylvania. Students who need to quarantine should attend school virtually while they complete the required quarantine period. 

Window to Switch TESD Learning Selection 

TESD families will have the opportunity to switch their current learning selection between January 6, and January 13. Any new selections will be effective January 25 through March 26, the last day before spring break. TESD continues to offer the current instructional formats of hybrid instruction (blended in-person and virtual) or all-virtual instruction. Families who wish to keep their current learning selections do not need to take any action. We have created an infographic that outlines the selection process.
Key dates regarding the new learning selection window:
  • January 6, 2021 - Beginning of period to change learning selection for January 25 - March 26.
  • January 13, 2021 - Last day to change learning selection.
  • January 25, 2021 - New learning selections begin and are maintained through March 26.
Our goal is to honor as many learning selection changes as possible without adjusting student schedules or teacher assignments. There will be an additional opportunity to change learning selections later in the school year.

Bus Transportation
In addition to selecting an instructional format, families who are switching from virtual instruction to hybrid instruction will need to indicate whether they will need T/E bus transportation. Bus transportation will be available; however, it is not possible to consistently maintain social distancing of six feet on school buses. If feasible, the District is asking parents to drive their children to and from school to reduce the number of students on buses. 
Instructions for Changing Learning or Transportation Selections
  • Log into PowerSchool. If you need assistance logging into PowerSchool, please email the FamilyHelpDesk.
  • If you have more than one child attending T/E schools, select the name of the child in the upper left corner.
  • Under the Navigation menu on the left, select TESD Forms, then select Commitment Form.
  • Choose your learning and transportation selections for January 25 - March 26.
Families who are unable to access PowerSchool or who need help with the learning selection process may contact the main office of their child's school for assistance.

Reminder: COVID-19 School Metrics and Guidance

The DOH and PDE guidance for school districts provides an updated process to follow when a case of COVID-19 has been identified in an individual who has been present in a school building. The guidance shifts the threshold for closing school buildings from a countywide community transmission level to a combination of community transmission and school incidence numbers. The DOH and PDE have created a chart that combines county community transmission levels and the number of cases of COVID-19 in a school building during a rolling 14-day period to determine when a school building needs to temporarily transition to 100% virtual instruction. The rolling 14-day period begins on the day that the positive or probable case first started showing symptoms of COVID-19. Once a school reaches a specific number of cases within a rolling 14-day period, the school building will need to close for in-person instruction for a certain number of days. Click here for our new School Closing Metrics and Guidance webpage.*

TESD COVID-19 Dashboard 

The dashboard provides a place for the district to communicate with families, students and staff about the COVID-19 cases in our building as well as the metrics for monitoring local data.

PSAT Testing 
Attn: Sophomores and Juniors 

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Conestoga will administer the PSAT/NMSQT to 10th and 11th grade students. Families have received information about signups for this test and students should have registered at this point.  If you missed the signup, please contact the Student Services Office at 610-240-1045.This is a practice test and students must opt-in to participate. More information about the logistics of the test will be released early next week. 

Senior Internship Program
The Senior Internship Program offers seniors in good standing an opportunity to explore an area of career or academic interest during the last month before graduation. The Senior Internship dates this year are May 10th through June 4th.
Due to the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, the Senior Internship Program will look very different this year. We are currently determining how many of our long-standing Internship Community Sponsors will be able to offer internships this May. Seniors who are not able to secure an internship will be continuing with their classes. Our goal is to help the seniors explore many internship opportunities and provide some flexibility as they do that.
Later this month, seniors will be invited to view a Senior Internship Orientation presentation where more details will be provided. There will be a 2nd Orientation in February and student 'check-ins' in March. All of the Senior Internship orientations and sessions are mandatory in order for a student to participate in Senior Internship.
All information, materials, deadlines and communication for the Senior Internship will be available to students through Schoology.
Important Information for 17 Year-Old Seniors
In July of 2016, the PA State Legislature amended the Child Protective Services Law to include employees who work with children through internships, externships and work-study programs. This means that the Community Sponsors of 17 year-old students must complete the PA Criminal, PA Child Abuse and FBI background checks
prior to the start of internship.
If you are interested in being an internship Community Sponsor, please contact Jeanne Braun.
Questions may be directed to Jeanne Braun, Program Coordinator, at 610-240-1913 or

Textbook / Material Collection d Distribution  
As the 1st semester ends, we are planning for the collection of 1st semester textbooks / materials and for the distribution of 2nd semester textbooks / materials. 
Our plan is to collect any textbooks / materials for semester 1 courses during the week of January 19th and distribute textbooks / materials during the week of January. 25th.  (Schedule is listed below) Hybrid students would return their textbooks / materials to their in-person class during that week of January 19th and pick up their textbooks / materials for the 2nd semester in their in-person class during the week of January 25th while virtual students would follow the schedule listed below.  Virtual Students are asked to have access to their schedules when they arrive to ensure that they are receiving the correct textbooks / materials.  Library books will also be collected during this time.
The collection and distribution of textbooks / materials will take place in the cafeteria at Conestoga High School.  Students are asked to enter through the Main Lobby, show their health screening pass (Green or Red), and make their way to only the cafeteria.  Once a student competes their drop off / pick up, they are asked to leave through the Main Lobby doors immediately.
If there are any concerns, please contact Dr. Boyle at

Virtual Student Textbook / Material Collection
Tuesday, January 19th                    2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday, January 20th              12:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday, January 21st                   2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Virtual Student Textbook / Material Distribution
Tuesday, January 26th                    2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday, January 27th              12:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday, January 28th                  2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

EEPE Course Information

Fall Semester EEPE:
Students who have completed the Fall Semester EEPE coursework are required to submit a Verification Form and Login sheet. The original due date of January 6th has been extended to January 19th.  All documents must be submitted as a PDF by the end of the day on the due date. If a student does not submit the required forms by January 19th, the course will be dropped from the schedule, credit will not be awarded, and seniors will be placed in a PE course for the 2nd semester. 
Spring Semester EEPE:
The Spring Semester EEPE course will not be open on Schoology until the 1st day of the 2nd semester - January 28th.  Beginning on January 28th until February 1st, students have the opportunity to complete the Spring Semester EEPE Survey and inform the school of which site and activity they are planning on completing to meet the course requirements. The deadline to complete the survey is February 1st.  If a student does not complete the Spring Semester EEPE Survey by February 1st, the course will be dropped from the schedule and senior students will be placed in a PE course in order to meet graduation requirements.  A reminder update will be posted on Schoology on January 28th.   

Winter Sports Begin January 9, 2021 

On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, our School Board approved the start of the Winter Sports Season beginning on Saturday, January 9th.    The Central League is planning for the first competitions to be held the weekend of January 22-23.

In keeping with the spirit of continuity, equitable athletic opportunities and mitigation strategies, the Central League will adopt a "League Only" competition schedule for the Winter 2021 season.  Strict adherence to safety protocols and keeping competitions within the geographic confines of the Central League will help to protect the health and safety of our students, coaches and community.  We will continue to monitor the recommendations from the PIAA, PDE, and county/state health departments and adjust accordingly.

Junior Conferences
Attention Junior Parents / Guardians: 
It is our pleasure to invite you to schedule a post-high school planning conference with your child's counselor sometime this winter or spring. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss your child's goals and high school academic record as we help guide you toward your own individualized post-high school plan. We recommend that parents call the Student Services Office at 610.240.1045 to schedule a conference. These meetings begin on November 30th and dates may be scheduled through the spring. It is helpful to know your student's availability or free period so we can schedule the meeting when your child does not have class. We look forward to meeting with you!

In the News from Student Health Services
As colder weather approaches, influenza or flu season will soon be upon us. Influenza can be a serious disease that leads to
hospitalization or extreme illness. The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year. Student Health
Services strongly encourages all students, family members and staff to receive a flu vaccination this fall. Contact your local family
physician, health clinic or nearby pharmacy for information and questions regarding available flu vaccines.


Per our district's safety plan, we are not permitted to have visitors or parents/guardians in the school building. Exceptions will be made for emergency situations. Thank you for your understanding as we begin our reopening plan for hybrid instruction. 

A Note from the Attendance Office

During the hybrid model, daily attendance will continue to be taken through homeroom Schoology pages. If your child is scheduled to attend school in person but remains home (and participates virtually), there is no need to send an absence note to the attendance office. If your child is unable to attend school in person or participate virtually, please contact the attendance office at

We are looking forward to meeting with Conestoga parents at the monthly parent meetings this January.  The dates and times are below, along with the Teams Meeting link.
9th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Tuesday, January 12, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 772 159 115#

10th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Thursday, January 14, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 544 339 188#

11th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Tuesday, January 19, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 264 190 595#
12th Grade Parent Meeting
10:00am Thursday, January 21, 2021
+1 717-431-7267   United States, Lancaster (Toll)
Conference ID: 537 256 324#

Tech Update

In order to streamline and provide service for any district laptops that may have hardware/software issues please follow these guidelines:
1. Open any Internet browser. 
3. Log in with your network user name (ie. 202ldoej) and password. Do not include
4. Click on Report an Issue in the "I am facing an Issue" box in the middle of the page.
5. Click on the Others tab on the left and click on Student Helpdesk Request.
6. Fill out the required fields (with red asterisks). Include as many details as you can regarding your issue in the Description area. Include screenshots, too! 
7. Add request. An IT technician will reply to your ticket 
If you have an issue that necessitates an in-house visit you will be directed to visit the CHS Main Lobby. The Tech hours will be 7:30am-3pm Monday thru Friday. You will need to report any issues via the Student Helpdesk Request first or call the Family Helpdesk at 610-240-1730.
We are here to make your virtual learning experience the best it can be!
Your Helpdesk Staff

2020-2021 School District Calendar Information

Please visit the T/E School District website to view the 2020-2021 School District Calendar information. School staff members have begun planning events and activities for the 2020-2021 school year. 

To view the single page summary of the 2020-21 school year, please view this link
Inbox to Receive Feedback on TESD 
Virtual Instruction Program
TESD has created an inbox to receive comments and feedback on our virtual instruction program. Members of the school community may email comments to Feedback received through this inbox will be shared with School Board members and members of the TESD administrative team on a weekly basis. Please note: this inbox is designed for feedback on the TESD virtual instruction program. Technical questions regarding virtual instruction should be sent to Specific questions about individual classroom procedures or lessons should be directed to the teacher or school principal.

Upcoming Events

Curriculum Night
7:00PM - 9:00PM