Usually scouting and managing locations in the San Francisco Bay area on productions like San Andreas, The Matrix Resurrections and the TV show Blindspotting, Heather traveled up the coast for The Sky is Everywhere in her first post-lockdown production. She had this to say about working in the region:

"I think I put out about 200 letters in general for the movie and then I got between 50 and 60 people responding back. I ended up scouting like 40 or some thing of these houses… it’s a completely different world in Humboldt. All of the different architecture was the other part that was really great. I got to have conversations with a creative team like do you see that person, in this family, having this type of house or maybe we could have it be this style... Whereas sometimes when you have no response or you’re like I have this one available so we have to make it work… That was really really nice. Humboldt is very film-friendly."