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Welcome to those of you who are subscribers as well as those who are reading my newsletter for the first time and here is hoping you all have a happy and healthy new year even though it may not have began as joyously as you may have hoped with the rise of the new variant of COVID. There are still things to look forward to and to celebrate and appreciate about the world around us and the people we love, so I hope all of you can share in that. If you missed the December 2021 News & Views. Part 2, you can read it here conta.cc/3sxahZC and if you missed December 2021 News & Views Park 1, you can read it here conta.cc/3EueC2N. If you missed the November newsletter which addressed the November 19 Lunar Eclipse that will have ramifications into the new year, you can read it here conta.cc/3wOjaOA. Even if you do not book a reading I am always happy to hear how you have been doing so do not hesitate to email me with news. I may not get back to you right away but I will eventually do so.

So much of what is ahead in January are things that began in November and December, due to the eclipses there, Venus retrograde, which began December 19 and which will end January 29, and Saturn-Uranus square, which took place December 25 but which we are still reacting to since we are not completely finished with the square, since it will still be in orb in September-October 2022. As many of you know from the 2022 Sensitive Degrees webinar that I presented on December 12, I thought that the above signatures, plus the Mars-Ketu (S. Node) conjunction on December 15, and Mars conjoining the December 4 total solar eclipse degree on December 30, would impact our world, and maybe bring back another round of COVID. Much of this was due to the fact that a similar astrological pattern took place in 2019-2020 with a total solar eclipse on December 26, 2019 followed by the Mars-Ketu conjunction and Mars and Ketu reaching the eclipse degree in February and March 2020, when the first round of virus took over the world. The good news as I stated is that we do not presently have Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunct as we did then, and I believe as is being confirmed from news in other countries, that the Omacron surge is not as deadly and should not linger as long as the initial virus and the delta variant. I hope that by this coming April-May there will be a time when we see the virus departing, though it may still be hanging around for some time to come, and we could still have another bout in September when the last Saturn-Uranus square appears, but I do think that we will just learn to live with a virus that will be avoided and treated the same way we deal with the flu with a product like tamiflu. At least that is what I hope and that I can guess using astrology combined with medical reporting and hope.

Other than the new variant, which started to become active around the time time of the Mars-Ketu (S. Node) conjunction, there were other events that impacted some of us on the dates that Mars and Ketu (S. Node) conjoined and then when Mars hit the eclipse degree on December 30, since I always pay attention to these transits. On December 15, Mars-Ketu (S. Node) conjoined exactly but they are always within orb for about a week before and after. On December 10-11, there were unseasonal tornadoes that devastated parts of Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, and other states. On December 30, when Mars conjoined the total solar eclipse degree of December 4, there was an awful series of fires outside Boulder that destroyed many homes in the towns of Superior and Louisville. They were abated, but many people lost their homes, and to those people, we send lots of love and support and hoping they can rebuild. Judylynn Schmidt who some of you know as Jyoti or Jyotilynn lost her home and all her possessions, including an entire astrology collection, mementoes, photographs, etc. Our hearts go out to her. She asked me if I would please list her Gofundme page and whatever donation you could give would be most appreciated. You can go to https://gofund.me/9b7bb70a

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1. Repeating some information about the Venus Cycle, which I talked about in the December 2021 News & Views. In this issue I talk more about the Sun Venus conjunction, which takes place on January 8-9 depending on your time zone..

2. Mercury retrograde January 14-February 4.

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