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It is always important to keep learning and challenging yourself. Education is often the answer to problematic situations.

In 2020 (I think; dates and times are fuzzy in a COVID world), I was introduced to the Mike Michalowicz book, The Pumpkin Plan. It resonated with me and my long standing "not all business is good business" mantra. I am also a sucker for a practical, common sense focused business approach (also like his Profit First book) and his books fit the bill!

In 2021, I decided to make the investment in taking a deep dive into the Pumpkin Plan strategy. I started on the journey to become a Pumpkin Plan certified strategist. The training and process has taught me a great deal that can be applied to an audiology practice, especially as it relates to managed care, pricing, marketing and who and what is YOUR unique offering and pumpkin!

I completed my certification in December and can now say I am a certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist! Looking forward to the opportunity to share what I have learned and the resources now at my disposal with audiologists everywhere! I am adding some of the principles to this year's training events.

Now I am onto my next educational journey: AAPCs Certified Professional Medical Auditor Course. Excited to build on my DIY audit base and learn the real ins and outs of utilization review and audit. My hope is that this knowledge lets me help all of you avoid the potential pitfalls ahead.



2022 Boot Camp and Training Event Schedule Now Available. Click on this link to learn more or register!

Monthly Coding and Reimbursement Tips


If you dispense a transmitter (CROS) and a hearing aid/receiver on the same patient on the same date of service, ONE CODE (V5211-V5215 or V5221) represents both devices (just the hardware, not the services) for the vast majority of managed care plans in the US.

Itemization of the claim is typically useful in these situations.

You cannot balance bill regardless of the waiver signed. If you are unhappy with your allowable rate for the HARDWARE, appeal individual coverage decisions and renegotiate your agreement using your invoices for the device.

New Front Office Basic Training Now Available  

Research Spotlight on Self-Fitting Hearing Aids

On social media and in the FDA OTC comments, folks keep warning of the perils of self-fitted hearing aids. I encourage audiologists to read the Hearing Industries Association FDA Comment Letter. You will note that little to no evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature was present in their comment.

Conversely, there is a significant amount of literature on the efficacy of self-fitted hearing aids. I did an extensive review of literature and could not find a single research illustrating significant dangers of self-fitted amplification (although Convery and Saunders have reported some potential pitfalls and considerations) and every study illustrate efficacy.

Cavitt's View (from the Cheap Seats) of the

FDA Proposed Rule on

OTC and Prescription Hearing Aids


I have been waist deep into disruptive innovation in our profession (unbundling, tele-audiology, over the counter, and direct to consumer hearing aids, self-assessment and self fitting, and patient centered care and delivery) for well over a decade.

These experiences and my experiences with stakeholders helped form my opinion.

Here is my two cents, for what it is worth:

Cavitt Comment RE: FDA Proposed Rule on OTC

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