Volume 25 | January 2022
New Website, Zebra's Printer Enhancement, OS Migration, and More!
Check Out Our New Website
It is amazing how fast the world moves. A few years ago, our website was up to date and something to be proud of. The amount of content there is still amazing, but we came to realize that our old website did not render well on more recent wide-screen monitors. Click below to preview the new website and give your feedback!
Just When You Thought That OS Migration Was Over
There seems to be a recurring theme in our lives lately that just when you think something challenging to all of us is over, a new wave starts up and here we go again. No, not the pandemic, OS Migration! Android 4.4 commonly known as KitKat was released on October 31, 2013. Over 8 years ago! Read below to find out more about the upcoming Android updates, and check out our poll at the bottom!
Making Lubricant Packaging More Efficient with Machine Vision
Finding a niche in your customer base and working to go deeper and wider with that type of company is a logical and common strategy. That is exactly what the EMP Tech Group has done in the lubricant packaging industry. Like most customer niches, we started with some local companies, helping them improve their processes with the products and services that we sell, particularly machine vision. From there, our good work and word of mouth started bringing these types of customers to us from around the country. Click on the article below to learn more!
Using Zebra’s PDF Direct
The mission of this monthly newsletter is to bring insightful information to our customers about the products that we sell and our industry in general. This month’s tech tip exemplifies that mission better than most! Click on the article below to find out more about Zebra's latest printer enhancement.
Zebra MC9300, the Workhorse of Our Industry
There were questions 10 years ago about rugged, mobile computers maintaining their dominance in the warehouse space. With the advent of smartphones, would these expensive, rugged devices still be the go-to device for warehouse operations? The short answer is an overwhelming YES. And the device that leads the industry is the Zebra MC9300. Click below to find out more!
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