Notes from the Gallery
January 2022
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New Work from Gallery Artist Shane Pendley
Eight new pieces by gallery artist Shane Pendley have arrived in the gallery to kick off the new year. We love his iconic reds as well as three that he's brightened into a blush. Their titles come together to make the following poem:

“The stag, her fable, lectured on bent ear.
The blood eagle erodes from the burden’s year
This glow, this orb of radiance is evermore.
Evermore, within a climbing sun,
evermore shallow on the forest shore.
Decadence once reined this heart, this whore!
For one more night under the echo and shimmers,
this hunt still remains hunted and overgrown once more.”

- Shane Pendley

We're excited to find this beautiful poetry-based series a new home!
2021 Gallery in Review
Exhibits and Events
From Dali to Donaldson, we were proud to present these fantastic exhibits to our community. Look back on your favorite event memories on our website event page.
Artists Represented
New and old, regional and international, always creating with passion and vision. Browse our gallery artists and their work on our website.
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Our frames are works of art in their own right. With over 40 years of experience, our framing masters knock every framing project out of the park.
Thank you for a wonderful 2021!
From the Framing Masters:
How to Prepare for a Framing Consultation at Michael Murphy Framing

The holiday craze has passed and the New Year is full of potential. This is the perfect time of the year to tackle your dream framing project! Scheduling a consultation at Michael Murphy Framing is the first step of an exciting, artistic framing process that you will not find anywhere else. Read on to learn about what goes into our framing consultations and what you can do to prepare.
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