January 4, 2022
January 2022: Palapa Society News
Season of Giving Continues

The Palapa Society would like to thank all the generous donors who already donated to our Season of Giving Annual Fundraiser. The combined total raised to date is $102,700 USD. We are so close to reaching our overall goal of $150,000 USD. Please help us to achieve our goal by giving the gift of education before January 10th. From learning English to accessing library resources to receiving a top-notch education at our school, your donation will help provide a brighter future for children and families in Todos Santos.
Impact of Giving
  • Scholarships for students attending The Palapa School
  • Scholarships for students attending public school and university
  • Funding for English language programs
  • Funding for our community libraries
  • Continual satisfaction knowing that you make a difference!

Despite all we face in today’s world, one thing remains: your caring, your encouragement and your generous gifts that continue to do a world of good. When you consider how far your dollar goes in Mexico, you're not only transforming one life, you are transforming a whole community.
Field Trip to Isla Espritu Santo
A group of Palapa School students, in collaboration with EPI (Ecology Project International), recently took a field trip to Isla Espritu Santo. For four days, the group camped out in one of the most beautiful and protected natural areas in Baja California Sur. The objectives of the trip included discovering the marine and coastal ecosystems and practicing scientific research methodology. 

Santiago, a Palapa School 1st semester Preparatoria (high school) student, remarks on his experience. “The camp at Isla Espritu Santo was one of the best I have ever experienced. Apart from all the physical activities like diving, hiking, and camping on the beach, I was able to live with my companions and get close to them emotionally. I also learned a lot of data and scientific knowledge about the whale sharks, plankton, how to carry out scientific research and obtain data about the island's ecosystem. I was also able to disconnect from everything since we did not have access to cell phones, and that allowed me to live a more pleasant experience of connection with nature and with others. If I had the opportunity to go to another camp, I would certainly do it again.”

We thank EPI and all the students who were part of this experience!
Collaboration is Key and Our Students
are Learning These Critical Skills
During the month of November all students from the three grade levels of the preparatoria assembled to start learning a series of activities that help them learn the process of effective communication. They worked on active listening skills and experienced the process of dialogue. These skills later helped them create a reflective space and together they evaluated the needs of the school from the perspective of students and teachers.

The final project of this series was to select two problems that the group would then manage until implemented. The Preparatoria students created an action plan to introduce the issues to the students of the Secundaria (middle school) and help them to collaborate and resolve them together.
The Palapa School Ends its
First Semester of the School Year
On Friday, December 17, The Palapa School celebrated the conclusion of their first semester and end of 2021. Teachers and students participated in games and activities including piñatas!

The teachers and students from The Palapa School wish each of you a bright, prosperous and happy new year!
Honoring Donna Shultz’s
Decade of Volunteer Service
“When world-renowned writer Elena Poniatowska arrived at the library for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, there were hundreds of people in attendance. Elena quietly lamented to me that she had left her copy of Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking on the airplane. Imagine her surprise when I told her we have that book, and I proudly gave it to her!”
A decade’s worth of memories came pouring out of Donna Shultz, after we received her letter of resignation as Director of the Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska, the largest bi-lingual library in Baja California Sur.
Donna started volunteering when the library was just a little room on Calle Obregon. This was shortly after building a home in the area with her husband Walt. She had just wrapped her role as the Wicked Witch in Teatro Luna Azul’s production of The Wizard of Todos Santos and wanted to immerse herself into the community that had embraced her from the beginning. When Library Director John Warner left, Mary took over, and together, they relocated the library into the Casa Verde house provided by Peter Buck, in the San Vicente neighborhood. Mary left, EJ took over, and three years later Donna followed as the Director. Donna spearheaded the move to The Palapa Learning Center, which took two weeks with the help of dedicated volunteers in the October heat.

Now Accepting Applications for:
New Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska Director

Interested in leading the Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska community library into the next era? If you're a passionate reader and a positive leader who can't wait to share your love of books with our English- and Spanish-speaking community, this paid position is for you! Email your request for more information today to Secretary@PalapaSociety.org
Language Opens the
Doors to Opportunity and so Much More!
Wouldn’t it be great if the thousands of tourists who visited Todos Santos each year all spoke Spanish? Since that’s unlikely, let’s open doors for our Spanish-speaking residents by helping them learn to communicate in English. Shops, restaurants, and service staff all benefit from the ability to exchange a few words in the world’s most widely spoken language. 

The adult English program is starting up again in February 2022, and the demand is high! Please have your Spanish speaking friends, neighbors and anyone in the community reach out to us if they would like to join our Adult English program. You can help them enroll and support them in their language learning journey. Your generous support of our program helps everyone in our community and helps us reach more people who want to learn.

Email Director Kate Lewis for more information.
All Palapa Programs and Libraries are closed until the week of January 16th. Please stay tuned to our social media for updates.
Events Calendar
New Information
On Friday, December 31st the Secretary of Health for Baja California Sur made an announcement that due to increasing numbers of COVID -19, any events that attract large gatherings are suspended for an undetermined amount of time.
Todos Santos Open Studio Tour NEW Tentative Dates:
March 4 -6, 2022
Historic Home Tour: Cancelled
NEW MONTH: Carrera de Todos Santos (5K) - April 2022
Baja Under the Stars  (Denver, CO) - September 17, 2022
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