January 2022
Jerry Cutler
Rabbi's Message

Tu B’Shevat is a distinctive moment of the Jewish year. In the Talmud, the 15th day of the month of Shevat, which this year corresponds to the 17th of January, is our New Year’s Day for trees. 

We need to remember that our ancestors were deeply immersed in the world of nature. The rhythms of the year were significant to them. Tu B’Shevat marked a time, therefore, when they were especially aware of the miracles that are part of life: winter passes, spring emerges, the seasons alternate in a regular pattern, and trees are a highly visible aspect of that process.

Even when most Jews no longer lived in the land of Israel, Tu B’Shevat was still observed. For Jews, throughout the world, it became an expression of attachment to Eretz Yisrael. In the 20th century, with the return of large numbers of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, Israelis assumed the responsibility for changing the barren hillsides into forests with massive tree plantings on Tu B’Shevat.

But there are also other contemporary implications, which deserve our consideration on Tu B’Shevat. In this era of global environmental threats such as the “greenhouse effect,” the solid-waste crisis, oil slicks, and the pollution of our water and foods by pesticides, Tu B’Shevat reminds us how fragile and complex our ecosystem really is. Protecting the natural world becomes both a legal and ethical imperative. If trees were to be preserved in time of war, how much more so the earth, the water, and the air in a time of peace!

Our tradition has a message to give us about the environment. On Tu B’Shevat we need to focus on those teachings and the way in which they can sustain and enhance our world. As daylight hours lengthen, we project ahead towards spring and summer. Tu B’Shevat challenges us to turn our attention to the Mitzvah of preserving the divine gift of nature. As we celebrate Tu B’Shevat, which this year coincides with Martin Luther King Day, may we feel joy in the beauty of nature all around us and find time to acknowledge the great Dr. King who dedicated his life to peace, love, and co-existence. 

Wishing all of you, a year of Joy, Health, and Prosperity. Perhaps soon, our prayers will be answered, and I will have the pleasure of welcoming you at Shabbat and High Holiday Services.

Rabbi Jerry

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We will be chanting the Mishabeirach for global healing and reciting the Kaddish for the current yahrzeits. If you have the names of loved ones you would like to include, please let us know.

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Mazel Tov to our CAT lovebirds!

Sherwyn & Edythe Horwitz 1/4/2022
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Barbara Dekovner Mayer Harris 1/7/2022
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Ron Fields 1/11/2022
Sharon Shaw 1/12/2022
Phyllis Spear 1/14/2022
Alan DuFine 1/15/2022
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Katy Haber 1/15/2022
Larry Crestol 1/16/2022
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We are so very sad to announce the passing of our good friend and cherished member

 Eunice Brown

Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and to her sons, Michael and Richard.

Eunice was an organizer and an avid fundraiser, organizing an annual charity luncheon at the Beverly Hilton that included Hollywood stars. She loved socializing with friends, music and dancing, traveling, and a commitment to raising money for the City of Hope research hospital.

May her memory be a blessing for all of us.

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In memory of Jerry Rund

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In memory of Sherry Weinberg

Phyllis Spear & Irwin Schwartzman
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May you be comforted by the mourners of Zion

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Mazel Tov
to our members Godfrey and Barbara Harris for the successful entry of their grandson, Scott, to the Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition.

Scott Harris, Quale
University of California, San Francisco

Quale is a noninvasive visual prosthetic that allows visually impaired people to navigate the world through a device that continuously snaps pictures and then transforms the images into audio signals, creating a continuous audio feed that functions as a user’s “eyes” by informing them about every aspect of the visual world they encounter.

Our good friend, Broadway, film and television actress, Barbara Minkus, invites you to watch her new uplifting videos, ABOUT LIFE Series, which is now available for your viewing pleasure on her

This was super. Terrific. I loved it. Made my whole day!
H. Ader

This is great! Thank you.
M. Peters
Fern Field Brooks, author of Letters to My Husband, has written a new meowmoir on her cat called Destiny's Children. You can order this charming book at http://www.books2cherish.com. Temple members and friends can add "Temple Member" to your shipping instructions and 10% of all sales will go to C.A.T.

"LOVED IT! A clever and refreshing approach to a memoir!"
Mary Lou Belli, Director, Author, Teacher

"Wow! Destiny is incredible! I read it in two evenings and was absolutely enthralled. This book is one in a million!"
Laurel D. - Miami

"I Love Destiny and Fern! I was concerned for Destiny on every adventure, felt relieved when all was well, and eagerly await the rest of the series! Engaging. Charming. Insightful - about cats and humans!"

Dr. Linda Seger, Author, Script Consultant, Lecturer

Did You Know?
21 reasons to be cheerful at the end of 2021
By Nicky Blackburn  DECEMBER 20, 2021, 8:20 AM
Another difficult year of Covid is coming to a close, leaving us all exhausted by the twists and turns of this seemingly endless pandemic. Each time we think it’s coming to an end, nature throws us a curveball – first it was Delta and now it’s Omicron.

While the pandemic may have upended our lives, and dominated the news cycles worldwide, there are plenty of other things that have also been happening that not only warrant our attention, but in fact deserve a shoutout.

As we near the end of 2021 and look forward to what we all hope will be a better new year, join us in celebrating and sharing some of the many positive things that have happened this year.

Here are 21 reasons to be cheerful. Why not share with friends and family to raise the spirits of all as we move into a new year.

6.     Even in conflict there is hope 

16. New techs could help fix the shipping crisis

18. Technology is making farming easier

19. Nothing stops aid work

21. People are magnificent

We could go on and on because the truth is there are so many people who do astounding things and rarely get noticed. Here’s to them, and here’s to you!

In 2022, we look forward to bringing you more stories that show the amazing spirit of the people living in this tiny patch of land.

If you would like to read the full article, click here.

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