January 2022
Message From Ed...
Ed Hatzenbeler, Orting School District Superintendent
Hello, Orting School District Families. 

First, thank you to each of you that allow us to tell critical information about the upcoming Enrichment and Operations Levy. We enjoy sharing to you our story of how it's utilized. This represents about 10% of our overall operating budget and funds critical programs like activities, athletics, special education, transportation, technology, facilities, professional learning and more.

Over the last few years, our revenues from federal sources have declined and we continue to rely on your local dollars to make up the gap.  

Please keep in mind that 100% of the dollars collected stay right here in Orting. In fact, we cannot spend any levy dollars for staffing or other areas paid for by the state. Staffing, materials, supplies and operating costs continue to climb for the programs, interventions and supports that we currently enjoy. Over time, we would like to expand activities, support and interventions for students. Early learning is just one area that we would like to explore.  

Our board of directors hosted a virtual listen and learn session on Wednesday, Jan. 26. There is another session on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd at 6 p.m. in the OHS PAC.  

Our board values you and your contributions. If you have questions, thoughts, or ideas about how we can move forward as a system with these resources, or other questions, please send me an email or consider attending the listen and learn session. 

We would love to hear from you.  

Superintendent Cabinet Monthly Update
Debi Christensen
Executive Director for Human Resources
This month, we saw an increase in the pay for our certificated substitute teachers:
  • The daily rate is now $175 per day (Previously $140)
  •  The daily certificated retiree* sub rate is now $200 (Previously $140)
If you or know someone interested in becoming a substitute, click here.

It's easy to volunteer in our schools. Check out the application process on our district webpage under Students and Families > Volunteers

Seeking Employment? Orting School District accepts online applications year round for open positions, including on-call substitute roles. You are encouraged to reach out to Human Resources staff at 360-893-6500, 4037.

*Retirement status verified through Department of Retirement Systems
Aaron Lee
Executive Director for Equity & Student Outcomes
February is Black and African-American Heritage Month: Even though all 365 days would be the goal to highlight notable Black and African-American figures, February is a perfect time to recognize their contributions to this country, going beyond the heroes and holidays focus. Teaching the contributions Black and African-American people have had, and continue to have, in literature, science, mathematics, politics, economics, history and the arts throughout your curriculum plays an essential role in student agency and connection to our broader world. 
Steve Rabb
Executive Director for Teaching, Learning & Technology
  • Currently, our priority at the elementary level is in ELA and math. We have teacher groups at each school working with Aaron Lee and me to establish the necessary foundations to determine our Guaranteed Viable Student Outcomes—our promises to our students and families--before examining the needed curriculum material resources. This allows us to learn more about grade-level standards and what goes into the development of our students' learning. What follows is our development of the units of instruction, which ultimately tells the story of the instructional and learning progression for each student.

  • Orting Middle School (OMS) and Orting High School (OHS) teachers and administrators are aligning teaching, learning, and curriculum with the new guidelines established with Senate Bill 5395-Comprehensive Sexual Health Education. Our district has been pretty well aligned already, so other than adding an instructional unit at another grade at OHS, the changes have been minimal.

  • Halted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are looking to continue our work in OMS Science and Secondary Social Studies and have started conversations with how school-level administration envisions this process.

  • Our Highly Capable (HiCap) Program Building Coordinators have been interviewing our current HiCap Students as a step towards developing profiles of each of our kids. HiCap Students show their intelligence in different ways, and we want to understand more what this looks like to develop our programs and address their needs. One of the end goals of this work will be to have individual learning plans for each of these kids, better informing our staff who work with them of the kinds of things that reflect the type of enrichment that will matter to each student.
Chris Willis
Executive Director for Student Support Services
On Tuesday, Jan. 25, we partnered with Rxpress Pharmacy to host a free COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Clinic for our community. The event was a huge success, as over 75 people came out and got vaccinated. Also, local non-profits and state and county departments, such as the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Orting Recovery Café, Orting Standing Together on Prevention, and Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, were in attendance, offering free resources.

Thank you to all who helped put this amazing event for our community!
What's Happening in our Classrooms
In Mrs. Bostwick's Kindergarten Class at Orting Primary School, students are learning about force and motion in our science unit: Push, Pull, and Go. 

In this lesson, students created an invention (model) to create a force to knock down dominoes. Students were able to explain how force and motion worked together in the model they built.
Also, students were also able to analyze and describe why their model may not have worked properly to knock the dominoes down.

Awesome work, everyone!
At Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary, Mrs. Ostling's 4th Grade Students did presentations on rocks.

The project's purpose was a review of the rock cycle and the different types of rocks they examined in groups. The students used their critical thinking skills, connecting real-world applications of how they use different minerals and rocks naturally found in our everyday lives.
With Monday, Jan. 24, being National Compliment Day, Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Bunker wanted her class to do a project tying in with the holiday.
Her students created You Rock and You Rule notecards for their classmates, praising each other for their hard work, being kind to one another, and being an amazing friend.
Giving Back to the Community
On Thursday, Jan. 20, the Orting High School Sports Medicine Club hosted its second community blood drive this school year. 

The event was a great success, as they filled up over 40 time slots during the six-hour event, exceeding their numbers from their drive in September.

Excellent work!
Orting Kudos!!
Students Recognizing Students
Ptarmigan Ridge Elementary

Kayla Godfrey, 4th Grade (Left)

Josiah Carlson, 4th Grade (Right)

"Kayla is always on task, sets the example, always doing the right thing and is a good friend."
What After-School Activities Mean to Me
Victoria Mang, Orting Middle School (OMS) 6th Grade Student
When I'm not in the classroom, I look for new activities to get involved with, keeping me active and helping me grow as a person. Along with my other friends, I was able to play softball for the first time this year at OMS. Not only did I have fun, but it taught me how to become a team player, sportsmanship, and work well with others. These are all traits that will contribute to my growth in education and life.

Also, I'd like to give a big thanks to our bus drivers for making it possible for me and other students throughout Orting to participate in after-school activities. Many of our parents who work long hours aren't able to pick us up once practice ends. However, the after-school activity buses solve this problem because the drivers pick us up after our club meeting or practice, taking us home and ensuring we are safe.

With that being said, I look forward to playing volleyball for the first time this spring. 
Social Media Throughout January
Upcoming Events & Important Dates
  • Friday, Jan. 28 - Employee Enrichment Day; No School, and Last Day for Families to Submit HiCap Program Referrals for the 2022-23 School Year

  • Wednesday, Feb. 2, 6 p.m. - Orting School District Board of Directors 2022 Replacement Levy Listen & Learn Session at the Orting High School Performing Arts Center

  • Thursday, Feb. 3, 6 p.m. - Orting School District Board of Directors Work Session at Orting High School

  • Tuesday, Feb. 8 - Last day to turn in 2022 Replacement Levy Ballots

  • Thursday, Feb. 17, 6 p.m. - Orting School District Board of Directors Regular Meeting at Central Office

  • Friday, Feb. 18 - Make-up School Day from Oct 25, 2021 Power Outage; will operate on Friday Schedule

  • Monday, Feb. 21 - Presidents' Day; No School
District Headlines
2022 Replacement Levy Listen and Learn Sessions

On Wednesday, Jan. 26 and Feb. 2, the Orting School District (OSD) Board of Directors will host two listen and learn sessions for the public about the district's Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy on the Feb. 8 Ballot.

Read more
Were you not able to attend the first session? Click here to view on our YouTube Channel. 
Orting High School to Host Unified Basketball Game Feb. 11

Members of the two teams will include OHS athletes, students, and students in the school’s life skills program, helping those who have developmental needs succeed in and out of the classroom.

Read more
HiCap Program Referrals for 2022-23 School Year Due Jan. 28

The 2022-23 HiCap Program will be for current students between grades K-11 who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments.

Read more
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