New Senior Cohousing Committee

To meet the rapidly expanding demand for suitable housing for seniors, CohoUS has formed a new Senior Cohousing Committee. The committee is the result of merging SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates into CohoUS.   

SAGE started 12 years ago as Chuck Durrett, author of The Senior Cohousing Handbook, was finishing week-long Study Group 1 “Aging Successfully” training. He and several SG1 participants met together to think about how to elevate the story of senior cohousing to a wider audience. 

SAGE was established with the goal of helping seniors find and create cohousing. Of the many SAGE accomplishments, a few are: 

  • helped organize the 2016 national Aging in Community Cohousing Conference in Salt Lake City. 
  • organized a day-long senior cohousing intensive, “Roadmap to Starting a New Community,” at the 2017 national CohoUS conference in Nashville.  
  • Facilitated a very successful 2017 “Senior Cohousing How-To” weekend intensive workshop with QV members, and which also informed the State-of-the-Art publication. 
  • Helped produce the 2020 publication, “State of the Art Cohousing: lessons Learned from Quimper Village, co-authored by former SAGE board member Alexandria Levitt with Chuck Durrett and the residents of QV.   
  • co-led a 4-part workshop series, “Is Cohousing Right for You?” by Alexandria and fellow SAGE board member and executive director of Ontario-based Cohousing Options Canada, Kristopher Stevens 

Why the merger?  

Throughout 2021-22 SAGE met collaboratively with CohoUS to look at how SAGE could contribute senior expertise, deep relationships established with seniors living in cohousing, and other valuable resources.  

Together it was decided that SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates corporation should merged their members and resources into a new CohoUS Senior Cohousing Committee.  

What’s next:

We are currently looking at the unique content on SAGE’s website to see what should migrate to our CohoUS website. This includes a very important topic - “Why Senior Cohousing”, a directory of existing and developing senior cohousing projects, and tips for exploring senior cohousing.  

Our new Committee needs volunteers like you! Come partner with us on upcoming projects that need writers, organizers, facilitators, and others passionate about creating community for and with seniors. Our projects will include our researching and sharing best practices and challenges of aging successfully in cohousing, online workshops and Q&A sessions about aging in community, as well as publishing articles and other resources to aid seniors on their community journeys. 

We are excited that our committee is better able to support existing senior cohousing communities those in development, and seniors living in multigenerational cohousing. Combining our efforts will increase our impact and improve our outreach and education to inspire greater numbers of seniors to investigate and choose cohousing as their choice for aging successfully.  

CohoUS is currently recruiting undergraduate interns to support outreach, advocacy and media efforts. Interns will collaborate with other students and leaders in this remote position. Read more and forward the internship announcement here.

Read More and Forward the Internship Announcement Here 

The Commons

A (free) monthly gathering for the cohousing curious (and experts too!)

Curious about cohousing but don’t know where to start? Want to meet with cohousing newbies and experts alike? This (free) monthly gathering will include a Cohousing 101 presentation and ample time to connect and ask questions. We’ll share cohousing lingo, best practices and more information on how to continue your cohousing journey. Join us once, or every time – we’ll be here every month on the 10th at 10am MT.

10th of every month | 10am MT


We're thrilled to be announcing the Cohousing Institute's first spring training programs providing expert guidance and resources for community builders and professionals to develop more and better cohousing. Click each title below to learn more and register (partners remember to use a code at registration to receive your discount).

Preparing for Property: Cultivating Your Local Cohousing Market with Katie McCamant and Erin Harris

March 23rd 3-5pm PT (FREE FOR PARTNERS)

Financing Your Cohousing Development with Katie McCamant

April 27th 3-5 PT (FREE FOR PARTNERS)

3-Month Cohousing Architect Training with Grace Kim

Free Info Session 2/16 9-10am PT

April 8th - June 11th (25% OFF FOR PARTNERS)

6-Week Intro to Cohousing Course: Launching Your Community with Erik Bonnett and Mathilde Berthe

March 28th - May 2nd (25% OFF FOR PARTNERS)

(Need based scholarships are available supporting our commitment to inclusion)

Cohousing is part of a more sustainable, democratic and connected future.

To date, CohoUS has helped enable the development of over 200 cohousing communities in the US. These communities serve as examples of the sustainable and community-based neighborhoods our country will need in the future. Please support CohoUS and help us double that number in the next few years.


Your monthly gift will both support new initiatives as well as the continued nurturing of our communities and growth of our movement. As an Evergreen Neighbor, you can take pride in creating a legacy that will live on to support future generations.

Donations, as a community or as an individual, are accepted year round and can be made to:

Cohousing Association of the US

3860 Chase St

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The Science of Cohousing

The latest from the Cohousing Research Network

The Cohousing Research Network (CRN) invites you to take an online survey to further the understanding of the effects of cohousing on the lives of residents, its wider social impacts, and challenges faced by developing communities. CRN has reported high levels of interest, though many respondents have not finished the survey. Please make sure you've completed the survey in order for your data to be recorded.

This is the first phase of a five-year annual survey. The results should help the movement to make the case for cohousing with typically recalcitrant financial and political institutions. We need as much participation as possible! The survey is for residents of established communities and for members of building/forming groups, including groups that are inactive.


Questions about the survey? Contact Heidi Berggren and visit our website.

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For Sale: One bedroom, one bath house available in Wolf Creek Lodge Adult Cohousing.

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For Sale: 2 bedroom, 1 bath upstairs flat with well-designed floor plan, efficient storage, and large windows in Fair Oaks Ecohousing

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For Sale: Charming, Light-Filled, 2-Bedroom Downstairs Flat in Multi-Generational, Pet-Friendly Fair Oaks Ecohousing

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For Sale: Sweet and cozy, craftsman-style home in Manzanita Village, Prescott Arizona

Washington, D.C.

For Sale: 3 BR Townhouse for Sale in Established Community in Washington, DC

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For Sale: Large home in Greyrock Commons in Fort Collins, Colorado - Semi-rural, 17 acres on edge of city limits, 2 mi to downtown, close to foothills, trails, Horsetooth Lake

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