Art Festival Newsletter | January 2023
What's In and What's Out 2023
To create this list Art-Linx has researched the trends discussed in home design, fashion and art. Wishing everyone a year filled with creativity and inspiration.  
  • Positive Art Work
  • Anti-Branding
  • Biophilic
  • Viva Magenta (Pantone)
  • Moody Colors
  • Abstraction
  • Bold Tile
  • Maximalist
  • 3D Design
  • Glass Blocks
  • Fringed Outfits
  • Eco-credentials
  • Short Form Video
  • BeReal
  • Ball Gowns
  • Vintage
  • Negative Spaces
  • 90s Nostalgia
  • Rattan
  • Gray
  • Natural Tones
  • Figuration
  • Wall Paper
  • Minamilist
  • One Dimension
  • Spherical Furniture
  • Leisure Wear
  • Eco Friendly
  • Still Imagery
  • Twitter
  • Night Gowns
  • Shabby Chic

IRS Form 1099-K: You Might Not Get One From Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App For 2022

The IRS has delayed the $600 reporting threshold for IRS Form1099-K involving payment networks like Venmo, PayPal, Amazon, Square, and Cash App.

If you got paid more than $600 in 2022 for goods or services through a third-party payment network like Venmo, PayPal, Amazon, or Square, then due to a changed tax reporting rule, you were set to receive an IRS Form 1099-K from your payment network in January—even if you had never received a 1099-K in the past. That’s because the 1099-K tax reporting rule required third-party payment networks to send a 1099-K if those payments exceeded a new $600 reporting threshold.

But just before the holidays, the IRS delayed the implementation of the so-called $600 rule. So, third party payment networks won’t have to report at the lower threshold until 2023. 

So, what does this mean for you if you got paid for your art through a third-party payment network? The “$600 rule” means that if are paid through a wide-range of networks and apps like Venmo, Amazon, Square, and PayPal, (to name just a few), will eventually receive a 1099-K Form. But it’s important to note that the new reporting threshold didn't (and doesn’t) change the fact that the IRS has always required taxpayers to report all taxable income, whether they receive a 1099-K form or not.

So, for now, this new delay of the $600 threshold means that a former, higher $20,000 threshold will still apply for goods and services that you received payment for through third-party payment networks in 2022.

However, since the $600 rule is a key tax reporting change that could come around again in 2023,

What Triggers a 1099-K?
Previously, to receive a 1099-K from a third-party payment network, you had to exceed $20,000 in transactions for goods and services and have more than 200 business transactions in a year. So, for 2022, that $20,000 threshold will apply. That's because the IRS is delaying the new $600 threshold for one year. 

Will You Get a 1099K From Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App?
Some people are wondering if they will receive a 1099-K from Venmo, or PayPal for 2022. The answer is maybe. Yes, the IRS is delaying the $600 rule tor the 2022 tax year, so not as many people will receive a 1099-K for 2022. But Venmo, PayPal, Amazon, Square, Cash for Business through Cash App, and other third-party payment network providers, like Stripe, are still required to report payments for goods and services to the IRS on Form 1099-K when those payments exceed the previous $20,000 threshold. 

Businesses that are required to report your income over $20,000 also include popular sites like Etsy, StubHub, Depop, Poshmark, etc. If you're unsure about whether you will receive a 1099-k, most of these sites have questions and answers on their websites that can help.

IRS 1099-K Delay: Do You Have to Report a $600 Income?
The IRS is delaying the $600 threshold reporting requirement for the 1099-K for 2022. But normally, any 1099-K Form will go to you and to the IRS. So, the likelihood that the IRS will notice a difference on your federal income tax return between your income reporting, and the reporting on your 1099-K form, (if there are differences) is relatively high.

Also, the IRS requires taxpayers to report all taxable income, so it’s best to report your taxable income and to keep good records that substantiate that income.

As always, check with your accountant. This is an informational article, not legal or financial advice.
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Chicago, IL
June 10-11, 2023
Application Deadline 1/15/23
Geneva, IL
July 29-30, 2023
Application Deadline 2/1/22
Chicago, IL
June 10-11, 2023
Application Deadline 1/29/23
Montclair and Bloomfield, NJ
September 23-24 and Oct 21-22
Early Application Deadline 1/15/23

Talbot Street Art Fair

Indianapolis, IN

June 17-18, 2023

Application Deadline 2/1/23

Indianapolis, IN
May 20-21, 2023
Application Deadline 1/25/23
New Year's Goals - Asking the Right Questions

I love New Year’s Resolutions – they focus the mind and hopefully create a plan to make the next year better. In the spirit of the New Year, some questons about the past year and are you able to measure what worked and what didn't?

To help you personalize your goals for the year ahead and focusing on three basic and important categories - you will be able to assess and set new goals for 2023.

Using the prompts below, ask yourself - Is this a goal I would like to make for myself? If yes, how can I improve in this area and what are the steps I can take towards this goal?
Reaching Out - Informing people about your work.

  • Are you able to make a soft introduction to your art in any scenario? 
  • Have you submitted your portfolio to any galleries?
  • Have you submitted your art to any blogs?
  • Have you exhibited your work in a public space or at an art show?
  • Have you posted your work on-line?
  • Have you regularly attended gallery openings to introduce your art to the local art community?
  • Have you asked new people you meet for their business cards and followed up with an email?
  • Have you sent out a newsletter updating people about your artwork?
  • Have you sent a catalog of available work out to previous buyers?
  • Have you regularly invited people into your studio to see your artwork?
  • Is your website up to date?
Creating New Work - Production of your work: getting it done!
  • Have you taken creative risks with your work and tried new things?
  • Have you developed creatively and given yourself permission to experiment?
  • Have you been consistent with your production throughout the year?
  • When production was slow was there a good reason?
  • Did you find ways to increase your production?
  • Were you able to meet deadlines?
  • Did you work on the art that you really want to be making?
  • Was their any artwork that you wanted to make but didn't get around too?
Generating Information about your art.
  • Have you written about each series or collection that you created this year?
  • Have you written about each individual piece you created this year?
  • Have you written about the work that you created this year in the greater context of the work you were making before? ie. in the context on your career.
  • Have you developed the path of your career as a re-tellable story?
  • Have you documented all of the work you made?
  • Are images of new work on your website?
  • Is detailed written information about your new work on your website?

I hope that these questions give you a moment to think deeply about these three basic elements of your art career. Don't be afraid to make new year's resolutions that are outside your comfort zone as an artist. 

Wishing you a creative and prosperous 2023!
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