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New Year's Resolutions

5 Tips on How to Navigate New Year's Resolutions for Individuals with Brain Injury


There are many reasons why most people give up on their New Year's Resolutions within six weeks, but the biggest reason is that they are not well-constructed. For survivors of brain injury, resolutions can feel even more daunting.  Here are 5 simple tips to follow when thinking about your New Year's Resolutions. A thought to consider - you don’t have to wait until January 1st to start a goal. A well-constructed goal can be created on any day of the year!


1)   Set small, short term achievable goals. All the small goals you have accomplished will lead you to achieving larger long-term goals.


2)   Select goals that have great significance to you and not what you think others expect you to achieve. 


3)   Track your successes and your challenges. This will help you adjust how you tackle the areas you are struggling with. 


4)   Be patient with yourself and some of the challenges you may come across. If needed, change or alter your goal as necessary to ensure you continue the path of success.


5)   Carve out time in your day or week to work on your goals. Pencil in specific time to work on your goals. 


For more information, please visit 5 secrets for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Staff Spotlight

We are delighted to welcome our new Office & Events Manager, Kim Aforismo!

Kim’s is the friendly voice you will hear answering our Helpline. She has a wealth of customer service and event planning experience, has been a small business owner, and also has a strong background in direct mail and retail advertising.

When Kim isn’t working, she is a busy mother of 3, loves her 2 dogs, and enjoys reading, the beach, being outside in nature and being actively engaged in her kids’ passions. We are thrilled to have Kim as BIAC’s newest team member, and the assets she brings to our work. Welcome, Kim!

Support Groups

BIAC sponsors a large network of support groups throughout Connecticut, giving individuals with brain injuries and their caregivers the opportunity to connect and share their stories. 

We have 13 Active Support Groups that conduct monthly meetings via Zoom or Hybrid (In-Person/Zoom).

To find the support group that best fits your needs, please visit the Support Groups page on our website.

Family Caregiver Support Group: One Caregiver’s Perspective

Our newest support group, exclusively for family members who are caregivers to their loved ones with a brain injury, launched on Wednesday, December 7th. One participant, Alisa, was particularly appreciative of the group.


Alisa is the mother of a 34-year-old survivor of an anoxic ABI caused by a heart attack. Almost exactly one year after the event, she called the BIAC Helpline because she was still struggling to process how to navigate this journey. When she learned of the Family Caregiver Support Group, she began to consider if this was a group for her. “I told my daughter I had a feeling of guilt to even consider taking the time for myself to join the caregiver group. She quickly explained to me that not only do I need to take that time to be with other adults, but with people who are sharing the same concerns.” 


When Alisa was asked how this one meeting impacted her, she said “It gave me a bit of hope, something I was very low on. I know it all sounds so silly or dramatic but after the hour, we said goodbye and I somehow felt the weight on my shoulders seemed a little lighter…I smiled and felt a little happier just to have that time shared with others that understood what I do and feel every day.”


At the conclusion of the support group, Alisa expressed her gratitude to the facilitators and other members of the group. “I am so glad that I reached out to BIAC for help. I didn’t know what I was even looking for, but finally I feel like I have hope... I have hope.”


If you have questions about the Family Caregiver Support Group, reach out to Scott Moore at or 203-233-2129. To join the Family Caregiver Support Group on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm, click the link here:

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting.


Visit the Support Groups page on our website for more information or contact Senior Brain Injury Specialist Victor Darr at or 860-219-0291 ext. 302

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For over 40 years, BIAC has been delivering programs and services to individuals and families impacted by brain injury, as well as education, outreach, and training programs throughout the state of Connecticut.

BIAC needs YOU as an important part of our team so we can collectively speak with a louder voice and raise awareness. Membership benefits include a special discounted rate to our Annual Professional Conference, and a BIAC Membership magnet to proudly display.

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Brain Injury in the Workplace

4 Key Ways Employers Can Help Workers with ABI

Returning to the workforce after a brain injury can sometimes seem daunting and present several challenges. Employers can play an important role in supporting an individual's recovery and work successes by recognizing the challenges associated with TBI and making adjustments and/or reasonable accommodations as necessary. An employer’s efforts, understanding and sensitivity can go a long way in supporting an individual’s return to work with a “win-win” outcome for both employer and employee.

There are a variety of ways employers can support employees living with brain injuries to help them work more productively and feel valued in the workplace. Here are 4 ways companies can support employees living with brain injuries.

  • Offer Accommodations
  • Create an Understanding Environment
  • Develop Mental Health Support Services
  • Partner with a Law Firm

Find additional information here: How Companies Can Help Employees Living with Brain Injuries

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