January 2023 Edition


Christmas Light Winners

Thank you to everyone who put a twinkle into our community this year.

Horse and Carriage Route Winner

9243 E Milagro

Front 9 Winner

9611 E Los Lagos Vista

Back 9 Winner

2252 S Drexel Circle

Community Winner

9464 E Los Lagos Vista

Community Winner

9912 E Monterey

Thank you all for support and participation for "On Course for the Holiday". This year we were able to donate $1500 to each charity.

What to do if you have been a victim/witness of a criminal act or have witnessed suspicious behavior on your Ring camera?

Here is the information per Crime Prevention Department at Mesa PD

Here is a link to Ring’s info on how their app connects public safety to residents.  https://ring.com/neighbors-public-safety-service 

Again, we at Mesa PD have direct access to Ring and can see and interact with residents on their posts. However, even though we do have access to Ring, we don’t monitor it, nor does it feed into our system. Also, I believe anyone with a security camera can upload videos to the app, it’s not just for Ring customers.

Residents don’t always have to call and wait for an officer, many reports can be taken online here:  https://www.mesaazpolice.gov/services/report-a-non-emergency-crime-online

Any crimes that occur, do need to be reported to us in order for us to see the crime trend. Aka, we cant take action if we don’t know crime is happening. When your neighbor sends you crime info or videos, you may want to tell them a standard response that says, please report this to Mesa PD. 911 for in progress crimes/emergencies, 480-644-2211 for delayed or non-emergencies, and online reporting for delayed calls.

In the last few weeks we have had multiple criminal acts and suspicious behavior and not one was reported to Mesa PD. No matter how small you think the criminal acts is please report or upload your Ring video.

Special CC&R Amendment:

Short Term Rentals

Go to the website AugustaRanch.org

Review the 5th Amendment (short term rentals), then complete your written consent form.

Your attention to this important issue is much appreciated.

Pre and Post Emergent Service

for Residents


American Pest and Tree Solutions will be offering the pre- emergent services for you through the signup sheet with Augusta Ranch HOA. It is time to get signed up for this service to help prevent new weed growth. They will be starting to spray on Monday January 23rd and going through as long as it takes us to finish that week. If you have any special requests (i.e. day preference, areas of concern, etc...) please email Wendy Serio. To ensure you are added to the list prior to the start date please sign up by Tuesday January 17th

The group rate is $55 for the front yard and $55 for the back yard. The standard service is for granite (rock) areas. If you have turf (grass) areas you would like weed control on please let Wendy know. Turf (grass) may result in an additional charge. 

Post emergent to kill existing weeds is a separate service which we can offer at the same time. The cost for post-emergent is $55 for the front and $55 for the back during this group rate special if done during at the same time. 

Please email (wserio@americantreeandplantsolutions.com) your name, address, good phone number, which yards you would like sprayed, what payment method you prefer and any questions you may have. They will need to have payment information to get you on the final list. If you have a card number on file from prior services, please include the last 4 digits of that card number so they can verify it for you. 

Please include the following: 


 Email Address 

 Home Address 

 Phone Number 

 Would you like front, back or both?  

Payment Method (including the last 4 digits if you previously had a card on file) 

Do you have existing weeds? 


NOTE: Please make sure the pre-emergent is watered in within a week of service to maximize its effectiveness. Rain does count!! I am hoping to see rain in the forecast, it is the right time of year. If you have post emergent sprayed, you need to wait 1-2 days before watering in the pre-emergent to allow enough product into the weeds so they will die off.  

Spring Temperatures are Coming Soon

With spring temperatures just around the corner the HOA would like to remind residents that this is the perfect time of the year to paint the exterior of your home and/or install landscape in front yard.

Many homes have not been painted since they were built 20 years ago. With the Arizona heat homes should be painted every 7-10 years. Please look at the exterior of your home to see if paint is peeling, discolored, worn through etc... If so, please submit an architectural application for the approved colors. Project can begin once you have received approval. You can find these approved colors on the www.dunnedwards.com website.

Also, each front yard must have (2) trees or (1) tree and (1) tree substitute (cactus, Ocotillo, Bird of Paradise (3ft in height or higher) and (6) 5 gallon shrubs. If you do not have the minimum requirement please submit an architectural application (Resident Portal).



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February 2023:

4th & 18th - Glowball

8th - Musical Bingo (note night change)

10th - Remnants of Soul

14th & 28th - Trivia Nights

17th - Zach Nightingale

22nd - Bunco

23rd - St. Patrick's Day Craft with Anna

25th - Community Scavenger Hunt

25th - Street Player Band


Links to school calendars:

Augusta Ranch Elementary

Desert Ridge Junior High

Desert Ridge High School


If you need Security, call them directly at 480-518-3399.

Your Security Patrol Team

Here When You Need Them!

Security cannot respond to text messages,

as they are unable to authenticate the caller.

Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team consists of three full-time armed guards licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The guards patrol our community approximately 18 hours per day, seven days a week, continuously changing schedules. They work through Valley Protective Services, Inc., and have a close working relationship with the Mesa Police Department, who may rely on our guards to assist when needed.

When is it appropriate to call Security? 

If it doesn’t look right to you, let our Security Team know. It takes all of us watching to help keep Augusta Ranch a safe place. Possible reasons to call Security might include parking violations, solicitors, trespassing, open garage door, criminal damage, animal control, lost/found property, and any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles. For neighborhood non-emergencies, we're here to help!

Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team: 480-518-3399

To submit a security report online: 


Mesa Police non-emergency line: 480-644-2211, option 2


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