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Dear Partners and Friends,  

January was one of the most challenging months in recent years with the onslaught of winter storms, and no one felt its effects more than people experiencing homelessness. Our community experienced human loss, human suffering, and severe discomfort as multiple storms passed through Sacramento. As a community, we grieve the loss of life and injuries sustained by those caught in the weather. 

If there was good that came out of the storms, it is that the Sacramento community acted quickly to protect our unhoused neighbors. We want to give our appreciation to the County of Sacramento and City of Sacramento who quickly mobilized emergency shelters and outreach to encampments and thank you to the many community providers who aided in those efforts. 

I believe 2023 will be a signature year for progress in addressing our homeless crisis. Thank you for continuing to show up every day to build more equitable and humane future. 

As we look back at all that was accomplished in 2022, we can reflect on a year of progress that included new partnerships and commitments, renewed action on advancing racial equity, and advancing greater access to services for those struggling in our community. All the good work done this past year will serve as building blocks for even more progress this coming year.


Here are some highlights of what we accomplished in 2022

​Our community 2022 Point in Time Unsheltered Count could not have been pulled off without the entire community coming together. Everyone’s efforts made a huge difference.  Adding to that collected data, the Continuum of Care (CoC) completed a comprehensive homelessness gaps analysis - another important yardstick that guides our focus and resources.  

As a community, we have good reason to celebrate two other major milestones in our efforts to battle homelessness: the new Sacramento Local Homeless Action Plan (LHAP) that will provide framework for the recently adopted city and county partnership agreement that will add shelters and behavioral health services capacity.

The LHAP “roadmap” folds in proven practices that move the needle on homelessness and sets down strategies for how we will most effectively address homelessness through a regional effort. It encompasses a lot: coordinated access, sheltering and housing strategies, building Sacramento’s provider capacity, and tracking system performance informed by data collection and analysis.  

The CoC’s pioneering partnerships with people with lived expertise (PLE) provided human-centered and deeply informed program design in major efforts to secure federal funding this year. A testament to our joint efforts is the fact that some of our experiences and approaches will be featured, at several national conferences this year. 

SSF was proud to have participated in the community public health crisis response and education outreach, helping to ensure the administration of 2,181 total doses of COVID-19 vaccines to unsheltered and sheltered individuals. 

On the funding front, millions of additional dollars came to Sacramento to address homelessness including:

  • $6 million investment received from the federal government to confront and overcome youth homelessness. It comes with an opportunity to renew annually. Read more about YHDP below.
  • $8.3 million in this year’s state HHAP grant, and $866,498 through the state's Family Homelessness Challenge Grant. 
  • $4 million provided by the city and county to develop the Coordinated Access System (CAS). The CAS team added six new problem-solving access points and provided over 75 direct service staff with housing problem-solving training led by people with lived experience.  

On behalf of all of us at SSF, thank you for your passion and partnership that has made all of this happen for our Sacramento community. As the winter storms proved to us once again, our community efforts to end homelessness are critically important and have the potential to change lives for the better for thousands of our neighbors. We welcome your input on the 2023 Continuum of Care priorities and look forward to this year's planning, upcoming actions, and next steps!


In gratitude,  


Lisa Bates 

Chief Executive Officer, Sacramento Steps Forward

We're excited to welcome Greer McVay in her role as the Policy & Communications Director. She will lead SSF's internal and external communications as well as policy strategy that supports a future where homelessness in Sacramento is rare and brief when, and if, it occurs.

Prior to joining SSF, she served for 12 years as the lead communications architect for the Oakland Housing Authority, the largest provider of affordable housing in the City of Oakland. In that role, Greer developed the strategic communications plan, managed media relations, redesigned the agency’s website, and directed all facets of the communications program for both internal and external program marketing and implementation.

About Greer

On February 2, 2023 HUD announced the 2022 SNOFO awardees that, unfortunately, did not include the Sacramento Continuum of Care. While disappointing, we embrace the positive outcomes of our collaborations to submit a strong, comprehensive, and data-driven application—a better and more streamlined partnership and greater insights, among others.

We look forward to receiving feedback from HUD that will inform future funding opportunities. In the meantime, we want to thank all of you who contributed to the development and submission of the SNOFO application, including our community partners, managed care partners and funders, housing and service providers, Persons with Lived Expertise (PLE) Cohort, RSG consultant, SSF staff, and CoC members, all of whom should take pride in the outstanding job done to deliver a competitive entry on behalf of the people we serve in the Sacramento region.

Although Sacramento did not receive funding in this round, significant financial investments will be made in innovative programs that serve people in need in other parts of our state and across the country, which is a testament to our important work.

Latest on SNOFO

The Sacramento Continuum of Care received $6.5 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to build a region wide plan and fund innovative programs designed to end youth homelessness: Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project, (YHDP). Learn about the YHDP timeline, process, eligible projects for YHDP funding, and more!

Access YHDP Info!

As we move into 2023, we are working hard to improve our communication with all HMIS users in the community. To that end, we have launched a new HMIS Department Newsletter with HMIS tips, mini-trainings, and information about upcoming federal reports like the Sheltered Point-in-Time (PIT) Count, Housing Inventory Count (HIC), and HMIS Security Audit. If you missed our January issue, you can read it here.

Latest on HMIS 

Passionate about using your talents to serve your community? Our mission is to end homelessness through leadership, convening partners, data-driven best practices, and improving system performance. We are looking for team members who share our goal to end homelessness and encourage you to apply for our open positions today.

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Join us at the upcoming Sacramento CoC meetings below. Be sure to check the CoC Meeting webpage for meeting schedules, materials, and Zoom details:

CoC Meetings Details

We are seeking your input on the Sacramento CoC priorities for 2023! Access the survey below to review the proposed 2023 CoC priorities and rank (1st, 2nd, etc.). If you do not see a priority listed be sure to share within the space provided at the end of the survey. Please complete the survey by Tuesday, February 7th, 2023. We appreciate your input and look forward to this year's planning, upcoming actions, and next steps!

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