2023 Newsletter:

Happy New Year!

Health and Hope Clinic Expanding Dental Services!

Your Health and Hope Clinic is hard at work expanding dental services for the community. Dental Facilitator Chris Stevens (left) has been working diligently to streamline the appointment scheduling process and recruiting efforts. We are proud to announce our new community dental volunteers, Dr. Ottley, Dr. Hodge, and Dr. Banks.

Dr. Banks, (lower left and below) is one of our newest dentists volunteering his time in the clinic to help with the restorative needs of our patients--we are very thankful for all of our wonderful volunteer dentists!


"Rock Star" Volunteer of The Month:

Katherine "Kat" Berta 


“I found the Health and Hope Clinic in 2021 while searching for volunteer opportunities that would bring me closer to the Pensacola community. Freshly inspired by a few public health classes I was taking at UWF, I knew I wanted to be a part of the movement working to provide accessible and equitable healthcare to those in need. Shortly after I joined the clinic as a volunteer, I realized that I had found exactly what I was looking for.


I work in, and now direct, the Patient Assistance Program (PAP). The process of securing free medications for patients at the clinic is multifaceted and requires a strong team of individuals willing to dedicate their attention to the crucial details of the task. The value of our effort in PAP and the clinic at large is measured through the assistance we are providing patients. They are the reason our work has meaning.


The clinic has equipped me with the humility and empathy required to walk into work and learn something new every day that could completely change the trajectory of my day, task, or goals. Whether it be a new patient with unique circumstances or someone new I met working at the clinic who gave me a fresh perspective, I am learning something new every day. This learning curve has provided me with the tools to be adaptable to any situation that could occur at the clinic and to navigate them with patience.



Natasha "VJ" Sompalli and Kristin Quina were recently accepted in to med school and PA school, so they have graciously handed the reigns as PAP LEAD to Kat! (Pictured on the right is Natasha and Kat)

One of my favorite memories at the clinic was the day I was introduced to the Patient Assistance Program. I met with one of our previous directors, Natasha Sompalli, and she explained to me what was accomplished in the department. I immediately fell in love with the work and had the urge to learn anything and everything I could about the work in PAP.

I enjoy seeing every person on the team bring their continuing passion to the clinic each day. I have met so many volunteers from different backgrounds who share their talents with the team freely to accomplish what we all are there for: to provide health and hope to the hurting. It is truly inspiring to see it all come together.

When I am not at the clinic or in school, I love to read and do practically anything outside– walking, hiking, running, rollerblading, or biking. I also love taking photos of my friends and family on my film camera. I am currently setting up my own space so that I can develop my own photos at home!


My goal is to have an impact on healthcare and policy change and to work for an organization like the WHO or UN to improve access to public health care and to implement more effective policies. One of my heroes that I greatly admire is the late Dr. Paul Farmer, an American anthropologist and physician,"


See the Positive, Uplifting Op-Ed about Health & Hope Clinic in Sunday's Pensacola News Journal!

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Thank you for Making our Christmas at the Clinic Gala 2022 a Smashing Success!

Health and Hope Clinic is THANKFUL to have such amazing support from our community!! Thank you VIP Magazine for your coverage of our annual Christmas Gala! We had 300 people in attendance and raised over $225,000 so we can continue providing HEALTH and HOPE to the hurting and underserved!! We had such an astounding level of support and demand for tickets, that we have now officially outgrown our venue, the Pensacola Country Club. We will be announcing our exciting new venue for 2023's gala soon. Stay tuned for more information!

Click HERE to see the VIP Magazine Facebook post of the Gala

Freeman Scott was our amazing Guest of Honor. He gave a compelling testimony on how the clinic helped save his life!

Some of the outstanding Volunteer Christmas Gala Committee Members struck a pose!

Thank you Donors!

How our donors can give in 2023:

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Thank You Bayou Blvd. Winn Dixie!

Health and Hope Clinic gets to be the lucky recipient of proceeds from the sale of the "Community Bags" at Winn Dixie on Bayou Blvd. for the month of January 2023. We LOVE our Community Partners!

Not everyone is financially capable of writing a check or giving monetarily to the clinic-we understand this. If you shop online, however, you can give indirectly by designating your Health & Hope Clinic as the recipient of your giving -and Amazon will donate to us! Please consider designating us as your Amazon Smile non-profit!

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Target Circle allows members to designate a portion of proceeds be directed to local non-profits. We understand not everyone is financially capable of writing a check or giving monetarily to the clinic. If you shop at Target, you can give indirectly by designating your Health & Hope Clinic as the recipient of your giving - Please consider designating us as your Target Coircle local non-profit!

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Thank you to Our Incredible In-Kind Clinic Food Sponsor:


9-Mile Road

We sincerely appreciate all the support we receive from the great folks at Chick-Fil A Restaurant 9-Mile Road! Thank You!

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