January 2023 Update

What Do You Know About

Pinal Airpark?

by Steve Wacker

Dove Mountain Civic Group Executive Committee

The Pinal County Airpark, located in Marana, is a Pinal county-owned airport just north of the Pinal/Pima county line along Interstate 10. It was originally known as Marana Army Airfield. Today it is an airplane "boneyard." You can see it from the top of Dove Mountain and from I-10 as you head toward Phoenix. The airpark covers an area of 2,080 acres and sits at an elevation of 1,893 feet above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 12/30 with an asphalt surface measuring 6,849 by 150 feet. During the Vietnam War, the airfield was dominated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and used as one of the Agency's primary facilities for global covert air operations. Several CIA false "front" aviation companies operated there, including Intermountain Airlines. "Air America" had its roots at Marana. The Airpark is now open to the public. However, there are two distinct sides to the airport just like most others. The Airside, which is the side where the planes are parked, the runway, and other areas that are dangerous or off limits for security reasons, and the Landside which is generally accessible to anyone.

The Pinal Airpark has limited availability for tours. Please contact Christina M. Martinez at (520) 866-6448 or email for information/tour questions.

Pinal Airpark Boneyard

Dove Mountain Civic Group

2023 Community Forums

~Save the Dates~

Marana Parks & Rec

Jim Conroy & Team present the latest on Hiking and Biking and all things recreation in Marana.

Thursday 2/23 @ 6pm - Highlands Ballroom

Update from The Town

Marana Town Manager, Terry

Rozema along with Water & Development Teams

Wednesday 3/1 @ 6pm - Highlands Ballroom

Police and Fire Update

Marana Police Department

and Northwest Fire District

Wednesday 3/15 @ 6pm Marana PD Community Room

The History of Marana

Mayor Ed Honea

Come learn the history of Marana with Mayor Ed Honea. Mayor Honea is the third generation of a five-generation Marana family. You won't want to miss this!

Thursday 4/13 @ 6pm Highlands Ballroom

Dove Mountain Blvd. Improvement Team Update

Submitted by Paul Calame

The following are items still outstanding for improvement:

Marana Public Works

Manholes to grade - Manhole adjustments will occur between March - July 2023. Exact dates not available at this time. 

East Moore Road/D.M. Blvd.Traffic Signal - The traffic signal is being designed this fiscal year and will be constructed in the coming fiscal year (which starts in July 2023). No detailed construction timing at this point. 

Dove Mountain Blvd Sound/Noise Study - Budget planning for FY 2024 begins soon and the study will be included in the Public Works budget request. If approved, the study start time would be early FY 2024 (which starts in July 2023). 

Dove Mountain HOA

Cobblestone Crosswalks - The Dove Mountain HOA is responsible for the upkeep of the aesthetically pleasing but deteriorating cobblestone crosswalks,not the Town of Marana. A Cottonwood Properties project manager will evaluate current crosswalk conditions and then review improvement options with the HOA Executive Advisory Committee decision makers in January 2023. 

Meeting Report: Crime & Low-Flying Aircraft-Town of Marana-12/7/22

Approximately 85 Dove Mountain residents attended the 12/7/22 meeting at the Marana Police Department Community Room regarding the recent uptick in crime and low-flying aircraft in the Dove Mountain region.

Read More


New Podcast!




Listen to the First Three Episodes and Submit Your Questions Here

Don't Mess with Marana

In 1976 we moved to Texas. We began hearing a phrase that almost everyone knows, “Don’t Mess With Texas." Most people don’t know what that phrase refers to. "Don’t Mess With Texas" was a highly successful anti-litter campaign. In the 14 years since we moved here we’ve done a bi-weekly litter walk. It amazes me how much can be attributed to the same people. Fireball, Cabernet, Stoli bottles are there every time and almost always in the same place. Styrofoam cups, McDonalds bottles, straws, beer cans and bottles are ever-present. We have such a beautiful desert and it’s a shame to clutter it with our trash. We need a campaign “Don’t Mess With Marana." Maybe we can start a movement that will spread throughout Arizona. Let’s try.

Bill Blaine, Sky Ranch Resident

Editor's comments: Bill is a faithful litter "picker-upper" along Cmo. De Mañana. Let's join Bill this year and take a trash bag along with us when we head out on our walk. Every "litter" bit helps!

Adopt a Highway Program:

Because the Town of Marana has received comments on the four-way stop at eastbound Moore Road and Dove Mountain Blvd, they have asked that we include this PSA in our newsletter. See "Road Work Ahead" article above for timing of traffic signal installation at this intersection.

STOP means STOP!



The Town of Marana reminds residents that Arizona state law requires all drivers approaching a STOP sign to stop at the stop line before entering the intersection. 


Even if you have already stopped before the stop line (maybe there is a car ahead of you), the law requires that you stop again at the stop line. Failure to do so can result in a traffic citation, or, worse, a collision. If multiple people are stopped at the intersection, follow the right-hand rule. 


What is the right-hand rule?


The driver that arrives at an all-way STOP-controlled intersection yields to the driver that arrived first. But if two drivers arrive at the same time, the driver on the left yields to the driver on the right. 

Watch Officer Neuman in the video below remind us of traffic laws at a 4 way stop. I bet you'll find at least one thing you've forgotten. Filmed at the D.M. Blvd and Moore Road intersection.

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