January 2023
A monthly update for AgrAbility projects and friends of AgrAbility
Happy 2023!

Plan to join the AgrAbility all-staff virtual meeting January 25 at 3:00 p.m. ET. Look for details in an email coming soon.
NTW registration is open! For anyone who has been putting it off, it is time to start thinking about the NTW. Here are some things to do:

  • Register for the NTW. Click HERE to go to the NTW website and get more detailed information. The registration link is on the registration tab.
  • Reserve a hotel room. Click HERE to go to the hotel reservation page. It is also available on the hotel tab on the NTW website, where one can find more information and the link to reserve a room. The room block closes on February 21st, so don't miss out.
  • Anyone who knows of someone that might like to be an exhibitor or a sponsor should send them this link for the NTW tab on the NAP website and tell them to click on the Exhibitor or Sponsor tab, or send their contact information to Tess- tmckeel@goodwillfingerlakes.org
  • Put together a SRAP raffle basket and/or collect auctions items. Both activities help to bring farmer clients to the NTW. Items can be shipped ahead of time. More
For any questions about the NTW, contact Tess at tmckeel@goodwillfingerlakes.org.

Currently, no upcoming regional workshops are scheduled, but AgrAbility staff would love to host one with anyone interested. If interested, please contact Tess tmckeel@goodwillfingerlakes.org or JoBeth jbrath@goodwillfingerlakes.org, for more information.
AgrAbility monthly Zoom discussion on “Crowdfunding for AgrAbility, Nonprofits, and Others,” Tuesday, January 24 at 3:00 p.m. ET. The URL was sent via the listserv.
The National AgrAbility Advisory Team met in Indianapolis and virtually December 13-14. Twenty-seven advisors, staff, and consultants participated. The Advisory Team is an important source of feedback and guidance for the NAP.

Carey Portell from NAP partner AgriSafe interviewed Paul Jones for the Talking Total Farmer Health podcast. Listen to the discussion of AgrAbility's mission and services at agrisafe.org/podcasts/talking-total-farmer-health.
Joe Ricker and Ned Stoller attended the Hivelife 2023 Beekeeping Conference in Sevierville, TN, on January 6-7. This event had over 1,500 beekeepers from across the nation gathered to discuss beekeeping. More
Toolbox Spotlight
Workers with impairments can push their chicken tractor pens to fresh pasture with this Chicken Tractor Wheeled Lift Kit. The kit comes with four wheels, two rear lift-lever assemblies, two front corner gussets, a front lever bracket, and a front lift-axle assembly. Foot power is used to lift/lower the wheels at the back corners. The two-wheeled front handle dolly allows one to lift and steer while moving. The front pedal raises up and latches the unit; and the rear pedal unlatches and lowers it back to the ground.
California (affiliate)
California AgrAbility staff continue to operate the AgrAbility program in California to support farmers and farmworkers as much as possible. With limited capacity, this month and the coming months, the program will continue to dedicate resources to serve program participants directly.

California AgrAbility staff, supported by the Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP), attended the Washington State Tree Fruit Association Annual Meeting. More

As an active member of the Puentes Network, California AgrAbility participated in the monthly meeting with other Yolo County organizations and agencies. More
The case coordinator conducted the first farm-site assessment for Florida AgrAbility on December 21st in Wachula, Florida.

Florida AgrAbility received IRB approval from the University of Florida to collect data from outreach and evaluation activities. This was an essential step for the three undergraduate student interns acquired through UF's Active Learning Program that will be working with AgrAbility staff through Spring 2023.

Florida AgrAbility's IT specialist continued development of features and accessibility on the project website, including links to the recently established social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.

FL AgrAbility staff members attended the site visit safety virtual discussion.
Georgia AgrAbility exhibited at the Georgia Farm Bureau Annual Conference on December 4th and 5th. The conference had over 1,400 farmers and agri-business leaders from across the state attend to hear about upcoming policy changes and new commodity information and to connect with Georgia's agricultural organizations and agencies. More
On December 8th, Georgia AgrAbility staff presented to the Okefenokee Regional Educational Service Agency's (RESA) assistive technology group about AT solutions for farming and gardening. Using the mobile learning lab, Georgia AgrAbility demonstrated various types of AT; More
Indiana AgrAbility staffed a display at the 2022 Indiana Equipment & Technology Expo at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana. The show was sponsored by Hoosier Ag Today, John Deere, Reynolds Farm Equipment, and AgriFinance, and was attended by over 5,000 visitors. More
Missouri AgrAbility focused its social media efforts on program promotion, opportunities for farmers and health, safety, and winter wellness and disability tips. Please make sure to like and follow Missouri AgrAbility, @MOAgrAbility, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Programming slowed down during the month of December for Missouri AgrAbility. 4-H Save Your Brain ambassadors rang the Salvation Army bell during the holiday season and handed out the 4-H Save Your Brain and Missouri AgrAbility info sheets... More

Missouri AgrAbility team members continued to assist John Fuller, MU Extension field specialist in human development, with planning the Ag Connect conference, "Connecting Farmers Back to their Roots," which will take place January 20 - January 21,... More

Missouri AgrAbility team members also continued to work with the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and Veteran Urban Farm for an upcoming Armed to Farm Conference, April 10-14, in Columbia, Missouri. More

St. Louis area professionals learned about Missouri AgrAbility during the Brain Injury Association of Missouri (BIA-MO) Networking Coffee for Professionals on December 6. More

Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) Board of Directors learned about the Missouri AgrAbility and BIA-MO partnership from Maureen Cunningham, BIA-MO executive director and BIAA board member. More
Nebraska AgrAbility team members Emily Jacobson, Rod Peterson, and John Davis attended the Nebraska Ag Expo in Lincoln. This three-day event was well-attended by farmers and ranchers from Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. More

Emily Jacobson reports that an AgrAbility client took his new truck to Life Essentials so it could be fitted with a truck lift. He is loving his new lift and the freedom it gives him on the farm.

Due to a December blizzard, the Nebraska AgrAbility team cancelled plans to meet in-person for a planning session. The team is rescheduling for early 2023 as this is an important opportunity for the team to reflect on 2022, evaluate resources, and plan for 2023.
New Mexico
New Mexico AgrAbility Project is working to coordinate a curriculum to encourage health care professionals to leverage three-dimensional printing to support occupations of food growing as well as how to engage rehabilitation professionals and food-producers in injury prevention through brief, engaging social media posts. Staff will share links and more as their activities develop.

The final report for the 2018-2022 grant to NIFA was completed and submitted before the deadline!

The NM AgrAbility team will be drafting a newsletter to publicize their efforts this year.

NM AgrAbility staff did submit for two online CEU events to market NM AgrAbility, and they are awaiting a response from the NM PT and OT boards.
Ohio AgrAbility Project staff presented an overview of AgrAbility services to occupational and physical therapists and rehabilitative medicine providers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center's (OSUWMC) Dodd Hall and Martha Morehouse rehabilitation centers. More
Greetings in 2023! From Pennsylvania to your state, Happy New Year!

The AgrAbility PA staff held a retreat in early December. The goals of the retreat included assessing the current standing of grant objectives, combing through feedback provided by the Advisory Board this fall at the annual meeting, and setting goals for the future. More

AgrAbility PA was positively excited to be included in the Winter 2022 issue of Pennsylvania Farm Bureau's Positively Pennsylvania. The four-page article highlighted the project, services, and support, as well as farmer success stories from across the state.

Historically, the month of December has meant looking forward to the month of January where Pennsylvania hosts two major farm show events within the first full week of the new year at the same time. More

Staffer Abbie Spackman presented to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Urban Ag Sub-committee information about AgrAbility, accessibility, assistive technology, and working with farmers who have disabilities. More
AgrAbility staff participated in an Amish-focused outreach day and made a great connection with the Central Pennsylvania Clinic, "a medical home for special children and adults" (primarily members of the Amish community with genetic disorders). More
South Carolina
South Carolina AgrAbility is in full swing to get established in South Carolina and start planning for future events. Staff members are establishing an advisory board by contacting those interested in participating. More

South Carolina AgrAbility is also designing and building a display to be used at activities to both promote and educate those in the state who would benefit from its services.

South Carolina AgrAbility is working with Clemson University's Institutional Review Board to obtain approval to collect data and develop a database of those interested in the program.

South Carolina AgrAbility presented a short introductory presentation at the Clemson/SC State Extension Conference on December 7 to increase the SC Extension staff's awareness of the program.
TN AgrAbility Team wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2023!
TNAP exhibited at the TN Farm Bureau Annual Conference and attended meetings with great networking.

TNAP co-hosted an informational Zoom about Southern Ag Exchange-Tennessee (SAgE-TN). It is TN's "chapter" of the overall farm stress initiative in the southern region. SAgE-TN goals: More

TNAP participated in and recommends watching the archived webinar with Chad Resnicek of Colorado AgrAbility Corn, Cattle, and a Flask of Whiskey: Understanding stress and substance use in agricultural and rural populations - National AgrAbility Project.

TN AgrAbility team, UT/TSU Extension, and non-profit partner The STAR Center participated in Zoom trainings on December 14 and 15 for the UT Center for Literacy, Education & Employment to a group of community rehabilitation service providers. More

Several of TNAP's #AssistiveTechnology team members - Jennifer, Joey, and Lindsey - attended, presented, and exhibited at the Tennessee Association for Assistive Technology (TAAT) Conference in Franklin, TN. Thank you to Transition Tennessee Vanderbilt University for the opportunity!
"If I was a chicken, I would like it." This statement was made by Sydney Maitland as he received a late Christmas present before 2022 ended. He received three chicken tractors to begin his new poultry farm enterprise with assistance from... More
The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. Regardless of whether or not one is living with disabilities or the different kinds of holidays one observes, this season is filled with demanding tasks. These high stress times often leave those with disabilities feeling like they have no outlet for the anxiety they may be experiencing. More
Eileen Legault was asked to serve on the National AgrAbility advisory team and will serve as one of the state AgrAbility members from 2022-23 (August - July) for a one-year term. The advisory team provides feedback on National activities and direction. More
2022 marked 25 years of service for Joetta T White, UT TSU Extension area specialist, with the TN AgrAbility Project. Joetta began her career in 1997 with TNAP.
Texas AgrAbility is hosting a lunch & learn webinar "Funding for Agricultural Assistive Technology" on January 18th. More

Texas AgrAbility will be attending and presenting at the Texas Farm Ranch and Wildlife Expo, February 21 & 22, in Abilene, Texas.

Texas AgrAbility met with the project advisory committee to review quarterly grant plans, connect with farmer groups, and provide input on grant objectives and progress.
Utah (affiliate)
AgrAbility of Utah (AoU) staff attended the Utah Cattleman's Association annual convention in Salt Lake City on Dec. 1 and set up a booth. Staff was able to visit with many of the 90 participants from across the state.

On Dec. 8, AgrAbility of Utah held its annual advisory board meeting in Logan, Utah. The virtual event was attended by 20 people of whom two were producers. AoU appreciates the valuable information and advice that was shared by all.

AgrAbility of Utah staff met online with staff from the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation on Dec. 19 to address any barriers and learn more about each other's organization.
During the month of December, AgrAbility Virginia received great exposure within the medical community by presenting information to the VA Arthritis & Falls Prevention Coalition as well as the Community Health Workers Partnership/Institute for Public Health Innovation.

The Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) fundraising campaign for benefit of AgrAbility closed at the end of November. It was a huge success, as the program was able to raise $8000, including a $5000 donation from Gorilla Carts. More

The partnership with Mary Baldwin University health sciences capstone students ended during the month of December. More

A publication, "What is an Agricultural Exoskeleton," was submitted to Cooperative Extension Publishing and was accepted.
It has been another industrious month for the Washington AgrAbility co-coordinators who continued to attend conferences throughout Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, and had tremendous success in outreach to thousands of individuals.

Emily presented about farm stress at a calving workshop that Oregon State University Extension hosted for producers in the Columbia River Gorge. She shared information about AgrAbility during the presentation as well.

Emily, Don, Deb, and Debbie attended the regional AgrAbility workshop in Reno, Nevada. Thanks to Tess for the fantastic job organizing!

Emily and Alyssa were interviewed by the Columbia Basin Herald about the AgrAbility and FRSAN programs.

Deb is assisting a current client with AT options, mental health services, and financial options to improve quality of life.

Alyssa attended the Tri-State Grain Growers Conference in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, where she exhibited with AgrAbility and FRSAN for over 600 attendees.

Alyssa and Debbie attended the WA Dairymen's Conference in Grand Mound, WA, and exhibited for over 300 attendees for AgrAbility and FRSAN.

Debbie is building and strengthening relationships statewide with veterans and Native American tribes.

Don has been focusing on aiding Washington's underserved audiences and increasing participation for AgrAbility statewide.

The co-coordinators have two new clients and several more potential clients. Through attending conferences, the co-coordinators have been able to provide numerous AT recommendations as well.
AgrAbility for Africa
Often, mobility hurdles exist in reaching island communities across Africa. Through partnerships and collaborations, AgrAbility for Africa is on a mission to lessen the negative impact via the development of water transport vessels. One such vessel, to improve transportation on Lake Victoria, is in its final stages of construction. More

In 2023, at the NTW in Spokane, Washington, the AgrAbility for Africa staff will share with participants information about an African disability funding survey. Preparation for the survey structure is complete, and a digital technologies review is taking place to secure a digital host that can run the survey. More
The Brain Injury Association of Missouri and Missouri AgrAbility welcome` Andrew Edmonston as office administrator. Andrew joined the BIA-MO staff on January 3. He will be responsible for implementing the "Brain Injury Fact of the Day" sponsored by Missouri AgrAbility during March for Brain Injury Awareness Month. His responsibilities also include social media and website marketing as well as Missouri AgrAbility invoicing.
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