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January 2023

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For Parents, By Parents

My youngest child, my daughter, was born just before the pandemic shut everything down in March 2020. By the time we knew she would need Early Intervention (EI) services at around 5 months old, in-home visits were not an option, so we started with telehealth visits. They were challenging.

My daughter was very small in size, and NOT very cooperative. During our weekly telehealth appointments, I would watch the Physical Therapist (PT) show me what to do on a baby doll and try to replicate it at home. I had to make sure my technology was working, that the therapist could see what was happening, all while following the instructions. It was a lot to juggle all at once, and I put a lot of pressure on myself because my daughter was delayed.

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What is EI and How Does it Work? Green graphic with a family photo. EI in Massachusetts. For children birth to 3, supports development, family-centered

What is EI & How Does It Work?

Information about EI and how it works can be found in this YouTube video.

Video presentation about EI in Massachusetts and how it works.

Transition Beyond the IFSP

This video goes over the transition from EI process. View it below.

This video goes over what to expect leading up to and during transition from EI.

The Seven Key Principles of Early Intervention

Each month we share one of the EI key principles and provide examples of what it looks like for a family.

What does EI look like for your family?

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