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Ready, Set, GO!

It’s the beginning of a new year and a great time to reflect on what is important to you. Many may set goals while others will resolve to get fit, learn something new, or strive to get their finances in order!

At AFP we specialize in just that, because we know life financial planning can enrich your life story at every stage. If you or someone you know needs financial planning in 2024, we’d welcome the opportunity to be of service. In the meantime, we know that to achieve goals it starts with forming habits that stick. Below is a video by James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits”, to get you started!


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  • Paperless Statements If you are opted in to paperless statement delivery, but you have not set up your online credentials for Charles Schwab, you will need to do so by March 27, 2024. If you do not log in by this date, your paperless settings will reset to mailed paper statements. If you have already logged into your Schwab online access, you can disregard this message.

  • Move Money Authorizations We have learned that TD Ameritrade Move Money Authorizations on accounts that have not withdrawn funds in the past year were not brought over to Schwab. Those affected will need to complete Schwab Moneylink forms to reestablish authorization.


  • AFP January Webinar – “Investment Review: Where We've Been & A Look Ahead” with Teri Alexander CFP®, MSFP, CeFT®, AIF®. on Friday, January 26th at noonTeri & Nathan will be discussing what happened in 2023 and how things are shaping up for next year.

  • How do you attend? Let Erik know at [email protected]A webinar link will be sent via email the morning of the webinar to those who have expressed an interest in attending. If you know anyone who would like to attend, please pass along the webinar email to them.

  • Upcoming AFP 1st Quarter Webinars:

  • February: "Unique Situations in Social Security"

  • March: "Travel Planning in 2024"

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Here's When You Can Tap Your IRA or 401(k) Early Without Penalty

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+ Teri's World

I kicked off the new year by listening to my flute teacher Joe playing in his band ‘the Whirlybirds’ at Natalie’s. Great show and they play there every Saturday night. Later that week I went to a very crowd-pleasing production of Moulin Rouge. There are a lot of year-end tasks to attend to in the office, so much of my time has been devoted to these. Back in October, two of my three children decided they needed something to look forward to going into winter so we planned a long weekend getaway to Florida. Even though we encountered numerous travel delays getting back home, it was nice to have some downtime and be in warmer weather for a few days.

+ Nathan's Notes

We spent a very merry Christmas with my family this year. Outside of my sister’s family, who all managed to catch whatever was going around, we were all able to gather at my parent’s home. My grandmother was also able to spend the day with us, which was very nice. Her husband of 20 years passed away earlier in 2023 and then she had to move into the memory care unit of an assisted living community a few months later, so it was good to be able to spend time with her. I also always enjoy catching up with my parents and my brother, and the girls enjoy spending time with their cousins.

January brings basketball season - this year will be Ainsley’s first – as well as looking forward to any little bit of sunshine that can be found.

+ Tracey's Time

New years can bring a bit of brightness to mid-winter. It’s an opportunity to mentally wipe the slate clean and reset our goals. If we can envelope ourselves in the positive momentum, we can ward off the winter blues. Making plans provides something to look forward to with anticipation. We are taking a quick winter getaway soon. Andy is currently addressing weather-related challenges in his industry and the notion of a brief escape is enabling him to forge ahead. Aside from that, we are in temporary limbo as Cayleigh will soon make her biggest decision yet. Where will she attend college and what will she study? Next month’s news could be more interesting. Stay tuned.

+ Erik's Exploits

I took a week of vacation between Christmas and New Years. I didn’t leave town, but I did get to spend the majority of the week with family. I had a chance to see the new Godzilla movie during my break. It was a really enjoyable film and the special effects looked amazing for a $15 million budget. I also managed to see the Blue Jackets play the Boston Bruins. It was another loss in a rebuilding season full of losses, but Bruins fans were well behaved for once, so that was nice.

Current Economic and Investment Information

THAT TIME OF YEAR – A recent study found that 47% of Americans made a financial-related New Year’s resolution in 2024, which ranked second behind the 60% that made a health-related resolution. In the same study, 56% said inflation was their biggest financial concern in 2024 compared to just 5% that are worried about a real estate downturn. (source: WalletHub)

TAKE THIS JOB AND... KEEP IT – Wage growth for ‘job-changers’ in the US has usually been higher than ‘job-keepers,’ and the gap between the two widened to a record of 2.8 percentage points (ppts) in August 2022 as employers rushed to fill openings following Covid. Since that peak, this has narrowed down to 0.8 ppts which is only 0.05 ppts above the historical average. (source: Atlanta Fed)

OFFICES OUT OF FAVOR – According to Moody’s Analytics, the US office vacancy rate increased to a record 19.6% in Q4 2023, surpassing the prior peaks of 19.3% seen in 1986 & 1991. Remote work has been a major factor in the high vacancy rates, but most vacant spaces are in older offices built prior to 1990, as companies seek more modern buildings with open floor plans. (source: WSJ)

JANUARY NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE – Since 1928, the S&P 500’s average January gain of 1.2% ranks as the fourth best month of the year behind July (1.7%), December (1.3%) and April (1.3%). Over the last 25 years, January hasn’t been as friendly to bulls as the S&P 500 has averaged a decline of 0.1% which ranks as the fourth worst month behind September (-1.7%), February (-0.8%) and June (-0.2%). (source: Bespoke)

Presidential Elections & the Market

It’s natural for investors to look for a connection between who wins the White House and which way stocks will go. But regardless who wins, nearly a century of returns shows that stocks have trended upward.  

Click here to view the source.


Health: The Greatest Wealth

12 Easy Yoga Poses You Can Do in Your Bed

Whether you need to wind down at night or rev up for the day,

try doing these easy yoga stretches right in your own bed.

By Karen Asp, MA, CPT, VLCE

Source: Real Simple

Is sitting the new smoking? Most of us spend a good amount of time sitting, whether it be at our desks or on the couch. While it is comfortable to sit, healthcare providers say that movement is pivotal to better health and fitness. But this doesn’t mean you should run out and buy an expensive gym membership. A walk around your neighborhood along with some easy stretches before you leave bed can noticeably improve the way you look and feel. The yoga stretches detailed in this article can help you get started.

Click here to read this article.

Dividends, Interest, and Your Taxes

Investors Piled Cash Into Money Market Mutual Funds in 2023 and Now Could See a Higher Tax Bill

By Kate Dore, CFP®

Source: The Wall Street Journal

In 2023, many people decided to move money that was making no interest into money market funds, high yield savings accounts, or CDs earning 5% or more. While a fiscally sound move, it does come with tax consequences. Due to economic fears, much of this money movement was steered away from traditional stock, ETFs, and mutual funds, which are subject to more favorable tax rates. As it stands, interest and dividends will be taxed at regular income tax rates, which top out at 37% at the federal level. While taxes are frustrating to deal with, at least you made money! Would you rather have lost money instead?

Click here to continue reading this article.


“A worthy New Year's resolution, perhaps,

is to take no hatred into the New Year without

requiring it to restate its purpose.”

- Robert Brault

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