Water Wisdoms | January 2024 Newsletter

Cleaning Water During Winter Storm

This past week's ice storm left many people stranded at home, so it was critical for the MWMC to deliver our essential services and keep wastewater flowing in Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County. Our dedicated operators did a fantastic job, showing up in harsh conditions to run the regional treatment plant. Our maintenance staff deployed generators to Springfield pump stations that lost power, keeping them online and preventing backups.

As the ice began to melt, plant staff had to quickly prepare for the volume of water coming into the plant. Operators implemented our strategies and activated our facilities for high-flow management, and on Wednesday evening we reached our peak flow at more the 190 million gallons per day. We maintained full compliance with our legal standards for treatment, and we want to thank our operators and engineers who have helped our treatment plant remain resilient during difficult circumstances.

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Protecting Our Water

It's 2024, and a new year can be a great time to establish new habits! The MWMC is committed to protecting our world's most important natural resource: water. From our daily operations to our river habitat restoration initiatives, we work to make sure that our community has access to clean, healthy water. You can also help to preserve water for your community with simple, common-sense habits. Taking short showers can preserve hundreds of gallons of water every month! You can also preserve water by turning off the sink faucet when you brush your teeth or shave. The great thing about helping preserve water is that is also helps you preserve money with lower water bills!

MWMC Budget Season Kickoff

The beginning of a new year marks the start of the MWMC's budgeting process! The commission and finance staff will work to create the new budget for Fiscal Year 2024-25, beginning with budget discussions at the commission level. After the initial budget is passed by the Commission, it is then reviewed and approved by the Eugene City Council, the Springfield City Council, and the Lane County Commission. After all three local governments approve the budget, it is adopted by the MWMC for the new fiscal year. Anyone who wants to learn more or has comments on the budgeting process is welcome to attend the MWMC's monthly meetings.

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Pollution Solutions

When you flush a wipe down the toilet, it can get caught in pipes and pumps, backing up the flow of wastewater. This can lead to overflows with harmful health impacts for people, animals, and plants. Our maintenance staff work constantly to remove wipes and clogs from our pipes and pump stations, but the best way you can help is by just throwing all wipes in the trash! Even wipes that are labeled "flushable" cause issues and belong in the garbage.

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