January 21, 2020


Friday 1/24: Serving the Hungry in our Community
The fourth grade will be collecting Jam and Jelly for Jesus!!  
The fourth grade will be collecting Jam and Jelly for Jeans!!

Our annual Catholic Schools Week food drive will be rescheduled for the end of the school year based on the needs of the OLPH St. Vincent dePaul food pantry. Presently they have a need for jelly or jam.  The 4th grade asks for donations to be brought in no later than Friday, January 24.  Thank you for your help!

Jam and jelly will be delivered to SVdP food pantry during Catholic Schools Week.


Sunday 1/26:  OPEN HOUSE 9:30 - 11:30 A.M.

Monday 1/27: Celebrating our Community and our Families
Thank you to our parents for partnering with us in the education of your child/children. We are blessed by your generosity of time, talent, and treasure.

A central aspect of Catholic education is learning the importance of service to others.  Student Council is hosting "SUPPORT THE BLUE."  

"Student council would like to put on a support the blue add on day! It will give our school an opportunity to help our local police officers, while still being a fun opportunity for students to get out of their school uniforms! The event will raise money for local officers who want to participate in  "We ride for those who died." The event will be $1 per BLUE add on: shirt, sweatshirt, blue pants or jeans, etc. It will be on Monday, January 27th.  Rice Krispies treats in  BLUE wrappers will also be sold for $1 each.  All money will go to the Scottsdale Police Officer efforts for "We ride for those who died."   

A check will be presented to Officer Kristen Oleksik; those of you who attend Mass on Tuesdays with the school will recognize her as being the assigned officer for a majority of the Masses during this school year.  

Thank you for your support.

Tuesday 1/28: Celebrating our Grandparents
Parents, grandparents, and other family members play a vital role in Catholic education. Not only do they volunteer at our school, they instill values and expectations for academic excellence in their children at home. We acknowledge the role of families in Catholic education and celebrate their contributions to the success of our school. Students will be attending the Grandparent Mass at 10 A.M.  Students with grandparents attending the reception will meet them in the gym at 9 A.M.  Please send in RSVP's by Thursday so we could order donuts.

Wednesday 1/29: Celebrating our Nation
Today Catholic school supporters communicate the value of Catholic education to government leaders. They share information with leaders on the significant contributions Catholic schools make to the nation and their role in preparing students to be good citizens. We pray for our nation and recognize all those who serve it.  Our 8th grade NJHS students and the Student Council will attend a diocesan  Mass at SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral and attend a rally at the state capitol.

Thursday 1/30: Celebrating our Faculty and Staff
The backbone of Catholic schools, our teachers and staff, are honored on Thursday. On this day we thank all of them for their hard work and dedication to our school. Lunch is provided for all staff members and they get a free jeans day! 

Friday 1/31: Celebrating our Students
By focusing on knowledge, love, and service, our school prepares children to use their God-given talents to the fullest. We celebrate our students and at the same time encourage them to reflect on the benefits of Catholic education and how this foundation will help them throughout their lives.  Students get a free dress day! 

50% of sales come back to the school when you dine in or take-out from Modern Market on January 31st!  What a great way to end the week!!  

Tickets will go on sale soon...lots of new and exciting auction items this year...get ready to Come Into Focus at VISION 2020!

 Any financial support through sponsorship or underwriting makes a considerable difference in achieving our goals for the event. 

WINE - we are happily accepting wine donations, bottles valued at a minimum of $20 please - 

February 7th - First Friday coffee is the official wine drop day!

Thank you for your consideration, donation, and support of VISION 2020!


The OLPH Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society has been active since 2011.  Membership in NJHS is an honor bestowed upon deserving students and is based on the criteria of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  New 7th  and 8th  grade members will be inducted into NJHS on February 5th.  However, a recent change in the OLPH Chapter Bylaws will shift the selection process to now begin in the third trimester of the 6th  and 7th  grade years.  

Candidates eligible for election to the OLPH chapter of NJHS must:
  • be in the third trimester of sixth grade or members of the seventh grade class
  • be enrolled for a period equivalent to 1 trimester at OLPH
  • have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.85 on a 4.0 scale for the previous two trimesters in their six academic subjects.  This GPA standard is the equivalent of earning A's and at most one B during the first two trimesters in Math, Science, Literature, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Religion.
Upon meeting the grade level, enrollment, and GPA standards, candidates shall then be considered based on their service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  Going forward, selected candidates will be inducted in the spring of their 6th  or 7th  grade year.  This will allow NJHS activities to begin with full membership at the start of each school year.

S choolwide L earning E xpectation focus:   Responsible Citizen

The following students were recognized this morning at Mass for exhibiting the characteristics of a Responsible Citizen during the last two weeks.
  • make good choices
  • think before they act
  • help and take care of others
  • accept accountability for their actions
  • recognize, appreciate, and use their God-given talents
Giada H., Hope B., Dario S., Kylene F., Georgia F., Maci A., Ceci A., Angelina B., Taylor F., Mauricio G., Luke S., Emelia E., Joceline S., Luka M., Makenna C., Isabella C.Ella M.

Congratulations to our Regal Celtics!


Youth are tech savvy and get most of their information and socialization through the Internet and digital devices. For them, there is no distinction between the real world and the online world - they are one in the same.  

We invite you to join us for a parent presentation on Cyber Safety for Families on January 22, 2020 from 6:30-7:30 in Padre Kino


We continue to draw insight from our student survey results as part of our yearlong self-study.  Students have indicated in the survey that they feel very safe at school.  They feel that the school staff cares about them, with 92% of students reporting that they are treated with respect by their teachers and 96% feeling respected by the principal. 

Students indicated a high percentage of positive responses in terms of the school helping them to learn about their Catholic faith and their teachers supporting the development of their faith.  

Eighty percent of students in grades 4-8 agree that they understand how to apply what they learn in school to real life situations.  This indicates an edge of growth for us as we continue to work toward providing challenging and engaging lessons that help prepare students for both academic and real world success.

Parents are invited to accompany their child in the Atrium for this very special Enrollment Prayer Service if possible.
If you child will attend CGS in the Atrium on:
Tuesday, January 28:
3B parents, please arrive by 1:45pm

Wednesday, January 29:
3A  parents, please arrive by 1:45pm

Children will go back to their homerooms for regular dismisal.

If you are unable to attend the Enrollment Prayer Service, any significant person in your child's life is invited to come in you place; if that is not possible, know that the catechists will support your child in your absence.


Orders are due by February 21, 2020. 
The price per yearbook is $35.

School Pay Code: 041227


Orders must be placed by Thursday at midnight  for the following week.
  • Login to your FACTS Family  (ParentsWeb)  account  (district code ol-az)
  • Select "Student"
  • Select "Lunch"
  • Select "Create Web Order"  (make sure you do this for each of your children)
  • Click on your child's name
  • Click on the "lunch items..." date you want to place order
  • Select items 
  • Scroll down and Click on "Submit Order" to complete your order
  • Follow the instructions to pay for your order.
Please check your lunch calendar in FACTS Family Portal to ensure that your order has been placed. There will be no extra food purchased so if your order is not received, you must pack a lunch for your child.


Chili Chef's  for the OLPH
2nd Annual "Take the Chill Off" Chili Cook-off

Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020 at 5:30 PM.

For more information on Chili competition rules & requirements or to pre-register your chili entry,  please contact Ginnie at  480-874-3751  by Feb. 6, 2020.

... for the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, especially for Sr. Marian Grace and all those who served here at OLPH, in thanksgiving for all they have done for our school

... for the passing of Josie Miotke's uncle,  Frank Soto, may his soul be at peace.

... for the passing of Cruz Gomez; may her soul be at peace.

...   for John Mulligan, may he rest in peace; and for comfort for the Paul family as they mourn their loss (grandpa to Aileen and Hazen Paul)

... for healing for Luke Madson and a quick recovery from his surgery

... for Mary Lou Uttariello, may she rest in peace; and for her family as they mourn their loss

... for healing for Mollye Taylor, Mrs. Purcell's mom, as she recovers from surgery

... for Chris Perkins, may he rest in peace; and for comfort for his family as they mourn their loss (Carson, 2018 and Casey, 2019)

... for Andrew Aranda, may he rest in peace; and for his family and friends as they mourn his loss


January 22
Cyber Safety parent presentation, 6:30 Padre Kino
January 26
Catholic Schools Week begins
Open House 9:30 - 11:30 AM
January 28
CGS Prayer Service, 1:45pm for 3B parents and students

January 29
CGS Prayer Service, 1:45pm for 3A parents and students
January 31
February 11 Papa John's Pizza Day
February 20
Wildflower Night

Our Lady of Perpetual Help  Catholic School   

Our school is a community of  Jesus' disciples growing in
knowledge, love, and service.
We are committed to  academic excellence,  loving one another, and  serving people beyond ourselves.