January 23, 2020 | Issue #25
The Arc launches Innovation and Assistive Technology Task Force
In October 2019, The Arc of Massachusetts initiated an Innovation & Assistive Technology Task Force in partnership with the Department of Developmental Services and the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers.
Announcing The Arc's 2020 Census initiative
In anticipation of the 2020 Census, The Arc of Massachusetts is joining with organizations nationwide to ensure a correct, complete count of people with disabilities, who have been identified as a hard-to-count population.
Nicky's Law
Leo discusses Nicky's Law with WBZ's Liam Martin
On Tuesday, January 21, Executive Director Leo Sarkissian appeared on TV38 for a discussion of Nicky's Law, the workforce, and more with WBZ anchor Liam Martin.
Contact your Representative to thank them for passing Nicky's Law!
We encourage all to  contact your Representatives to thank them for their vote to pass Nicky’s Law!  Use the draft email message and, if possible, please try to customize the message with your personal experiences.
Upcoming Calendar
Supporting Families Day
February 13, 2020
42nd Legislative Reception
March 4, 2020
65th Anniversary Celebration
March 26, 2020
Pathways to Friendship
Boston Globe: Researchers, health officials call for a unified approach to loneliness and social isolation
Loneliness and social isolation are realities in the lives of many persons we care about. Whether living with a family member who is aging, or in a residence that is under-staffed, adults may end up missing connections to past friends or the opportunity to make new ones. The impact on health continues to be studied.  You can read the article here.
Sponsor Spotlight

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