The Third Sunday of Epiphany 

9:00 am UNITY Worship Service
10:00 am Annual Meeting
11:00 am Potluck!

Gentle Reader,
Q: How many folks does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: "Change?!?!"

Change is a constant in our created world.  Seasons flow from one to the next.  Each of us gets older with each passing year. While we might maintain the illusion of permanence for a while, all eventually move on to the next stage, to the next set of possibilities and challenges.  As the Prophet Isaiah put it: " All people are grass,  their constancy is like the flower of the field.   The grass withers, the flower fades..."  Change is a constant in our created world.

This Sunday we will be holding our  annual meeting and voting on next year's budget.  The new budget addresses, head on, financial challenges that we as a congregation have been wrestling with for the last 10, or so, years and can no longer afford to avoid.  It proposes changes, including no longer funding the Children and Family position and both of the paid Custodial positions.  These are big changes, and have not been proposed lightly.   If you are a member of the congregation, please come to the annual meeting.   The vote on the budget and open council positions are important to our life and mission together in the coming years. 

These are big changes, but bigger still than the changes voted on at the meeting is the word of our God.  "The grass withers, the flower fades...but the word of our God will stand forever." God's Word is the one which made all of creation from the beginning, the one who called us together as a church, and who will have the last word on each one of us.  Whether you are a member of the congregation or not, come this Sunday to hear that Word in worship, and what it has to say to you.

It may just change your life!
Your Latest ReFresh & ReNEWS is at the Welcome Center
February Calendar and Worship Participant Schedule & More!

Friday, January 25
  Mission Trip Craft Retreat
Saturday, January 26
  Mission Trip Craft Retreat

Sunday, January 27
Annual Meeting following 9:00 am Worship
Bring your favorite dish for the Potluck!

Monday, January 28
Office Open by Appt.
6:30pm Boy Scouts

Tuesday, January 29
6:00am Wyoming Men's Prayer Breakfast
2:00pm Weekly Staff Meeting
7:00pm (SR) Cub Parents Wkly Meeting

Wednesday, January 30
10:00am Chapel - All God's Children
12:15pm (L) Bible Study
1:30pm   Chapel - All God's Children
6:30pm   SPLASH 5/6

Thursday, January 31
6:00pm   Confirmation Guides Dinner

Friday, February 1
5:00pm   (FH) Scouts Set up For Derby
6:00pm   9th Grade Confirmation Retreat #1

Saturday, February 2
1:00am   (FH) Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Sunday, February 3
9:00am   UNITY Sunday Worship
10:00pm  Sunday School
(SS) SOUPer Bowl & Bible Trivia Bowl

Our kids will enjoy SOUPer Bowl & Bible Trivia Bowl during their Sunday School hour, but they are ASKING YOU ...

please bring a can of soup, vegetables, or any other nonperishable items to replenish our monthly food truck event.


Wednesday's at 12:15

Join us for a look at the various books of the bible.  Learn history and study God's word, gaining new understanding of how it all applies to your daily walk with Christ.
New in the Library ... check it out!
"The Color of All the Cattle," the latest in the series Ladies Number 1 Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, is now in our SPLC library!

In the book, Mma Ramotswe reluctantly tries her hand at politics.  Since the culture in Botswana, the setting for this series of books, is in many ways similar to the culture in Tanzania, these delightful easy reads are a great way to become familiar with our partners in Tanzania.

Fran Nordhausen

Gen Fund Offering Rec'd 1/1/19 - 1/20/19 $ 9,082.66 $ 12,787.21
Over/Under Budget
-$ 3,704.55
Council Treasurer,
Katie Fetterly

Please join us on Tuesday, Feb. 12th, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm for All God's Children Preschool OPEN HOUSE. 
Our classroom will be open and the teachers will be there to answer questions and to give you a tour.

Registration for Fall 2019 through 2020 is due by Monday, Feb. 4th, 2019. Registration forms will be available online at the St. Paul Lutheran Churches website ( Our registration fee is typically $60.00. If you register your child during the dates of Feb. 4th - 15th, 2019 you will receive a 25% discount and your registration fee will be $45.00.

If you are not able to make our OPEN HOUSE, feel free to stop in and drop off your registration on any MWF between 12:30 - 4:00 pm. Forms can be left at the preschool, with the church office, or sent in the mail.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kathy DiMeglio, Director of All God's Children Preschool, 651.462.5212 ext. 13,

If you know of anyone that might be interested, please pass on this information.  Our Preschool is expanding and now offering MWF afternoon classes as well as morning!

Education Committee of SPLC
We are looking for more individuals that would be interesting in helping with the Christian education of our children and youth.

Prepping for or leading a class, organizing things for future fundraisers, ensuring we have all that's needed for confirmation day, sending reminder emails, and planning for VBS are a few things you could help with.

If interested, please contact Joanna Kroschel at
A super opportunity for anyone in our church.  This event takes place on February 23rd at  Augustana Lutheran Church in West St. Paul.

Great education for FREE (or $10 with lunch)

Check out the link below or see the information on our Community Board in the Narthex.

January 7 and 21 Special Sessions and regular meeting minutes
Staying in Touch with our
Bega Kwa Bega Partnerships in Tanzania
Read what is happening with our partners in the Synod, other local churches and Tanzania, committed to building this relationship.



What better time to start filling our bin with crushed cans than on Super Bowl Sunday!

Bring all those cans from those thirsty and feisty guests to SPLC and WE WIN ...

Do the I-can challenge and WE-win for SPLC!
Opportunities to Volunteer

If you are looking for a new way to volunteer within your church, we have many current openings for more loving 'hearts & hands.'

  1. Need one usher for the 3rd Sunday of each month; 8:30 or 10:00 am worship services.
  2. New volunteer(s) for Altar Guild. Help with preparing the altar for worship and light cleanup.
  3. JOIN our global mission team, supporting the church's global partners in Tanzania.
  4. Regular office assistant. Person(s) that can assist with printing, mailing information, organizing, answering phones.
  5. Office assistant that can help with updating various documents on computer with Word, Excel, or possibly Publisher.
  6. Interested in singing? Play an instrument? Have an interest to learn bells? Have experience as a choir director? Please contact Pastor Grant directly.
If interested in #1 - #5, contact Wendy in the office at
9th Grade Confirmation Retreat- On Friday February 1st 6:00-8:00 , the 9th Graders will have their first Confirmation Retreat. 
-Please start gathering patches for your "personal" side of your Stole and bring them that evening. 
-Please start thinking about your contribution to YOUR Confirmation Service that you'd like to make- singing, playing an instrument, drawing, writing a reading- what's your talent? 
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