WEEKLY UPDATE | Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2020
Sundays at UUCGL
Worship Service January 26, 2020 | 10am
" Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person "
Martha Curry and the Social Justice Ministry Team
Members of our Social Justice Ministry Team reflect on race and racism on the 400 th anniversary of the first 20 enslaved Africans arriving on the shores of Virginia in August of 1619.
Please join us as we examine race and our First Principle through a number of lenses, all of which lead to those big questions about acting to eradicate racial injustice and oppression as a spiritual act.
Dress Warmly . . .
We are in the middle of replacing the control panel of our heating system. This should not take too long, but while it is in process parts of the building may have less heat than usual. Please dress warmly if you are coming for meetings or church. This is an excellent opportunity to get out a favorite sweater, fluffy, or vest.

May the warmth in our hearts, the radiance of our spirits, and the light in our minds keep us comfortably cozy.
Sunday Morning Childcare . . .
The childcare room is open and offers a safe, play oriented environment for children 4 and under. The church will do its best to schedule childcare workers each Sunday. If no one is able to staff the room on a given Sunday, parents are welcome to supervise their children in the room during worship. If you know someone who might enjoy a paid position watching young children during church, please have them contact the Director of Community Life and Learning at mlapointe@uucgl.org .
Mark E. LaPointe, Director of Community Life and Learning
Save the Date
The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!
Think ahead! Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

The UU Women will be having their Annual Sweet Sale on Sunday, February 9, just in time for Valentine's Day! Cook up your favorite sweets and bring them to the Parish Hall on Saturday morning, February 8 for the UU Women to package in festive red ribbon and bows. Then shop with us on Sunday for your Valentine's Day gift giving or to satisfy your own sweet tooth!
Out of the Past
Update from the Church History Team
The date of January 6 has relevance both to our congregation and to our Unitarian Universalist history and traditions. January 6, 1976 was the date that fire destroyed the former Universalist Church of Lynn building on Nahant Street that housed the merged Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn. On that date in 1568 in Transylvania, the debates between Calvinist and Unitarian advocates began. The result was the issuance of the Edict of Torda, which guaranteed official recognition for all religions. January 6, 1811 was the birth date of Charles Sumner, a Unitarian and member of Boston’s King’s Chapel. Sumner, a senator from Massachusetts, was assaulted on the Senate floor by a North Carolina congressman who took offense at Sumner’s expression of his abolitionist views. Poet Carl Sandburg, who attended the Asheville, North Carolina Unitarian Church, was born on January 6, 1878 . The author of Two Years Before the Mast , Richard Henry Dana, passed away on January 6, 1882 . He was an ardent anti-slavery advocate and a Unitarian.
Recent acquisitions to the church’s archives include:
  • Photographs of art by Lydia Breed, made possible by the art’s owner, Swampscott resident, Alice Winston
  • Sermons, Orders of Service, and other materials from the personal files of Rev. Robert Slater, provided by Kelly and Tracy Slater
  • Video recordings of current Sunday services from Steve Deveau
  • Sundry items including a collection plate inscribed with the names of donors and honoree, photos and other materials relating to a visit to Unitarian churches in England about ten years ago by person(s) unknown, a scrap book and set of board minutes from the Swampscott Universalist Society, and two curved soot covered beams saved from after the 1976 fire, all found as closets and cabinets were cleaned in preparation for the possible renovations to provide Sanctuary space.
Climate Change & Faith
Climate Change & Faith Wednesday Speaker Series
Please join us as we explore how our faith calls us to respond to the climate emergency. All lectures are free and open to the public. Everyone is invited to come, learn and explore.

Our first lecture in the Speaker Series, The Science of Climate Change with Dr. Stephen Young was held this week, January 22. The exhibit "Mapping Climate Change on the North Shore" continues in the Skylight Room on Fridays and Sundays from January 19th - February 28th. Mark your calendars for the next talks in the series on February 26th (climate change as a social justice issue) and April 1st (climate change impacts on flora and fauna). Fliers are available on the welcome table in the church foyer and online. These talks are sponsored by the Green Sanctuary Ministry Team and the Swampscott Conservancy.

Our Speaker Series continues:

February 26 | 7pm
Dr. Marcos Luna

April 1 | 7pm
Prof. Richard B. Primack
Update on Sanctuary Efforts
In late December, Michael Celona, President of the Board, and Scott Nowka, Chair of the Sanctuary Task Force, distributed an update on the Church's Sanctuary Efforts. Here is a link to that update. Paper copies are available on the Welcome Table in the church foyer. If you have questions, please contact Michael at michaelcelona@yahoo.com or Scott at snowka@gmail.com .
Sabbatical Guide Available
Rev. Vicki started her six month sabbatical after her November 10 worship service. A Sabbatical Guide is available that contains information about this period of time and who will be covering in her absence. Copies of the Sabbatical Guide are available on the Welcome Table in the church foyer and also in the church office, or you may download a copy here .
January 50/50 Sunday Offertory to Benefit
UUSC Guest At Your Table
 The Unitarian Universalist Committee is a separate and independent affiliate organization of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Its social justice, human rights, and disaster relief activities are funded through voluntary contributions, grants, and bequests. The Service Committee accepts no government funds. Contributions to the UUSC are tax deductible and count toward membership in the organization. Please make checks payable to UUSC with GAYT noted on the memo line; social concerns funding will match up to $1,000.
Are you scheduling a meeting or event at the church?
Reminder to all church volunteers and staff:
If you are planning a meeting or event, please contact Elizabeth Muller for date and room availability at 781-595-8836 ext. 10 or click here to email. This will not only reserve your date and room, but it is also helpful in scheduling all events and meetings at the church.
Does the Office Know Your Current
Contact Information?
Please keep your name, address, phone number, and e-mail current in the church office. E-mail Elizabeth Muller with your correct information.
Not sure what information we have on file for you?

Call Elizabeth at:
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