Sunday, January 28th, 2018
4th Sunday After Epiphany
9 am Worship Service
Annual Meeting of the Council & Pot Luck

Gentle Reader,
150 Years.  A journey, indeed!  That beautiful journey continues with each of us.  Those that traveled first for St. Paul Lutheran were called faithful members, and the times were referred to as "times of growth in spite of difficulties and hardships." (St. Paul's 100th Anniversary dedication booklet).

Even 150 years doesn't change some things.

Let us gather together this Sunday ... faithful, and with hearts full of admiration and love for those that paved the way before us.  Let us be prayerful for this church, under God.  Our attendance, our gifts, and continued strength to go the distance.

Read Pastor's Message for January here

M on., Jan 29
Hand Bells  at 6 pm  -  Boy Scouts at 7 pm

Wed., Jan 31 - Bible Study with Pastor Grant at 12:30 pm; 
Confirmation & SPLASH at 6:30 pm

Thur., Feb 1- Girl Scouts at 5:15 pm; Praise Band at 6:30 pm
... just another manic ... SUNDAY!
Sunday, February 4th

No worries, my friend.  We've got you covered if you're a tad down about the big game.

8:30 and 10:00 am Worship Services w/Sunday School.  NAME TAG SUNDAY plus Boy Scout Annual Pancake Breakfast between/end of each service.
Sunday School kids collect canned goods and have a battle of Bible  Tri via ...SO PLEASE BRING CAN GOODS FOR OUR FOOD MINISTRIES.

Events Begin January 28th
9am Worship Service
Potluck and Annual Meeting

LEGO Diorama Museum Contest

Events from April - Christmas

Book Club Meeting Moved to
January 30th!  And the February book and date are set!
JOIN US!  See the details ...

Our neighbors at Wyoming Methodist are looking for volunteers.

SPL Member Stepanie Eidenschink tells her story about having a baby prematurely and how she supports NICU through her new ministry

CLICK HERE to see how you can help and donate to this important cause!
"For our 150th Anniversary year, we want to purposefully measure the difference we make in our world.  
We want to celebrate all the lives we touch in big and small ways.  

Our ministries should be focused on the good that we do for people-- in our congregation and outside of our congregation."    Shirley Zierke

Please enjoy this blessing that impacted one of our own:

Last night as I was walking out to my car after the Team Leader Meeting (Jan. 9th) and I was thinking to myself - "Gosh it's dark out here tonight".  I noticed a car driving around the back of the lot, as it got closer to my car it slowed down and shone it's head lights so that I could see to put my walker into the back of the car,  waited to see that I got in my car safely, and then pulled off. I didn't really need any help, just a little light on the situation.   I couldn't see who it was because the glare of the lights was in my eyes, but I'd like to give a shout out and thank them.  I really appreciated their kindness/blessing. 
Ruth Koehly 
Bega Kwa Bega
A partnership of the Saint Paul Area Synod (ELCA) and the Iringa Diocese (ELCT)

Read their most current message:
Grab a copy of your latest
ReFresh & ReNEW! 
Located in the Narthex.
New Issue January 26th
The Mission Trip 2018 Group is Hosting a  "Crafting Retreat Fundraiser"
Friday, January 26th (12 PM-10 PM) and  Saturday, January 27th (9 AM-9 PM)
St  Paul Lutheran Church
Cost is $45 for all THREE DAYS, all meals are included
(Fri- Supper Sat-light Breakfast, Lunch and Supper)
(made by our Mission Trip Attendees- wait til you see the yummy meals!),
and you can leave all of your stuff here!
Your fee covers ALL meals and bottled water for the weekend, a large working space, and grown-up retreat time with your friends! Grab some pals, and join us for some Retreat Time!

Saturday Feb 10th
Mission Trip Spaghetti Supper
This is our BIG FUNDRAISER for the year.  
Children's Ministries Upcoming Events

Sunday February 4- SOUPer Bowl  Sunday  and Bible Trivia Bowl and Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast.

Come in your football gear and get ready to battle it out! (with Bible Trivia!) We'll be collecting canned goods for our Food Truck this Morning! 

Special SPLASH Classes

Please let Janet know which Classes
which of your kiddos can attend!

T-Shirt Order
Our new Jan.-Dec. 2018 calendar is located in the Narthex for those wishing to  purchase flowers to be displayed during Sunday worship services  in honor or in memory of  friends or loved ones.
$15.00 for each Forest Lake Floral bouquet.
Pay after your designated Sunday.

Person giving the flowers ma y take them home following the 10 am worship service. Write check to St. Paul Lutheran and fill out your information legibly on the calendar (small wall by the fair trade coffee area.

Flower bouquet looks similar to this one pictured.  Colors of flowers change with the season.