Here is a glimpse of more auction items that we have received:

  • Police Ride Along
  • Museum of Flight Guest Passes
  • WNBA Seattle Storm tickets
  • A Day at the Races by Emerald Downs
  • Pioneer Farm Museum family tour (escape to another century...)
  • A meal prep party with friends by Dream Dinners
  • Wine tasting & hands on classes at Blanc & Rouge
  • One Weekday Green Fee at Camaloch Golf Course
  • Thistle Theater for Brother Coyote & Sister Fox performance tickets
  • Flower World GC
  • Bridges Pets Gifts & Water Garden GC
  • Baseball/Softball camp with Rijo Athletics which includes a shirt and book
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries books
  • Round trip tickets on the Seattle Center Monorail
  • Mt. Rainier Railroad & Logging Museum excursions

We are sill in need of volunteers to help hit the streets. Please contact the office at 360-794-8200 or email right away if you can help!

Attached is a digital copy of the letter you can provide to businesses and the Procurement Form. Be sure to attach a copy of the form to the donated item, and leave a copy with the donor as their tax receipt. Thank you for helping to make this auction our best ever!

This week, we will send you a letter along with the procurement form. We ask every family to procure at least one donation item for the auction. Click here for  auction donation ideas . The deadline for procurement is March 21, 2020.

Would you love to greet students and their parents every morning? We need a roundabout greeter on Mondays to Fridays. Greet and assist students for 30 minutes from 8:00 - 8:30 am and log your service hour. If interested, please contact the office 360-794-8200 or email

In order to minimize the spread of illness in the school, please review our policies below:
Children with any of the following symptoms  must be kept home or will be sent home  if already at school:

Appearance and Behavior  - Unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, confused, or irritable
Eyes  - Thick mucus or other draining from the eye; Pink Eye
Fever  - Temperature of 100 degrees or more
Nasal Discharge/Cough  - Continuing nasal discharge and/or chronic cough
Sore Throat  - Especially with fever, swollen glands, a cough
Diarrhea  - Please keep home - student may return to school after there have been no episodes for 24 hours.
Vomiting  - Please keep home - student may return to school after there have been no vomiting episodes for 24 hours.
Rash  - Body rash with fever or itching
Ear Infection  - If no fever, does not need to stay home; however, the child should see a healthcare provider
Lice  - Children may not return to school until they have been treated and are free of lice and nits (eggs).
Bottom Line: If you suspect your child is coming down with a cold, the flu, or any other illness, please keep him/her home.   Any student taking antibiotics may return to school after 24 hours on the medication, if his/her symptoms are significantly reduced.

This Wednesday, January 29, is the next TAPP popcorn day. $0.50 for popcorn or $1.00 for popcorn and Capri Sun. If you would like to pay in full for the remainder of the year, p lease refer to the following:
9 popcorn = $4.50
9 popcorn & juice = $9.00
 Please bring in-full payments to the office. Individual payments can go directly to the teacher. Please note, any missed days will not be refunded. Thank you.

The scheduled pizza, popcorn and Yoforit dates can be found on this downloadable TAPP calendar. If you would like to be part of TAPP or would like to volunteer for any of these events, please sign-up to this link
Conferences will be held on Tuesday, February 18. Appointment times were emailed to you. If you have not confirm, please do so by calling the office at 360-794-8200 or email . If you have a preference on time of day let us know.

Is your child missing a coat (or two), socks, pants, or another miscellaneous article of clothing? Our lost and found has been growing lately! Stop by and check it out during drop off or pick up time - we might have just what you've been looking for. Additionally, please make sure to write your child's name in their coat.
(for parents of preteens and teens)

Annie Redd LMFT, MEd, MA is hosting a 3-class series for parents of preteens and teens (ages 10-18 years old) These classes are will meet 3 Tuesdays in February, the 11th, 18th and 25th from 6-8pm. There is a small cost of $30 per person to attend. The facility only holds 40 attendees, so sign up or preregister as soon as you can. Here is the website that has all the information.

Any questions, please email  or call 425-208-1010. For more details, check out this website

Have you ever ruined a good lesson with an "I told you so"? I know I have. Human nature just makes it difficult to resist "sharing our wisdom" at the wrong times.
Here are some thoughts on helping kids learn from their own mistakes:

  • Save the "I told you so!" for when you mess up (lecture yourself out loud about what you learned and how you aspire to do better next time. Do this within earshot of your kids). 
  • Pour on the empathy (mostly silent empathy) when kids make mistakes. 
  • This is not always easy to pull off, but kids tend to learn best from their own mistakes when we resist the urge to do a lot of explaining about what they should be learning.  It's amazing how human beings, once told what they should be learning, resist the lesson. 
  • The focus of the lesson can shift to a power struggle over whether they are going to learn what we want them to learn (or not). Let empathy and the results do most of the teaching.

- Jedd Hafer
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