5879 Wyoming Trail
Wyoming, MN 55092
Friday, January 8, 2021
Worship for Sunday, January 10th:

  • First Reading: Genesis 1:1-5
  • Second Reading: Acts 19:1-7
  • Gospel: Mark 1:4-11
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The Annual Congregational Meeting is being planned. This will be held via Google Meet (similar to Zoom) with very limited in person seating (for those with no internet access).

Date and details to come.
2020 FINAL General Fund Offering Received -- as of 01/07/2021
Questions: Contact Council Treasurer, Chris Timmons treasurer@SharingChristsLove.org
$ 174,023.22
$ 155,559.96
Over / (Under) Budgeted Giving
$ 18,463.26
The following memorials were received:

In Memory of Jan Brainard
  • Kathy Mills
  • Darlene Petrey
  • Dale Brainard
  • Kathie and Marc Marabella
  • Doug and Pat Miska
  • Jon and Rosie Quale
  • J & J McNally

In Memory of Tillie Endres from Neil Gatzow
In Memory of Dease Charais from Cindy Gruett
In Memory of Alan Gruett from Cindy Gruett
In Honor of Diana Hubrich from Ruth Koehly

10:00 am

This week, instructions for reoccurring Zoom meetings and the spring schedule was sent to parents. If you have not been receiving emails about Sunday School, and you would like to be included, please email Melissa.
Aluminum Cans = CASH!
Turn empty cans into cash! Simply bring your empty cans to our convenient drop-off location -- located in the parking lot, facing the road. Make the earth a little cleaner while earning a little extra cash for St. Paul Lutheran!
Please take a look at the schedule and see what you would feel comfortable doing. If you have any questions, please contact the SPLC Covid response team at Safety@sharingchristslove.org 

  • Sign up for bathroom cleaning here
  • Sign up for vacuuming here
  • Sign up for sweeping and mopping here
  • Sign up for emptying garbage and cleaning high touch surfaces such as tables, chairs, doors, light switches, pens, etc. here
We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring nurses in our congregation!

January is National Blood Donation month, and with many donations cancelled there is a national shortage of blood. There is also a large demand for plasma from people who have already been exposed to COVID. The Red Cross reports about 7,000 events being cancelled this year due to COVID. This places extra strain on hospitals to get blood when needed for patients.

There are some scheduled blood drives in our community that include St. Peters Catholic Church, Lent Town Hall, Grace Church (Wyoming), Lent Town Hall, and many more. If you are interested visit the Red Cross website www.redcrossblood.orgSome requirements for blood donation are you must be at least 16 years old, over 110 pounds, have not donated in the last 56 days, and in good health.

If interested in more information, please reach out to our Parish Nurses Jaime or Joanna,
Sunday, January 10
9:00 am Online Worship
10:00 am Zoom Sunday School
Monday, January 11
6:30 pm Boy Scouts
Wednesday, January 13
6:00 pm Confirmation
Saturday, January 16
9:00 am Food Truck
Sunday, January 17
9:00 am Online Worship