January 8, 2021 Update

Dear Member, 
Happy New Year! 
Today’s Government announcement with regards to Covid-19 Restrictions have indicated that equestrian lessons and training within your regular training environment are permitted. Events, clinics and competitions are NOT permitted until those restrictions are lifted (not before January 25th 12:01 a.m.). These restrictions apply to the entire province
To further explain the group limit of 25 or less - provincial sport organizations are advised by provincial sport leaders on the interpretation of gov’t restrictions as they evolve. The government has the unenviable task of setting restrictions that encompass all sport even though we are all unique in many ways. The rule around 25 or less is a blanket number that deters large numbers of non-affiliated persons from participating at any one time together under the same roof.  Equestrian lessons/training typically have no more than 5 or 6 at any one time in the ring – made up of affiliated participants (those who take the same lesson at the same time at the same facility).
An equestrian activity that has a large gathering of participants who travel from different areas of the province or region for a one-day “lesson or practice” is considered a clinic or event. As such, this is not permissible under the current restrictions. Participants and facility operators may open themselves up for violating the Government Restrictions, potentially risking fines.
It is very confusing, frustrating and hard to interpret the rules. We are doing our best to communicate these rules to you so as to ensure the equestrian community is doing its part in reducing the risk of Covid-19 spread. 
During today’s press conference, our leaders indicated that they will be considering a cautious lift of restrictions over the coming weeks. Hopefully, the sport restrictions will be lifted sooner than later so we can get back to holding clinics and other equestrian events! 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation! As always, if you have any further concerns or questions, please contact me at nsef@sportnovascotia.ca
Stay safe,
Heather Myrer
Executive Director
Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation