Our Vision: "To Humbly Serve God through Loving and Caring for Others"
Worship at MZUMC
We are excited to be worshiping together in-person as well as continuing to have an online presence. We are live streaming our worship services on our YouTube page at 9:00 and 11:00 am. Previously recorded and streamed services can also be found here at any time.

To access the worship service please see our YouTube Channel or go to Youtube.com and search for Montrose Zion UMC to access our page which appears as a big “M” in a gray circle. You will find our worship there! Try it out this week and catch up on any past services you may have missed!  
Sunday, January 9, 2022
Prayer Concerns
Dorris Benson
Cartwright Family
Cern Family
Kaye Davis
Joel Gerberich 
Lees Family
McCargar Family
Ovendorf Family
Zak & Maria Reynolds
Sutherland Family

*Please call the church with any prayer requests or pastoral care needs
News and Opportunities to Serve

January Mission Challenge

For the month of January, we will be collecting Low Dose Aspirin. There is a collection box outside the front doors and a table in the Gathering Area to drop off donations.

December Mission Challenge Update - Thank you so much to all who donated diapers. We collected over 1,500 diapers for OPEN M!!

Speaking into Existence

There are 2 parts to communication – speaking and listening. The sermon series is about Speaking into Existence and we, as humans, are pretty good at speaking, but we tend to often fall short with respect to listening. So, while Bill and Jen preach a sermon series on Speaking into Existence, we’d like you work on the listening side. As we work through the series in the 1st month of a new year that we believe will be more hopeful, less stressful, more healthy, and safer, think about 4 things that you would like to hear God say to you – 1 thing per week. We’d like you to write those down and place them somewhere in your home where you will see them frequently – perhaps on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror. If you are worshiping in person there are pieces of paper in the back of the Sanctuary to write on and if you are worshipping virtually any piece of paper will do.  We’d like you to think about what you really need to hear from God and how those words would affect you and your family. We think that just spending some time reflecting on what you’d like to hear from God will impact your life. So, for the next 4 weeks let’s Speak into Existence and actively Listen to what God has to say directly to YOU. If you’d like to make the journey this month in community we encourage you to find an accountability partner or small group of people you know and share God's words and your intentions to act upon those words. It's kind of like a resolution, but better, because you can't fail, and it's shared with a friend for support. If you’d like help finding a partner or forming a group email leach.liana@gmail.com and we’ll partner you up with others on the journey of listening.

Celebration of Life Service for Mary Beth Kluge

We will be having a Celebration of Life Service for Mary Beth Kluge on Wednesday, January 12 at 11:00 am at the church. All are invited to attend. Click here for the obituary.

Acme CashBack

The Acme CashBack program has ended! Please save your receipts dated after August 5 and put them in the box near the Welcome Center.

Common Threads

Common Threads Closet is a non-denominational non-profit that distributes clothing, shoes, and small household items to those in need and in a setting that they can choose the items that they want and need. There is a box in the coat room to collect any items you wish to go to this organization.

Children's Ministry
Contact: Cyndi Liming limingcmboa@icloud.com
Check out the Children's Ministry Website for updates here
Sunday School and Children's Church lessons can be found on the church's YouTube Page. Each week Cyndi will be recording new and interactive lessons that your child can listen to from home!
Student Ministry
Contact: Jennifer Dyer mzumcstudent@gmail.com
This week

This week we will be discussing the baptism of Christ and what baptism means to us. We will look at the events of Christ's baptism and the promises that are made at baptisms in our church today. Key Scripture is Luke 3:15-17, 21-22. 

Confirmation Info Meeting

All parents and youth grades 6 and up who would like to participate in confirmation are invited to attend the confirmation information session this Sunday at 10 am in the FFC (gym). Both youth and their parents are encouraged to attend to hear the details of confirmation this year and get any questions about the program answered. If you can not attend this meeting but would still like to participate in confirmation please let me know by emailing mzumcstudent@gmail.com
Contact: Sharon Paige spaige@mzumc.org
The Letter “M” is our letter of the week filled with Learning Centers about mice, magnets, macaroni, marbles, marshmallows and even graphing some tasty M&M’s. Our Weekly Reader magazine is all about Dr. Martin Luther King and what an important message he shared. During Chapel Time with Pastor Bill on Wednesday, he will talk about the Magi and what role they played in Jesus’ birth. 
Registration for our 2022/2023 school year will begin in February!
This month, the preschool will be collecting items needed by the Copley Food Bank to fill the children's backpacks for a weekend meal. This mission was arranged by Anisley's rammy and the cause is very deal to her heart. We will divide the urgent items needed by class, but you are more than welcome to bring something for each bin.
3 Year Class: Cans of spaghettio's and ravioli
4 Year Class: Capri Sun
Pre-K Class: Individual Snack foods  

Music Ministry
Contact: Joe Leaman joeleaman@me.com

Anyone who is interested in providing Special Music during the special music time on Sunday mornings, please contact Music Director, Joe Leaman via email: joeleaman@me.com.
Words of Guidance & Encouragement from Bishop Tracy S. Malone
January 4, 2022

Dear Clergy and Laity of East Ohio,

Happy New Year! I rejoice in this New Year and celebrate that we worship a God who has plans for our good and not for our harm, to give us a future with hope (Jeremiah 29:11). I rejoice that God has carried us through another difficult year. By God's grace, we have been given the gift of a new day and a new year, filled with many new possibilities. God is always making all things new!

I know that navigating life and ministry during this time of pandemic has not been easy for any of us. I understand the frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion you're experiencing and know that all of us are ready for this pandemic to end. This dangerous and invasive virus has caused sickness in many of our households and faith communities and has claimed the lives of some of our loved ones and many others, too many to count. I pray for you and for all who are grieving and have suffered loss. I also pray for your resilience as you seek to remain steadfast in the Lord as we continue to face the uncertainties of the pandemic. The Lord will see us through these challenging times.

Thank you for all the efforts you have made and continue to make in caring for the safety and well-being of yourself, your family, and your neighbor. I thank you for the attention and care you have given as you adhere to the East Ohio Conference COVID guidelines and the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and your local health department. I also want to thank you for working together as a team, pastor and lay leadership, to implement safety guidelines for your local church for the sake of everyone's well-being and life.

I remind us that we are still in a pandemic. The pandemic is not over! Great progress has been made over these past two years with more health data, testing stations, and the development and access to vaccines. However, there is a rampant spread of the virus, and it is affecting many lives in alarming numbers across Northeast Ohio. I encourage you to not relax the health and safety precautions in your church and in your personal life, instead I encourage you to double down on your efforts to preserve your health and the health of others. Everyone's health matters.

The United Methodist Church has a commitment to the common good as we seek to do no harm and love our neighbors as ourselves. Abundant health is a matter of discipleship, and The United Methodist Church is making it a missional priority to educate people about the COVID-19 vaccine – and make the vaccine accessible to everyone. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to love each other, to work together and to do all we can to offer ourselves in service to protect the most vulnerable and engage in behaviors that build healthy communities. We are called to "love each other with genuine affection, and to take delight in honoring each other" (Romans 12:10).

I encourage everyone to get vaccinated. If you have not been fully vaccinated and are eligible to receive the vaccine, do it. And if you are eligible for a booster, get it. It is the single most important thing you can do to care for yourself and others. Encourage your fellow colleagues and church members to get vaccinated. Being vaccinated can help slow the spread of the coronavirus and slowing the spread can also prevent the virus from developing into new variants, like Omicron.

I encourage pastors and church leaders to be bold and courageous in holding to the highest standards of care and well-being of yourselves, your families, your co-workers, and your community. We are each called to take personal responsibility for the well-being of all.

I and my Extended Cabinet created COVID-19 guidelines that have been shared, updated, and linked on both the homepage of the East Ohio Conference website and under the Resources tab. These guidelines are still relevant and should be followed. View the COVID-19 Resource page at www.eocumc.com/coronavirus.

Adhering to the health and safety guidelines is critically important—even though doing so will not be popular with everyone. I am also providing additional guidance to keep us ever vigilant in mitigating health risks and the spreading of the virus.

Friends, these are the loving, faithful and caring things we are called to do:

  • Reinstitute pandemic precautions immediately, if you have relaxed them, and keep them posted.
  • Urge people to stay home when they are not feeling well or are exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • Encourage wearing masks when inside the church.
  • Open windows and doors for ventilation.
  • Continue to practice appropriate distancing.
  • Encourage people to get vaccinated.
  • Continue to offer alternative options/platforms for engagement for worship and ministries.
  • Continue to work as a team (pastor and church leaders) to determine what are the best healthy practices for your church.
  • Stay informed about the latest updates from your local health department and the Ohio Department of Health. The ODH website is linked on our EOC COVID-19 Resource page.

Someone has put it this way: "Mask Up, Wash Up (your hands), Back Up (distance), Open Up (windows), Lay Up (at home if you are sick), Roll Up (your sleeves for vaccination/booster), and Look Up (to the hope that is ours in Christ)."

Let us be encouraged as we continue to work together, support one another, and pray for each other, as we stay focused on our vision of being disciples, making disciples and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ; being God's agents of healing and transformation in our communities and throughout the world; and being bold and courageous in reaching new people, younger people, and a more diverse people.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" (Galatians. 6:9).

Grace and Peace,
Bishop Tracy S. Malone
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