A year after becoming the first campus to successfully complete Level 1 certification, Penn State New Kensington duplicated the feat in November by earning Level 2 certification from the Sustainability Institute's Green Paws program. For the past two years, campus teams have been reducing waste and saving energy. New Kensington is the only Penn State campus with 100 percent participation by its faculty and staff.

Have you ever been asked "what is sustainability?" by co-workers, friends or family who are curious about your daily behaviors like recycling or riding your bike? Sustainability is such a broad and overarching concept that it can sometimes be hard to find the right words to describe. According to Danielle Yzaguirre, a Penn State student studying sustainability leadership, "Sustainability, to me, means having hope for the future of the human race." Read more about her and other Penn State students' perspectives on sustainability.

In its fourth year, this grassroots community-wide wellness initiative encourages you to choose a nutritional behavior you would like to change. It must be significant enough to positively impact your health, but manageable enough that you can be successful for 28 days. If you are successful for 25 out of the 28 days, you automatically become eligible for the prize drawing that includes a trip for four to Disney World! 
New for 2017, local businesses have partnered with the NHC to make things a bit more interesting with special events and prizes . Check out the NHC Facebook page to learn about these fun incentives.  

Using salt to remove ice from your streets and sidewalks causes sewer run-off, and can kill vegetation and endanger aquatic ecosystems. While all de-icers are somewhat harmful, salt is the worst to use. Some  salt substitutes include calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), corn byproducts and sand. Read about more alternatives and strategies for safe de-icing.

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100 Thomas Building, University Park
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100 Thomas Building, University Park
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