January, 2016

NCCE Conference
February 24-26 in Seattle, WA
Keynote Cheryl Strayed 

 Why Do You Code?
Last month, Computer Science Education Week captured the attention of millions of students, educators and industry professionals around the world. The Seattle Times highlighted one program that utilizes industry internships to intersect the interests of kids with necessary 21st century workforce skills. Co-founders of Scratch agree, "For us, coding is not a set of technical skills but a new type of literacy and personal expression, valuable for everyone, much like learning to write." 
Afterschool and summer programs can be the perfect place to expose youth to engaging programming experiences that they may not have access to during the school day. Not sure how to do that? Contact us so we can help connect you with the right partner, curriculum or training to get your students equipped for the next level!

 Favorite #AfterschoolMoment of 2015

Check out this article from The Afterschool Alliance for a great look back at moments in Afteschool success from around the country in 2015. Share your favorite moments on social media with the hashtag #AfterschoolMoment and let's work to make 2016 even better! 

Updates for the New Year
Quality in Action 
Afterschool programs seem to have one thing in common. They are all concerned with effective behavior management strategies. As frequent visitors of afterschool programs, OregonASK staff observe that children make a lot of transitions between activities in afterschool. While this indicates that they are being offered a variety of activities, which is great, it can also lead to behavior challenges if those transitions are not managed well by staff. 

Transitions between activities are activities  themselves and should be planned out as thoughtfully as an art activity or a science lesson. Mismanaged transitions often lead to students waiting. Waiting (boredom) is a breeding ground for difficult behavior. If children know what to do, when to do it, and are taught how to be successful transitions can be problem free. The National Afterschool Alliance has some quick tips for managing transitions with transition games. Check them out here .

OregonASK currently offers three, 3-hour, Oregon Registry approved, Set Two behavior management training sessions. They are:
  • Strategies for a Positive Classroom
  • Transitions and Time Fillers
  • Supporting Positive Behavior in Afterschool Using the 40 Developmental Assets

Contact Susan Hamann for more information.


Afterschool & Summer Learning Day at the Capitol  February 24th
Join us in Salem next month to share the importance of  afterschool and summer learning opportunities with your state representatives! We hope you are able to take some time to share the personal side of expanded learning opportunities with those making policy and funding decisions.  Register Now  and we will make the appointment(s) for you! We have also put together  talking points and a sample script  if you prefer to call on your own. See you in Salem  February 24th !
Be An Advocate Today- Send a Valentine!
We want to fill the Capitol with Love for Afterschool and Summer next month but we need your help! Whether or not you coming to Salem for our Day at the Capitol, we hope you are able 
cupid-heart-icon.jpg to be part of our  Why We Love Afterschool & Su mmer valentine c ampaign! We are asking programs to collect 'valentines' from students that say or show why they love their program. You can also ask parents to send their own valentine to your representative. 

If you would like more information, examples, or a stamped envelope for sending in the valentines, please email  Bethany Thramer  or call our offices at  503-689-1656
OregonASK Mission, Vision & Goals
As we work to improve the communication and information processes of OregonASK Expanded Learning Partnership, we are incorporating an informational feedback process that will happen throughout the next year. Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on any particular changes you would like to see to our mission, vision and goals to better reflect the work we do together as the Statewide Network.  We value your input and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
A form for your feedback can be found Here .
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