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                                     IMPORTANT REMINDERS


Traveling Back to the U.S.

Do not forget your required travel documentation upon re-entering the U.S. for the
spring 2019 semester! Please review the infographic below for exact details regarding travel document requirements. 

Reduced Course Load Requests for Spring 2019

There are very limited reasons for authorizing reduced course loads. We strongly recommend that you review our table for reduced course loads to gain more insight prior to submitting your RCL application (below).

If you are applying for spring 2019 CPT and you will be filing a reduced course load, you will need to submit your spring 2019 RCL request along with your CPT application during advising hours.  

                                         F-1 Employment Updates

SEVP Portal Rollout

As of December 10, 2018, ISSS will be requiring students on post-completion OPT to report their employment through the SEVP portalOur previous guidance instructed students to report their employment through our employment update report form on the ISSS website. Please select the following link to obtain more information on how to access and use the SEVP Portal:  SEVP Portal Information .                                               

 Additionally, t he following form is used for students who want to reset the password of a locked SEVP Portal account, resend the SEVP Portal invitation email due to an expired previous invitation, inform ISSS of a change in preferred emails, or request correction of your OPT/STEM status in SEVIS: SEVP Portal Access Form

We are still requiring students on STEM-OPT Extensions to report their employment via the employment update report form on our website, unless they would like to update their work address and phone number via the SEVP Portal, or simply REVIEW employment information. Otherwise, if you are authorized for STEM-OPT, please continue using the employment update report form to report your employment as well as any material changes to your employment. Please click on the following link to view the SEVP Portal tutorial video: 

SEVP Portal -- What do you need to know
SEVP Portal -- What do you need to know

On-Campus Work Authorization UPDATE

Effective immediately, SJSU no longer requires F-1 students to authorize their on-campus employment. Previously, F-1 students were required to obtain formal work authorization for on-campus employment via ISSS and HR (Human Resources). Students will no longer be required to go through this process. Per federal regulations governing F-1 students, it is not a requirement to obtain work authorization for on-campus employment. 

However, if F-1 students need to apply for a social security number for their on-campus employment, ISSS can provide a SSN confirmation letter to assist them with this process. 
Therefore, if you are an F-1 student and you get a job on-campus, you will only have to apply for a social security number and undergo the I-9 process with Human Resources.

F-1 Online Employment Info Sessions 

ISSS will soon be transitioning to online F-1 Employment Info Sessions instead of in-person. The Info Sessions will be available online before the start of the spring 2019 semester. 

Please stay up-to-date with your emails and check our website periodically for more information. 

Academic Year CPT Start & End Dates for 2019:

The possible CPT authorization dates for 2019 are as follows:
  • Spring 2019: December 20, 2018 to May 22, 2019
  • Summer 2019: May 23, 2019 to August 16, 2019
  • Fall 2019: August 19, 2019 to December 18, 2019
Please visit our website for more information

Practical Training Eligibility Requirements

New F-1 Students (non-transfer): One academic year of full-time study (spring and fall semesters)

Transfer students (from the same degree level): One required semester of full-time study (spring or fall term)

Students returning directly from OPT (no break): One required semester of full-time study (spring or fall)

Students coming directly from Bachelor's degree to Master's Degree (no OPT or break in between): One required semester of full-time study (spring or fall)



ISSS Office Closures in January

ISSS will be closed on the following days in January:
  • Friday, January 11th
  • Monday, January 21st

F-1 Employm ent Info Sessions will be available online!

Before the spring 2019 semester begins, ISSS will be transitioning to online F-1 Employment Info Sessions. Please keep up with your emails for the latest ISSS announcements and periodically check our website for more information. 

                        Volunteering Opportunity for New Student Mixer!

ISSS is seeking 2-3 volunteers to assist with the New Student Mixer for new international and transfer students on  January 31 from 5:30-7:30pm in Meeting Rooms 1A & B. Volunteers will help lead some of the mingle activities. 

Food will be provided, and this is a great way to meet and assist new students! Interested students can contact keri.toma@sjsu.edu.

                                   RE-ENTERING THE U.S.

When you re-enter the U.S. as an active F-1 student, you will need to have the following documents:

1. I-20 signed within last 12 months

2. Valid visa

3. Valid passport

4. I-94

5. Academic transcripts and financial documentation (recommended not required)

If you are traveling while you are on authorized Post-Completion OPT or STEM-Extension OPT, you need to have the following documents upon re-entry:

1. I-20 signed within last 6 months

2. Valid visa

3. Valid passport

4. Valid EAD card

5. Current job offer letter

6. I-94

                                ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK

                              WRITING CENTER WINTER HOURS


                                     I-HOUSE OPENINGS

If you're interested in living at SJSU's International House, please email Ihouse@sjsu.edu or visit their website for more information. Rooms still available for spring 2019!




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F-1 Employment & Change of Status Info Sessions

F-1 Employment Info Session

Change of Status Info Session

*ISSS is currently transitioning to an online format for the F-1 Employment & Change of Status Info Sessions. 

The info sessions will be posted on our website before the semester begins.



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