Bits & Tips: January 2017 Edition
YUConnects offers unique social events, targeted matchmaking and educational programs to foster healthy relationships toward marriage. 
It is self-funded and open to the entire Jewish community.
Recent Engagements 

278 Engagements & Counting!

Leah Dickstein  of Atlanta, GA   &
Tsvi Palmer  of Baltimore, MD.  
Matched by  Michelle Mond and Kim Solomon.

Esther Gittel Rubin 
of Flushing, NY &
Daniel Goldman of Flushing, NY. Met at 
YUConnects "Lend a Hand" chesed event,
organized by
Margie Glatt.

Michal Adar
of Columbus, OH &
David Rosen 
of Chestnut Hill, MA. 
Matched  by
Chadva Fried.

Shoshana Dembitzer
of Far Rockaway, NY &
Yehuda Schorr
of Far Rockaway, NY. 
Matched  by
Leba Pollock.

 Mazel tov to all!
to YUConnects in honor of an engaged couple!
Smile of the Month

Shiur Spotlight 
of the Month

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Husbands - A Torah Perspective
by Rabbi Chaim Eisenstein

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The Event of the Year!
30 speakers - a day of amazing Torah!
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What:  Discount rate - $18 before 1/12
When:  All day, Sunday, January 15,   YUConnects area open 10 am to 2 pm
Where:  Indoors at Citifield. Free Parking 
How: Register HERE and use "YUCONNECTS" promo code. 
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DineNMeet Joins Yachad for the Miami Marathon!

Half-Marathon Fundraiser weekend with exclusive programming by DineNMeet
When: January 26-29
Who: Orthodox young professionals in their 20s and 30s
More Information: contact Alena Bloom at 
212-866-0546 or

Monthly Insight 
Special Contributor: Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen of the Orthodox Union    
Dating References: What They Say About You 
At the turn of the century, I worked as a lawyer at the Manhattan firm of Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett. The etiquette of white shoe law firm culture in those days was genteel and giving a good reference when someone moved on (even under less than ideal terms) was considered sacrosanct. However, one candidate was particularly mediocre and his managing partner had major hesitations. The partner recommending decided to say to the prospective employer, "You'd be lucky to get him to work for you." On it's face, he was recommending him nicely. If you looked deeper, he was saying the guy is a "lazy good for nothing" and you'd be lucky to get any productivity out of him!

References are essential in many contexts, including the world of shidduchim and religious dating. I recently received a call to be a reference about a gentleman that used to be a congregant in my former shul. Ironically, the caller must have had an old resume, as I was sure this guy wouldn't currently put me down as a reference for him. I just commented that we had lost touch and I couldn't really say much about him at present. In truth, I had much to say, but decided to spare this poor fellow. I was also afraid that I might not be such an objective observer as I had some tense moments with him. Apparently, he hadn't upgraded his shidduch resume in some time and was lucky to dodge this bullet.
Continue Rabbi Cohen's article  here

Our very own Mindy Eisenman was live on Facebook with Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen, discussing resumes, references, and more!
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YUConnects Pay It ForWed
Did you know that YUConnects has many resources for newly engaged couples? Check out our website to see what we offer. And, your donation to our non-profit will entitle you to unique tefilla cards for use at your chuppa. Should you be blessed with making a Simcha, your support of YUConnects can ensure others benefit as well. What a beautiful way to " Pay it ForWed!
Wedding Checklist  for the Wedding Day 
Beautiful Tefilla Cards  f or use at the Chuppah  Ceremony 
* A List of Kallah and Chosson Teachers  within your  community. Call our office for recommendations. 
Tribute Cards  to give in celebration of the big day

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