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Greetings! :

First off, (and maybe a little late but...) I want to wish everyone out there a very "Happy New Year", filled with love, joy, happiness and an abundance of good health. I generally try to get our newsletter out to you on the first of the month however, I don't know about you, but I was personally INUNDATED with well meaning emails and well wishes to the point I didn't even want to look at me email any more. I wasn't about to add our name to that list! A BIG THANKS to everyone who came out and supported us during the holidays with their gift shopping AND our Holiday Window Competition. The winner was Amanda's House of Elegance with a beautifully decorated window. Cornerstone placed second and and UNDR For Men placed third. 291 people voted for their favourite window and everyone had fun! We will do it again next year!

So here we are, mid January all ready and now I feel I can reach out to let you know what's happening here at the "Little Shop On The Corner". If you are anything like myself, you may have eaten a little too much over the holidays, socialized too much and maybe spent a little too much (hopefully you did it here, then you don't have to feel so bad because you gifted someone with something lovely and handmade in Canada!) After all the planning and excitement, you may be feeling a little deflated and blah... otherwise known as the "January Blues". Maybe you have a little getaway planned to somewhere hot and sunny to escape or maybe you need to stay at home and cocoon! If that's the case we want you to know we have all the right stuff going on to chase the "January Blues" away!

From now until February 25th we are participating in National Cupcake Day and our online donation competition to raise money for the Kingston Humane Society. And we have sweetened the pot so read on to find out about our donation raffle and the amazing piece of art up for grabs!

In a few short days, the ladies at the store will be doing some "Early spring revamping" to make our feature wall look amazing again! Please excuse our "messy bits" while this is happening! I know the urge to stay in and hunkered down is strong but this is a perfect time to come down town to see us for inspiration and to chase the "January Blues" away. We have lots of colourful things to make your home look beautiful, colourful and comfortable. SPRING IS IN THE AIR (I am willing it to happen :o)

This time of year there are retirement announcements, commemoration gifts and thank you gifts to buy and we have just what you want (and parking close to the store is pretty easy this time of year too :) If you contact us early enough, we have many artists who can personalize your gift as well.
At the end of January is the gift show in Toronto, where I will be going to the "by Hand" show to see new, hand made Canadian artists and their spring lines. Always exciting to see what's going to be gracing the shelves here at Cornerstone for the spring!

We still have a few beautiful Canadian Art 2019 calendars left and we have marked them down to HALF-PRICE
A sneak peek into February brings us to Feb Fest, a month long celebration of fun for the whole family from February 1-28. Cornerstone will have several events going on including a featured artist each week where you can save 15% on that artist's work! Stay tuned to FB and Instagram for details as well as the February newsletter.

Sunday February 10, from 11 AM - 1 PM, I will be giving another Zentangle class and this time we will feature a heart themed class in honour of Valentine's Day! There will be something in it for everyone from beginners to people who have already taken a class before. Don't like hearts? Don't worry we can find another shape for you to Zentangle!

Sunday February 17th from 1 PM - 4 PM we will be participating in the DBIA's Feb Fest event, "An Artsy Afternoon". Think of it as a daytime Art After Dark! Same great art, and our very own Lynn will be singing and playing guitar. Light refreshments and a great way to spend a wintry, Sunday afternoon!

Our "little shop on the corner", depends on our loyal customer's support all year round so that we can continue to offer Kingston and surrounding areas (and by that I mean the world as we have many friends from all over the globe who visit us whenever they come to Canada), the great Canadian hand - made pieces you've come to expect. Don't keep us a secret! Tell all your friends and remember to like and share our posts on instagram and FB and to follow us there and on Pinterest as well!

2019 is going to be a bang up year for everyone and I can't wait for you to see what we have in store (pardon the pun) for you all!

From our heart you yours,
Penny & the wonderful staff at Cornerstone
ZIA piece
My two rescue kitties, Maddie & Pooper say thanks for helping out their friends at the Kingston Humane Society
Zentangle Class by Penny Knapp
Self expression should be fun and satisfying. So many people stress over not being able to "draw" that they give up on art. Trust me I understand COMPLETELY!!! My favourite line is "I draw stick people" :)
A few years ago I discovered Zentangle. It's a meditative art form that uses some very simple guidelines and repetitive patterns that make up the design. In keeping with the Valentine's Day heart theme, this class will focus on a simple heart that you can use to create a card for a loved one or a friend! Come join us for a relaxing fun time of Zentangle. The class will be on Sunday February 10 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM the fee is $55.00 and will include supplies!
If you have taken the class before come join us again as their will be some new things to try! (If you are totally against hearts we can give you a different shape to play with!)

Below are a lovely group of women with whom I had the pleasure of continuing my Zentangle journey with this past October 2018 at the Tangle On retreat at Niagara - On - The - Lake. Zentangle is a journey that keeps me being creative and gives me an opportunity to learn and hang with other very talented people. I am so blessed!
National Cupcake Donation Drive
Night Dive
Animals are my favourite people! I'm way more comfortable in a room full of cats and dogs then I am in room full of people! We love it when people bring their dogs into Cornerstone! In the summer time when it's hot, we would rather you bring them in the store than leave them outside in the heat. We will even fill your pet bowl with water! Animals need people to advocate for them now more than ever as the level of animal cruelty seems to be rising instead of lessening :(
Last year we raised $500.00 for the Kingston Humane Society with donations from some of Cornerstone's lovely customers and friends. We are hoping to do the same thing this year and maybe even surpass that mark, as we have sweetened the donation pot just a little. Our lovely and incredible artist, Nathalie Parenteau, from the Yukon (and a huge animal lover and animal rights advocate) has kindly donated this limited edition canvas print called "Night Dive" that some lucky donation recipient shall receive. The piece is 28" x 9" and is number 10/100 and retails at $295.00. To be eligible for the draw you must donate a minimum of $10.00 to Cornerstone's National Cupcake fundraising centre. For every $10.00 donation, you receive one entry for the canvas! The more money you donate the more chances you get!
I love win - win situations and this seems to be a WIN - WIN - WIN!!! Animals will benefit form the donations, a lovely customer will win a beautiful piece of Nathalie's work and Cornerstone gets to help make it all happen! All proceeds go directly to the Kingston Humane Society and donations of 10.00 will get you a tax receipt (please follow the directions carefully for you to obtain your tax receipt)

You can start donating NOW by clicking on the CupCake link below! We have until February 25 to help the Kingston Humane Society.
Night Dive
Spring IS In The Air
Canadian Calendars 50% OFF!!!
Warm & Cozy From Head to Tosies!
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