Greetings from the IEA Board of Directors and Our New Co-Presidents, Jan Shegda and Carla Smith

January 2020 is the start o f many new things. We celebrate a new year and new decade. And with that many of us bring a new resolve to our practice, to learning, growing and connecting with our selves and our loved ones and colleagues in deeper ways, and to making a difference in the beautiful and challenging world around us. 
For the International Enneagram Association, January 2020 is also the beginning of a new era. With 25 successful years to build on, we’re moving to a new pattern of holding a biennial rather than annual global conference in order to create space in alternate years for our National Affiliates and US Chapters to welcome us into their worlds. We are so excited that seven of them have stepped forward and are individually or in collaboration hosting regional conferences on four different continents during 2020! We’re looking forward to attending fabulous gatherings planned in:
  • Cairo (hosted by IEA Egypt)
  • Bogota (hosted by IEA Colombia)
  • Chicago (co-hosted by IEA Great Lakes and IEA Minnesota) and
  • Stockholm (co-hosted by IEA Sweden, IEA Denmark and IEA Norway). 

The IEA will also be offering two new workshop-style events as well. Our April panel - with four leading Enneagram teachers and thinkers coming together for a Friday evening and Saturday in Cincinnati - is open for registration now. This power-house group will be discussing their distinct approaches to the Instincts and Subtypes and how we can understand and use them to aid in our growth. It promises to be a deeply informative session! We hope you’ll plan to come and participate in person in the rich discussion and interaction with friends and fellow seekers. We know in-person attendance won’t be possible for some of you, so stay tuned for details to come about ways IEA members will be able to purchase virtual access packages.

As the new year begins, it is a good time to remember some of the other benefits of being an IEA Member. In addition to the discounts you receive for attending IEA-sponsored events, you have the exclusive right to access for free all of the articles published in the Enneagram Journal and many recordings from past IEA conferences!   We’ve created new membership categories to make membership more accessible for young people and for Affiliate members in countries with different economic challenges. We hope you enjoy and take full advantage of these benefits.
We and our IEA Board colleagues look forward to seeing you and talking with many of you in the coming year. Feel free to email us at any time at to share your thoughts and ideas.
Warm regards,

Carla Smith and Jan Shegda
IEA Co-Presidents
Carla Smith & Jan Shegda
IEA Co-Presidents
Lynda Roberts & Nan Henson
Enneagram Applications Training & Certification Program
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Module I Program Dates:
January 23-26, 2020
Module 2 Program Dates:
March 19-22, 2020
Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD
Deep Living Institute
BEYOND DUALITY: Living at the Intersection of our Infinite and Finite Nature
Dublin, Ireland
May 6-11, 2020
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