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January 2016
Dear (Contact First Name),

 Camano Arts Association (CAA) represents many talented artists from the vibrant arts community in Camano Island and Stanwood. We hope this newsletter will provide an interesting source of information about our artists and what they are doing and about art events in our area and beyond.
Enjoy exploring the art links in this newsletter and discovering a bit more about our wonderful community of artists.
Featured Artist
Sally Chang, our featured 
Portrait of Sally Chang
Woodblock print by Sarah Swett
artist, will be a new addition to the 2016 Studio Tour. She is a new member, moved to Camano only 2 years ago, has been working in clay for over 20 years, and also enjoys working in natural fibers.

Sally seeks simplicity, pleasing proportion, the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi (finding beauty in imperfection, decay), and modernism.  "I prefer things to look hand-made, relaxed. That doesn't mean sloppy or unfinished. I avoid overworking the clay; I let the materials guide me. The color palate I work with is chosen because it works well together and reflects the natural environment."

Ceru Set, Sally Chang

Sally earned a BA and BFA from the University of Idaho and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington. Aside from academic influences, personal relationships have had a big impact on her work. She began selling her work at a weekly market in Moscow, Idaho, some time ago. "Selling my wares changed me in a profound way," she says. She drew both personal and artistic inspiration from the many friends she made and talked with weekly at the market. She bloomed. She created. She experimented with form, color, and function as she responded to the needs of her clients. And her work continues to evolve.  

Seashell Baker, Sally Chang

"One of my most inspiring customers was a deaf woman from Alaska who ran sled dogs. As her dogs retired and then passed on, they needed a final resting place. She asked me to make an urn to keep in her house so she could always be close to them and they to each other. In thinking about what this customer wanted and why, I wanted to create a piece that felt comforting and secure. I envisioned a shape that would be womb-like--round and enclosed. To achieve this, I married two large bowl-forms together and hand-carved tear-like shapes into the piece to symbolize her loss. For balance I used a bright green glaze, a color indicative to me of new growth and life. This was the biggest vessel I had made to date, and I felt honored to craft something that had so much personal meaning for her."

Sled Dog Urn, Sally Chang

"It is important to me that people
Best Plaid, Sally Chang
enjoy interacting with my work on a daily basis. I endeavor to create the favorite mug or the dish that always gets chosen first out of the stack. Customers tell me of their delight when one of my serving dishes becomes the perfect complement for a favorite recipe. Or, they comment that eating off my dishes makes them feel like they're in a wonderful restaurant. "


Sally creates her works with clay slabs rather than forming them on a potter's wheel, as with this coffee pot.You can talk to her about process at the Studio Tour and perhaps be treated to a demonstration. To learn more about Sally or to contact her, visit her website: Sally Chang Designs.

Artists About Town
Mark Ellinger  is one busy artist this month. First, he and his son will be hard at work making glass floats for the 7th Great Northwest Glass Quest event (see below).
Next, they will be making glass floats for the Great Balls of Fire Geo Caching event held at Cama Beach State Park,
Feb. 6, 2pm-6pm. For more info, see Great Balls of Fire.
Thirdly, he will be providing center pieces for the SCAF  2016 Philanthropist of the Year Awards Breakfast at the Floyd. The pieces will be a combination of sea forms, starfish, seashells, and floats.
Glass Quest Artists Mark and Marcus Ellinger are working hard to make all the floats for the 7th Great Northwest Glass Quest Event, Feb. 12-21st.  See  Gayle Picken  and Glass Quest Studio for more information.

The Camano Chamber, Stanwood Chamber, City of Stanwood & the State & County parks have all taken on the Quest this year as their own event. Gayle Picken is running the event this year again and is doing a great job as always. Other art events that will include CAA artists are listed on Gayle's site:    Gayle Picken
Heart floats for Valentines Day during
Great Northwest Glass Quest Event
Matthew Gore at Glass Quest Studio

Danny Koffman will unveil the new Camano Island Mural February 1st at Noon.

The Stanwood Camano Arts Guild has a new president, Terence Rabbitt, painting and photography. The guild also has a new logo, created by  Val Paul Taylor, a well known illustrator and graphics designer.

SCAG will be moving their biggest show of the year, ART BY THE BAY, to the East end of Stanwood, a true street fair. Details are still being worked out. Check SCAG for the latest details.
Matzke Fine Art Gallery Workshops
Matzke Fine Art Gallery

Memory Book Workshop with Donna Watson.
2 day workshop
March 19-20   
 Let's embark on a journey to self discovery and have fun along the way.  Using all sorts of mediums like paint, rubber stamps, collage, and photo imagery, everyone will complete a folded accordion book. $290 includes lunch.

Stone Carving Workshop and Retreat
Three day retreat and workshop
April 22nd, 23rd & 24th

Learn about carving soft stone with chisels and hammer. $415. Includes: lunches every day, potluck party, and gallery opening Saturday evening, instruction from a master stone carver, 
Sue Taves.

For more information, or contact Karla Matzke at 360-387-2759 or email;

A Guilded Gallery Classes and Workshops
Details about these classes can be found at The Guilded Gallery

Saturday Workshops for Kids
with Rena Mahurin
Starting on Jan 30

Beginning Watercolor
with Nicki Wight
Sessions from Jan - Nov

Acrylic Painting, the Impressionistic Way
with Dianna Shyne
Feb. 17 and 24

with Michele Cooper
Begins March 3

Impressionistic Watercolor
with Kathy Collins
April 2

with Judy Killian
April 9 and 10

Watercolor Workshop
with Ron Stocke
August 6-7

Kate Riley will present "Making Your Website Work for You" at the CAA General Membership meeting, February 3. She will offer suggestions for creating a strong home page, improving the shopping experience, adding simple marketing techniques and engaging the interest of visitors. Kate will also provide examples of artists' websites that are aesthetically appealing and effective at sales.

In her former position at the University of Washington, Kate had extensive experience designing and maintaining a large website that supported international research activities. She recently completed a certificate in editing at the UW where she studied website design. Kate is currently the secretary of CAA and is a longtime appreciator of Camano Island where she's had a second home for 29 years.

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Koffman Gallery
Mural Unveiling
Feb 1, Noon

Great Balls of Fire 
Feb. 6th

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Feb. 12th-21st

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