January 2021
City of Easton Municipal Enewsletter
City buildings closed to the public again due to COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the region and state, The City of Easton is closing its public buildings, including City Hall, to visitors through at least January 31 to limit the spread of the virus.

City associates will be available via phone and email to assist residents. All city business can be transacted via telephone, email, online, or mail. Contact information for city staff and departments can be found on the city web site on the City Hall page in the City Directory tab.

For the duration of the Mayor's Executive Order, the City will be waiving the 75-cent fee for online utility payments that are made from a checking or savings account. (NOTE: fees for credit card payments remain in place).

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on our web site, through EastonAlerts, and through our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Reminder - use official city web site when paying bills online

Attention City of Easton residents: Please pay close attention to the website you use for paying city sewer, water, and real estate bills. The two authorized vendors are Diversified Bill Pay for sewer and trash, and City Hall Systems for real estate taxes and parking-related fees.

Third party sites like doxo.com are NOT affiliated The City of Easton or Easton Suburban Water Authority. Rather than going to the official City web site to pay their bill, some residents are doing Google searches for phases like "pay my Easton utility bill" and are mistakenly being taken to unaffiliated, third party platforms like Doxo.

These third party platforms take your payment, charge you a high user fee, and then issue a check to the city on your behalf. Your payment is not considered as being made until the City receives the check in the mail, which often takes several days, resulting in a late fee for a resident that processed the payment thru doxo on the day it was due. This is why it's important to always pay online through the official city vendor's web site.

Please go to the City of Easton web site - www.easton-pa.com/city-hall and click on either the Pay Sewer and Trash box in the center of the homepage, or click on the Pay Real Estate, Parking and Other box.
Join us in supporting City of Easton Restaurants this winter

We encourage you to Support Easton restaurants by dining out or getting a to-go order via curbside pickup. Go to the Shop Downtown Easton web site by Easton Main Street Initiative for a list of downtown restaurants offering heated outdoor dining and also curbside pickup and takeout. 
The Office of Mayor Salvatore Panto, Jr.
Mayor's New Year Message
Happy New Year to all City of Easton residents, visitors, and business owners!

Please read Mayor Panto's 2021 New Year Message from the City of Easton.
Department of Public Works
When it comes to household recycling, we really need to get "Back to Basics." Why?

The recycling industry has changed significantly over the past several years. Due to new standards that have been imposed by the markets that accept our recyclable materials, quality is now much more important than quantity. Even small amounts of ineligible materials mixed in with your recycling can result in significant additional cost due to handling and landfill disposal.  

We appreciate that residents who recycle are well-intentioned, but we need your help to reduce contamination ASAP! It starts by paying close attention to what you are recycling. It is preferred for residents to focus on recycling the basics:
  • clean (rinsed) plastics #1 and #2
  • aluminum cans
  • glass beverage bottles
  • (dry) corrugated cardboard

Please refer to this graphic of the City’s recent recycling mailer for guidance on what to and what not to recycle. In the coming months the City of Easton will be sharing additional guidance and reminders in our "Back to Basics" recycling messages in this monthly enewsletter, on our web site, and on our three social media channels.
City of Easton Parks & Recreation
Signups for all 2021 sports are now open

Fall soccer is the only exception and will open after spring soccer signups conclude. FYI

Sign up deadlines:
- Spring Baseball: March 6
- Spring Softball: April 3
- Spring: Soccer: March 7
- Spring Lacrosse: April 15
- Fall Football: TBD
- Fall Cheering: TBD

Contact Eric Holden - eholden@easton-pa.gov or 610-250-6711 with questions.
Park pavilion rentals now available for 2021

Online registration is now available for City of Easton Pavilion Rentals at our parks.

Plan your spring or summer picnic, birthday party, baby or bridal shower, or family reunion by booking a pavilion.
Department of Codes & Zoning
As we shiver through the cold winter months, the rebirth experienced upon spring's arrival seems a long way off. We understand that this time of year it can be difficult to take care of exterior maintenance, making now a good time to take note of needed repairs and to develop a plan to tackle them when warmer weather arrives. 

We want to help you improve your property and your neighborhood. So if you receive a notice from a code officer, please contact us to discuss any questions you have. Everyone can make the place they live better by properly disposing of trash, only using exterior furniture outside, cutting grass, maintaining trees and shrubs, and clearing sidewalks immediately after the snow falls.

If you want to talk to a code officer about a notice received, or if you have zoning or code-related questions, please call (610) 250-6724.
Easton Fire Department
Acting Fire Chief Henry Hennings reminds you to please help our firefighters by clearing the snow from around the fire hydrants on your block.

The faster that firefighters can find and hook up their hoses to the nearest hydrant, the faster they can put out the fire. Thank you!
Karl Stirner Arts Trail
During your next walk or run along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail, check out the latest art installation on the Young Masters Wall near the 13th Street trailhead. It features a Black Lives Matter-themed mural created by Easton artist Habib Fall and students from the Boys & Girls Club of Easton. Read an interview with the artist in this article from Lafayette College.

“This cultural moment is on people’s minds,” says Fall. “This will be the first thing they see when they come in, which will help many people feel comfortable and respected in this space.”
Be in the know with EastonAlert

Sign up for the city's free alert system - EastonAlert - to be notified about things happening in our city.

  • Choose from 6 categories of notifications
  • Be notified by text, phone or email
  • Select from a variety of languages
  • Free to use
Easton Restaurant Week - January 24 - 30

It's the tastiest time of the year!
We encourage you to support City of Easton restaurants this winter, and Easton Restaurant Week is a great time to do that!
It's easy to do a takeout or curbside pickup order to go!
Help our small businesses survive and thrive when you #SupportEaston.
Easton Farmers' Market - Winter Edition

The Easton Farmers' Market Winter Edition is back every Saturday from 10 am - noon through April with 9 local vendors.

Note: The Winter Market is located on Church Street, directly behind the Easton Public Market (NOT in Centre Square and NOT on Larry Holmes Drive. FYI)